Frances Kean SIR!!

Received this email from a regular blogger. Can someone please confirm whether this claim is true or not!

Bula SV – you didnt hear this from me but I just received some info
about Francis Kean u may know about already ? Are u able to verify
this from yr end ?????

That he IS  teaching “Leadership Workshops ” inside the prison now as
a “prisoner”.

But wait for it  …… in plain clothes, not in prison garb, AND
getting VIP service

The prison officers are calling him “SIR” and there is a general stir
of protest since no one is allowed to protest “vigorously” ….. ie
other prisoners and prison officers are protesting (gently) but the
stirrings of discontent are being heard outside the prison walls…


57 Responses to “Frances Kean SIR!!”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    Its called rehabilitation you moron

  2. aubatinuku-N Says:

    This glum idiot Frances Kean is being rehabilitated with taxpayer money because he intentionally murdered a man!

    Hows that for moronic?

    Once a pig always a pig!
    No matter how “rehabilitated” he may be, fact of the matter is he has blood on his hands and a BIG, I mean a very big EGO TRIP complete with fresh new boots and a pay cheque is the kind of mandatory package FIJI should give all murderers or would be murderers.

    It is a circus, a full blown out of control all the animals are rabid circus!


  3. bodyguard Says:

    that information on Kean doing lessons is true….whether his still rec’ing his pay or not is also another mystery waitin to be exposed. can someone confirm that??

    guys, govt is struggling with funds. u will notice many govt projects involve the military engineers … while PWD and other ministries hav yet to rec’ve their budget allocation announced in Nov. if they hav rec’d theirs its too late becoz creditors r waitin or reduced to an amt that its imposssible to deliver govt services.

    situation now is serious to backruptcy.

  4. Tebara Says:

    The topic of Kean was raised a short while back in the media. Yes, he is supposedly using his knowledge and conducting workshop for prison officers and taking them out on excursion which led to the issue being aired in public when he was caught having cups of tea and a good time with his former navy collegues at their base. Prison dept deputy commissioner defended the outing and further endorsed Keans role in the rehabilitation program as their budget allocation would not have otherwise allowed them the privilege of having an expert opinion like those of Kean … (yeah rite ..full of crap … ) He is still being paid from taxpayers coffers whilst being in prison for murder.. THAT IS A FACT. The pigs wouldnt want to see his brother in laws family go into poverty doom … this coup is not about transperancy .. Its about what this end of the food chain mob could and will get forcefully for their pathetic kind whilst ruling by the barrel of a gun ..!

  5. Kaiviti Says:

    Is it true that he’s just taking the crap for FB’s son Meli who is supposedly the real murderer?

  6. Tebara Says:

    He made history in Fiji by being on full pay from taxpayers and govt coffers whilst serving manslaughter charges. Spokesman for Delainabua refused to be drawn in or comment on the matter and directing enquiries on his paypacket to prison dept. Here is the question… why would the prison dept have any dealings with Keans pay when he is listed and being paid from the defense coffers (which ultimately yours and my tax feeding this farkers family…seriously ….. E ra nanuma beka ni da lialia!! Each to their own what goes around will definately come around …!

  7. FijianPatriot Says:

    There is one Jo Bainimarama in PWD who is a self appointed FICAC agent in there; somewhere in Walu Bay. This guy is receiving his pay from both as a supervisor in PWD and also from the military. And to add to that, he has a taxi which he operates even during working hours.

    But he is reporting on his collegues left, right, and centre and all this without evidence. Some of his collegues including his boss had been sent on leave because of his reporting. When FICAC rejected his reports a while back, he ran straight to his brother or step brother with his report.

    But then, all those who worked with Jo Bainimarama in PWD in Suva and Labasa will tell you that this is one of the biggest thief to have ever worked in PWD. And he is also one of the biggest bitch who almost will root anything that moves. The poor excuse for a human being does not even know who his real father is. He was one of those ‘luve ni sala’ who was only taken in by the Bainimarama family because they are related.

  8. Destiny Says:

    Well i never thought i would say this but i totally agree with Adi Kaila, well said maybe you are starting to see some sense in all of this.

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    I heard that francis kean has a laptop and wireless internet access in prison and is blogging as we speak! way to go francis you clever boy you!

  10. stillsmallvoice Says:

    AK – it may be called rehabilitation. but who is being rehabilitated? leadership workshop – isn’t his brand of ‘leadership’ what got him in trouble in the first place?

  11. Tebara Says:

    No ..Kean is a BIG time bully, intimidator and wife basher. If he has his way, he is worse than the piggy in attitude .. Its true what they say ..birds of the same feathers do flock together. He was guilty as per charged and did not take the fall for Meli or someone else.

  12. Tebara Says:

    FICACs spokesperson is some twit Vavaitamana who if from the same family as piggy … !! Sa dina ga nai mau … ni sega na vuli tiko na dakai sa na veivosaki ga na gusu ni dakai ..ra veicaiiii …!!

  13. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Destiny sees sense in favouring a murderer?

  14. Tebara Says:

    Destiny is a ball polisher for the murderer and his mob ( wishful thinking tiko vei koya)

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Your days are not even numbered, they came and went already, you my dear are merely grasping for straws!

    So yeah! Faranisese of prison block under mental asylum!
    Blog away from the confines of your prison cell. Way to go!! Yay!
    After that you will be promoted to the mental asylum!

  16. Neutralbeing Says:

    FijianPatriot: laurai saraga i ke na nomu ulukau vata kei na liu muri tiko vei iko. I know who you really are and where you’re blogging from. Maumau because for someone who knows someone’s life history, you cant even clean up your own backyard..and trust me, you dont have to be famous to have a backyard as dirty as yours. So why dont you stop wasting time and clean it before the ‘other’ one does it for you!!!!!

  17. Neutralbeing Says:


  18. Save the Sheep Says:

    Personally I dont care who or what Francis Kean is or Mahen Chodo and co..

    The point is they should be treated the same as everyone else and be subject to the same scrutiny.

    For you pro military types.

    Wake up and smell the coffee people!!!

    Perhaps if you did play and even hand we might start believing in your capabilities and your ethics. Right now all you show us is inconsistencies and tons of B.S…

  19. solivakasama Says:


    This is obviously not neutral territory but shark infested water so enter at own risk.

    I do have the ability to edit all comment or delete the pro coup ones but hey this is the soapbox on London’s Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon. An opportunity to say what you want when you want to.

    The Illegal Military Dictatorship has taken away our freedom of speech in Fiji but cyberspace is a different story all together.

    Blog on Ragone 🙂

  20. Tim Says:

    Olei to Save the Sheep. It matters not.
    I’m hoping that one day the Meli B might be granted permission to visit NZ and that I can confront the pathetic little prick minus the “force” he thinks will protect him forever. He looks, and is a whimp minus his appendages. Like Father, Like Son I guess!

  21. Neutralbeing Says:

    To the EDITOR,
    The Illegal Military Dictatorship has certainly taken away our freedom of speech – its not that Im pro coup or anti coup – its just that this blog is filled with issues that is far from the truth and you know it. C’mon all Im saying is that where do you draw a line between the truth and idle gossip – this blog looks more like a talanoa session around the tanoa where pple put their ‘ooh did you hear’ or ‘do you think’ stories to play. But when you stand by and let pple pass judgement, gossip, rumors etc, that says alot about you, your character, and your own background……but then again you must like your soapbox so much that your head is filled with the same delusions!

  22. solivakasama Says:


    if it was not for your so called “judgement, rumours, and gossips” on this blog the Auditor General would not have taken down the 2005 audited report on Military abuse (which is no longer on their website) highlighting the butako cases up at the barracks, Chaudary would not have come out daring the papers to name the Minister because bloggers started linking him first to the Victor Lal’s writings right on this blog, or expose the use of Govt resources by Meli Bainimarama snr to build his and his fathers house in Kiuva, and breaking the news on many other illegal happenings of the Military Dictatorship on this blog.

    On the other hand, this is a blog, not the formal media so it’s a dog eat dog world. If you can’t hack it then refrain from coming here.

    Please also note yes we do have the ability to edit and control all entries on the blog but being pro democracy that would tempt us to block out the comments of the permanent Vore Army from the FMF media cell who monitor this blog 24/7 and it would make it boring and less colourful. Don’t you think?

    Btw, while I simply disagree with you, I will defend to death your right to blog it. 😉

    Blog on and have a nice day!

  23. Ima Says:


    I very much appreciate the wonderful work you’ve done so far ie. bringing to light the issues that the IG thinks that is irrational to their likings and also for informing us the ins and outs of the IG’s doings (I for one who’s not physically present in Fiji).

    To the bloggers, thanks for your posts whether reponding to the post discussed or for just being jovial, I enjoy them all the same.

    All your contributions are much appreciated AND KEEP ON BLOGGING!!!

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes… blog away dear folks.

    Lets enjoy cyber freedom !

    The same freedom Francis Kean is seem to be enjoying; albeit from the confines of the walls of his prison suite. Ahhhh.. at least there is freedom somewhere. What say Kean? 😉

    Does it give you peace of mind?

    Or is it nephew Mels that needed that peace of mind? Why are you in there? You didnt do it, did you? Is it why you are getting the special treat doing time for Mels?

    Has uncle Frank cleared all yr dinau?

    Ena qai ceburaki ga mai na dina. Just stay composed.. dont explode.

  25. qioniviti Says:

    Kean and CRW member was conducting training for Prison warden 3 weeks ago on Quality Leadership….how can this murders be allowed to conduct training to Prison Wardens…tamni slack levu..

  26. Tui Says:

    I guess this is the new vision that the prison commish has for prisoners. Nothing wrong with trying to reform or rehabilitate prisoners but let’s not forget the crime, people. If you commit the crime then pay the price. The danger of rehabilitation programs like these is that prisoners get too comfortable with this process and will not think twice about going back to prison. While I sympathize with the CRW guys and Speight’s team, I feel that the IG is practicing double standards here when clearly one of the reasons for the coup was cleaning out corruption. Unfortunately this IG has turned out to be the most destructive and most corrupt government ever to manage the states affairs! Couple that with the treat of all-out civil war breaking out any day now.
    Look at the rising cost of basic food items. Rewa Dairy can’t even supply milk to the local consumers. Traders like Shell, Mobil, Punjas, Patel and Co. are laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the growing population of destitute! This is the Dark Ages for Fiji my people. And when more and more people are hungry…well look back in history. Most revolutions were started by desperate people only wanting a piece of bread! If you haven’t caught on, just look at the rising numbers of violent crimes in Fiji. Like a bad dream coming to reality, there will be an escalation of violent crimes in Fiji and the military and police will have no control over that!
    Like a thieve in the nite the Evil One has arrived, and people are still blind to see it! Wake up my good people! This land is covered with the thick smoke of the Evil One, Satan! Satan is running our government now. Satan is killing our people. He has poisoned the minds of judges, lawyers, religious leaders, chiefs, police and the military. Satan is controlling MC and VB . Prepare for the worst. This storm will get worse before things improve. Pray for our beloved Fiji!

  27. missy Says:

    When u go in as a prisoner, you loose certain civil rights, why is FK being given vip treatment, why is he being called SIR by prison Officers, what about the other professional prisoners in there? Do they think that FK is the only learned person in there that they all have to rumrum to him. Fuck Magaitinana! Not FAIR. What is he so clever that they have to get him to teach them Leadership???? It STINKS. It all stinks to deep hell.
    Why isnt Doctor Whatizname teaching sum surgical skills in there ah? Why isnt the others teaching journo skills etc etc inside ah? Why the others in uniform and no FK ah?
    Why is he got separate accommodation and special food and special visitor priviledges ah? WHY WHY WHY.
    Why does he get to travel without guards and escorts ah?

  28. anon Says:

    agree.But it could be possible that MC & CO will make this so painful that there will be so much pain and poverty and ruin……. ie high food prices, unemployment…hunger, etc that the people will have no choice but run to govt for help. people will choose the lesser pain of embracing government & its policy etc.. the charter, land policy of dereservation, etc..and thats how MC will win.Its part of the dialectics of marxism which I believe MC & CO are following (Labour party is part of it)..the thesis-antithesis-synthesis. model…which they hope to create a new socio-economic order or revolution into a new society. I have said this from wya back in early 2007 RFC days and it seems that things are clearly going that way. The developments are not hopeful when wheat shortages the world over and rice shortfalls in the world etc and the looming food crisis will make our situation worse. The worsening US dollar and the depression that is engulfing US now which will spread to the rest of the world later in the yaer makes this even more serious. These coupled with the refusal of OPEC oil producing countries to increase oil supply to reduce prices as requested by president bush will see oil prics going higher and consequently prices of food commodites and cost of living will sky rocket. I believe MC and Co are well informed about this developments in the world as they have a lot of networks (secret & otherwise ) that they connect with). In that sense the coup is not only a local phenomenon and MC and co are well advised by these networks in my opinion. For MC they are taking advantage of these, its a design to achieve their objectives.For the Fijians they have to win this one..come what may….they must do whatever they have to do to win. They must not lose, or else they will be overtaken completely and be ruled like people without a country.

  29. natewaprince Says:

    Yeah,the bastard pig is making sure his tavale gets VIP treatment in prison,otherwise the pig won’t get his VIP treatment in the bedroom.

    AK, why are you defending this asshole??? Let the mongrel pay for his crime.

  30. Budhau Says:

    Since there was an inquiry about how Mr Keans was being treated in Jail, does anyone know how they treated those SDL guys when they were sent to jail.

    Oh I get it, the SDL folks went to jail for treason etc, and this Kean guy is there for manslaughter.

    I am surprised that they haven’t let Kean out of Jail – just like Qarase did to all his boys.

    BTW I saw some LQ (junior) going bankrupt last week. Does anyone know whose money he went bankrupt on.

  31. anon Says:

    Budhau, what does LQ jr. going bankrupt have to do with you.Stay on the topic.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    You don’t seem to get it !
    This regime is illegal , that’s it !
    Nothing you say will change that . Frank and his mates , are not elected by the people , they have committed treason against the State of Fiji !
    You seem so determined to try and justify their actions ! Is that because you are part of their actions or because you have a hidden agenda at a personal level ?
    You are so determined to discredit everyone else to justify your own support for a treasonous act , get over it man . Frank and his mates are going to jail , he was told that by fellow Officers , from the beginning , he was warned , don’t do it !

  33. KaiFiji Says:

    its funny to hear that some prisoners rehabilitating other prisoners even conducting workshops amongs each other..Dau tukuni tu ga ena dua nai vosavosa makawa o’ya..”Qori karua ga ni vakamacala tiko o SONA vei ASS” rau tautauvata vinaka sara tikoga qori

    Sa Dri yani..!!!

  34. cosmos Says:

    yes kaifiji :
    its like vakamacala of budhau’s name sake to budhau’s namesake ie sona to sona. dina sara ga. qori.

  35. Kutusebeneivore Says:

    sega its e vakamacala tiko o sona vei da

  36. missfire Says:

    Do you know that Francis Kean, the inmate guilty of murder gets more visits than any other prisoner..His wife gets to visit him almost everyday and at anytime?? Vacava That ?

  37. Budhau Says:

    Manning wrote, “Budhau.You don’t seem to get it ! This regime is illegal , that’s it !”

    I totally agree that this is a illegal regime. I also think that the court should not buy into the Doctrine of Necessity. Furthermore, I do not believe that the President had the reserve power that they have been talking about – since those powers are not specifically provided by the written constitution, they have been looking at constitutional conventions. Our constitution is clear on what the President can and cannot do.

    Hey Mark the rest of you argument gets somewhat silly, “Frank and his mates are going to jail , he was told that by fellow Officers , from the beginning , he was warned , don’t do it !

    Frank is only going to jail if we have the power to remove him – which it does not look like we have.

    If this regime is going to collapse because they are unable to run the country – guess what will happen. Just before they are ready to give up, the regime will bring in some good QC types who will right up a airtight, legal document that will guarantee that not of these guys go to jail

    Do you know why we were able to put Speight in jail and were not able to touch Rabuka – don’t you think that FB and Company have learned from this.

    So they question now remains is what are we going to do about it. My position is that keep the pressure on so that this regime can not govern and when they are ready to give up, be ready to negotiate a deal that is good for the country – even if it means that these guys escape justice – just like Rabuka and those that supported Rabuka,.

    …and SV comments, “I do have the ability to edit all comment or delete the pro coup ones but hey this is the soapbox on London’s Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon. An opportunity to say what you want when you want to.”
    Keep up the good work.

    Missfire – Kean was not “guilty of murder”.

  38. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Kean was had to be guilty of murder first in order to have it reduced to manslaughter.

    Another term for killing an animal is “slaughtering”

    Only in Frances Kean’s case the slaughtering was carried out on a man, call a spade a spade and a lie a lie.

    “Man slaughter” is just a legal term to soften on the ears the extreme harshness of the word “murder” so the murderer gets a lighter sentence.

    I just hope all the bed bugs in that prison get under his skin & live there permanent.

    Missfire – Kean was not “guilty of murder” he simply killed a man intentionally and the sentence was reduced to manslaughter, a fresh pair of boots and wages on the dot BUDHAU BECAUSE guess who he sucks up to!!

  39. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks for your response , bula and happy easter to all .
    okay , so it’s an assumption on my part that Frank and his buddies are going to jail , I should have put a question mark at the end of the sentence . And perhaps it was wishful thinking too !
    Rabuka could well be behind this coup also , has anyone thought of that ?
    Yes , if Frank doesn’t return to camp , then your in for a long hard ride .

  40. Tagimaucia Says:

    And so what is it to you Manning ?

    You seem to always have an opinion (or 2 or 3 or 4…) on each and every thread posted here.

    What is it to you? What exactly is your interest in the “long hard ride” that we’re in?

    If it is long and hard to you; then get the hell off this ride; we can sort this out ourselves. This is a Fijian problem and only the Fijians will solve it. Sa rauta mada na vosa vaka vuku tiko vei iko. You irritate me!

    Just back-off !!

  41. Mark Manning Says:

    hi tagimaucia
    thankfully it’s not for you to decide what i can and can’t say and what i can and can’t have an opinion on .
    if i irritate you , is it because i don’t have the same opinion as you ? if that’s the case ,then perhaps you need to change your opinion to that of mine !

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Just for the record, I like reading Mark Manning’s posts. Nothing wrong with a variety of perspectives, just don’t take things personal!

  43. Tagimaucia Says:


    Mark Manning back off
    You only need to express your self once. You are begining to crowd out the rest of the bloggers.

    All your identical comments are now being deleted and if you continue, you will be ban and blocked from this blog.

    We will instal a system which will only allow comments after we have reviewed them. Please don’t push us to do that.

    We want to maintain freedom of speech and expression here but if you continue to violate it, we will have no choice but to implement this system and it will effect all other entries.

    S V Editor.


  44. missfire Says:

    Budhau, thanks for clarifying that about F Kean.
    So the Whippy who died under the boot of Kean wasnt mudered..ok ..he just fell down and stopped breathing did he? and before his last breath he pressed Keans boot imprint on the side of his neck and face did he? Iko sa nutcase dina. Murder is Murder, whether you meant it or not. Francis Kean killed a man ..PERIOD. No new word will change that.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Kean was originally charged with the crime of murder. First, understand that when a person is charged – that is different from being guilty.

    Later, the prosecution decided to charge him with manslaughter, and Kean, as part of the plea bargain done by his lawyer, pleaded guilty to the charge of Manslaughter. I was was actually surprised that he did plead guilty – the way the case looked in the media – I thought it was a manslaughter case to begin with – the prosecution went for murder in the beginning just to show the public that regardless of Kean being FB’s relative, they were coming down hard on him.

    The original lawyer that Kean had, he should not have fired him. They should have got the charge reduced to manslaughter, and then fought it – he may have got convicted for a lesser crime than manslaughter and would probably be a free man today.

    You wrote, “murder is murder, whether you meant it or not.” Wrong again.

    In murder, “Intent to Kill” is usually an important element of the crime. In Manslaughter, intent may not be required.

    So in this case, if there was a trial the defense would probably have argued that Kean did not intend to kill the guy – therefore, no murder.

    Killing a man is not always a crime – I am sure that if they hang one of the IG guys for treason – that would not be a crime, or if you killed someone in self defense, that would not be a crime. When Chaudary accidentally ran over and killed someone, that was not murder.

    I am sorry that Whippy died, and that Kean was an idiot for beating up Whippy. However, Kean is not guilty of murder.

    ..BTW…no I am not Rajend.

  46. missfire Says:

    When you intend to punish someone to whatever degree, if you kill him under your strength, thats murder mate.

    The Corrie guy in Nadi killed the Chineese boy cos he wanted to punish him, he ended up killing him with his strength with the help of a knife thru his heart. NOTE: CORRIE GOT LIFE IN PRISON.HE IS OUT NOW AFTER 10 YRS BY PARDON AND GOOD BEHAVIOUR.

    Keans case is the same, he stopped Whippys breath by stomping on his body neck and face. KEAN GOT WHAT 18 BIG MONTHS WOW!
    What do you call that, Manslaughter or Manmurder?

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    There is no excuse or justification for murder.

  48. missfire Says:

    Absolutely no excuse for that under the sun!

    If you kill another, you have to be dealt with and you have to do the time.

    When you take the law into you own hands, you have to be prepared to face the consequences.

    Its just very sad that the courts are very very unstable, very not balanced in their judgements. Its one rule for him and another for the other.

    As they say “every dog has its day”

  49. Danny Boy Says:

    Folks, Mr Kean is being held at the Nasinu Boys Centre. Apparently Korovou or Naboro was not good enough for him.

  50. LUVfiji Says:

    @Danny Boy.

    No, that suits his boyeee mentality !

  51. Budhau Says:

    MIssfire – you can define murder whatever way you want. However, the law in Fiji, or for that matter in any other country, has a clear definition of murder.

    People are prosecuted for a crime based on what the penal code says.

    Maybe we can have the next SDL change the law – that way maybe we can put away more young Fijians in jail.

    BTW – the judge that sentenced Kean – wasn’t he one of those on “our” side – cna’t blame him for that.

    Hey Missfire – I think this discussion is slightly above your pay scale.

  52. missfire Says:

    hehehe BADHAU, It seems you have lost fire and strength and dug into my wallet for refuge. Cheap shot that was..hahaha
    You cannot put a price tag on my thoughts…they are priceless!!.

    .unlike yours, your thoughts, as you put it ,are worth as much as you get in your pay pack mate!

    ooosssooo pote mada vakalailai,,pote tiko vei iko! hehehe

  53. People Power Says:

    It has been for sometime now that the beatings, the harrassment and the expulsion has quietened us and reduced us to the underground. The underground has provided us with options that need to be developed and this is a proposal.

    First of all, I urge all of us who are against the illegal regime that we are not powerless. We are sitting on a time BOMB that ha to explode now in small isolated explosions but the effect will be chaotic for the illegal regime that they will have not choice but to give us back our government, our power to rule ourselves by whoever the majority of us vote for in a free and unconditional election as early as March 2009

    Do you know that it is you and none other that can bring back our democracy? Do you know that you and me, we have the key to return us to democracy? fi you did not think it before, know that you and me the power of the people will never be subdued

    For this proposal to work, we have to make personal sacrifices and we all have to sell this idea to each and every right thinking people of Fiji. We have to deny us of time and distance and in other instances, pay a little bit more but only for a while.

    This proposal is based on intelligence that The Gujerat Community were asked in the West and in Suva in 2006 if they will support Voreqe in his takeover and they agreed. Only one did not want to support and I wil get you his name.

    Tebara Meats gifts premium cuts to Voreqes house every week, Let us buy from other butchers from today onwards

    Vodafone is headed by biased and racist Judge Nazat Shammeem so let us all migrate to Digicel come September

    Colonial is lead by prominent Army Officers so lets bank with ANZ and Westpac and invite a new insurance company where our brothers and sisters can find work in.

    Let us fly Freedom Air or Virgin Blue and not Air Pacific or Air Fiji until they give us back our unconditional democracy

    Thing is, there are many business people out there that supported the planning, the conduct and the continuation.

    Another is the renatal car company that was allowing the Army to run around Suva in new rental cars

    There are many others that you and the others know. We need to consolidate Voreqe’s supporters and zip.

    What do we do?
    Just when they think they could hide, just when we though we were opposing the illegal regime; we were actualy funding Voreqe’s supporters by buying from their shops. We, the people ae not powerless as we buy from this people

    Therefore, the proposal is that we do not buy from these people, we do not hire their vehicles, we do not sleep in their hotels, we do not hold conferences in their hotels, we do not ride in their buses and taxis

    The sacrifice is in walking or driving an extra mile to buyt or hire or book from the next genuine business person and not from the one that is close by as your money indirectly goes to Voreqe and the Interim Regime. The choice is yours

    In this way, they will run out of our money and they can no longer support Voreqe. Instead, we will all buy from small genuine business people and reward them from the genuiness and at the same time can even get good people to establish new shops, rentals insurances companies etc etc so that we the people of Fiji take back what is ours, control of our beloved Fiji

    Please distribute this posting widely, pint it and give to all the right thinking people and let us remind ourselves that with a illtel sacrifice, we can show us how powerful we are and they have no choice but just to feel it.

    Let us all act, let us all sacrifice, let us be strong and let us be the victorious people uinited as one. You will still buy your goods but from genuine sellers

    That is the Power of the People

  54. Budhau Says:

    Missfire – I wasn’t hitting at your wallet when I mentioned your pay scale – I was targeting a little bit hire than that – sort of between your ears.

  55. missfire Says:

    Youre now totally off target with your blank shots, not worth any attention, as you have lost steam. Try firing yourself up from you know where, might inject abit of sense into you – da sense!

  56. Death of a Nation Says:

    Everybody seems to favour blogging and whispering from around the corners. How about everyone holding hands and approaching this illegal regime hand in hand. Do they dare harm all? Sa kua mada na complain tiko vaka na gone!! Stand up for your beliefs…if you won’t, who will!

  57. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Death of a Nation – Churchill once growled “If you will not fight for the right, when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

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