Guess What? She’s making her presentation today!

I am going down to watch circus at the High Court when this clown makes her presentation. I hope she also gets to be cross examined by the QC’s.

 (Picture from Fiji Silence Blog)

52 Responses to “Guess What? She’s making her presentation today!”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Absolutely love-love-love the poster!

    Don’t waste your time with her legal farce as “f(r)iend of the court” — she’ll in the courts making a mockery of our judicial system as usual.

    Any bets she’ll be making international headlines with her BS by the end of the day 😉

  2. Lau Lass Says:

    This will be great entertainment !!! watching her on TV & to be cross-examined by Nye Perram — ” The Wannabe Bush Lawyer against the REAL LAWYER ” the whole bang lot of them are just making a fool of themselves– Pathetic, Gates, Byrnes, McCoy, Reynolds & Shamimi & hairyarse. They are so pathetic when compared to Nye Perram !!!!! Last Friday, Judge Pathetic’s question to Nye P was so stupid & sounded like a question from people on the streets… Pathetic.. YOU NEED TO SIMPLY RETIRE !!!!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    No respect
    I don’t think it’s fair to be insulting the pigs in this photo !

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    LOL @ Mark

    By the way, have the soldiers caught you out yet. It’s funny that you have your name out and you’ve always said you’re from Sydney yet they still want to waste their time tracking you down in Fiji.

    How stuoid can they get. But then again they get paid off our tax and twidlle their thumb all day up at the barracks.

  5. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Pigs are very smart animals, even monkeys and Orangutans are even smarter.

    Maybe we should try turkeys, they’re beyond dumb!
    Then again in Shameem Shyster’s case we would also be insulting the turkeys!

  6. Dauvavana Says:

    we could try MCP’s left cherry or Pig’s Army Boots but then again they maybe smarter

  7. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Lol @ Dauvanavana’s smarter pig’s army boots…………………..

  8. John Veikoso Says:

    Ha! ha! you guy’s on this site really sound like animals in a circus, maybe you should join the zoo!!

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Everything about this dumb ass irritates me now after she has exposed her stupidity by all her ludicrous actions and statements. We know where she is coming from so whatever she does is predictably irrational. I can’t for the life of me see her role in this case and who she represent? Its just a complete oddity and unnecessary and a waste of time. She is just further ridiculing herself and making a mockery of the judicary. Maybe she is no longer concious of her lies and stupidity. A possible mental case we have here in this poor excuse for a bush lawyer.

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Too late Mr.Jone Veikoso!!
    We are from the zoo of “FIJI gone WILD”
    And guess what?
    You’re a part of it too because you’re on here commenting away;)

  11. Pusiloa Says:

    Welcome to the zoo JV…..dont like the smell than bloody butt out…sona levu…

  12. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    JV – Why do you read the posts on this blog if you do not have any appreciation for free speech?

    You should go to other blogsites which will give you the satisfaction that you require!

  13. taukei Says:



    In face of adversity or hardship, the true believers are expected to submit.

    We are being tested to see if we are truly submitters or not, whether we submit to God during the bad times and the good times or not.

    Nothing happens to us, except what GOD has decreed for us. He is our LORD and Master. In GOD the believers shall trust.

    God gave us the correct solution in His book.

    Submitting to God, means to accept whatever God has given us or taken away from us, to steadfastly persevere and to wait for God’s victory.

    Folks, do not panic. God does test the believers: He is helping us out instead of leaving us in the dark. Implore God to remove the hardship or adversity. God wants us to implore Him. Do not rush an answer. God runs everything.

    Believe that God’s promise is the truth and that victory belongs to the believers, but you have to pass your test. Victory is in the way. God’s victory is near.

    There are two kinds of victories: victory in this life and the bigger and most important victory in the Hereafter. God has promised the believers both victories. Some of these victories my be in disguise and not apparent to other people. Other victories are obvious and clear. The true believer can identify many victories in his/her life even during the most difficult times or the time of testing. Of the many victories that the believers will see in this life, finding the right path and accepting God alone is the most important one. The believers accept whichever victory or testing comes their way, and always strive to achieve the eternal victory in the Hereafter.

    With the help of God and the assurance in the Scripture, the true believers will make the best out of their test or punishment and wait for God’s victory. They are absolutely sure that God’s Victory is near and that God’s victory is their reward.

    Since this is a test, we would not know when, where or what kind of test we might be given. We do not make the choice, God does. He is the Almighty, the MOST MERCIFUL LORD.

    The Scripture shows us that all the believers will be tested, prophets, messengers, saints, righteous people, all will be tested.

    Testing the believers will vary. It may be mild and light or hard and exacting. Sickness, fear, hunger, poverty, death, loss of power or control, losing a battle, failing an examination, failing a marriage, failing a business, losing a job or a friend…etc. are just few examples. Testing may also be in the form of blessings, wealth, health, knowledge, children, family, security, peace…etc. What to do with these blessings is a great test. The test may also be given, by testing us by one another. The true believers submit to God in all cases and under all circumstances.

    Nothing happens to us, except what GOD has decreed for us. He is our Lord and Master. In GOD the believers shall trust.

    Therefore, we shall steadfastly persevere – for GOD YHVH’s promise is the truth – and do not be intimidated by those who have not attained certainty.

    Praise be to God YHVH.

    All glories to the Lord, All glories to the devotees of the Lord!

    Victory belongs to the BELIEVERS! Victory belongs to the TAUKEI!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    no I’m still here !
    It’s a case of them not knowing their right foot from their left .
    Often people can be fooled by the truth . I mean , if you really want to find something , you will , whether it’s there or not !
    Any man who is married should understand what I’m saying , how many of us get accused of having an affair , when all we’ve done is go to the shops or seen a mate down the road .
    The paranoia at the camp is unbelievable . But then Hitler did the same thing to himself .

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    era sevaki koya madaga na kaidia – check this letter to the editor today:

    Guardian of rights

    Shaista Shameem’s sweeping generalisation that no one wants the US to be the guardian of human rights in the world because it would be like having Dracula guard the blood bank is laughable.

    I guess she would like her brethren, the clitorectamy specialists, the Sudanese, who once replaced the US on the UN Human Rights Commission to be the guard?

    Or maybe the Chinese, who trade in the organ of their political prisoners, would be a better bet?

    How about Al Qaeda peace practitioners who use mentally retarded women as suicide bombers?

    Better still, the Saudi’s maybe, where women like her are not allowed to drive or talk to any other man except their husband, son or father?

    There are many other similar standard bearers stuck in the seventh century who share her sentiments about the US.

    On the other hand the US continues to handle the inmates literally with kid gloves because the inmates at Guantanamo consider the infidels “unclean.”

    The US by the way has a 227 year old constitution that is still current.

    Sometimes people get used to pointing to others behaviours to justify one’s own bad behaviour.

    Praneet Singh

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    Latest News

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Just saw the peroxide whore on TV,can’t wait to hear what she said on the delayed coverage tonight,blerry yaya salulu.

    John Vekakoso,na zoo ga e tiko mai Delainabua,na vanua ni vei vutu cici.

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    Amicus big arse was reported on TV to have submitted to the court about some abstracts of some sort. What caught my attention was her reference to some aspects of the 1990 constitution to justify some of the events that had taken place. This is the core of what the pig is claiming as his basis for being the custodian of security in the country. The 1990 constitution was made by Rambo for his own self preservation until he saw it fit to adopt a new constitution in 1997. We can only have one constitution and that is the current one. The old constitution is being completely superceded so no reference can be made to it or any part of it in any circumstances or else it will negate the validity of the current one and chaos will reign supreme.

    Just shows how stupid the peroxide bitch is for picking on the old constitution like how the pig had once did to justify his actions. Amicus whatever my foot its more like Amicus SnakePigArse.

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey sa bai galu okoya – He’s far too important to talk to anyone – oooh we


    Don’t talk to PM, media told
    18 MAR 2008

    The Fiji Media has been advised that they can not call the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama any more.

    A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office today stated that as of today, all media queries to the Prime Minister should be directed to the Department of Information.

    “Please do not make calls directly to the PM on his cell phone,” it said.

    The military has likewise asked that all queries to Bainimarama in his capacity as Fiji’s army commander be directed to the military media cell.

    The PM’s secretary Parmesh Chand explains that the Prime Minister has a busy schedule.

    Bainimarama has uncharacteristically stayed away from the media limelight recently.

    Last week, Bainimarama was to host a press conference to announce the findings of the inquiry that reviewed the tax details of his Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    After a delay of an hour, the interim Attorney General instead fronted the media.

    He has also offered no comments on various issues when contacted directly on his mobile phone.


  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe the media in Fiji should put a ban on talking to bananasinpyjamas and hairyarse.

    Imagine how upset they will be if their lies were not printed in the paper.

    But then again, it is quite comical to hear their utterances.

  21. missy Says:

    Baini is now showing everyone that he is nervous, he is shying away now cos he cant do it, the stress is too much for him now. The signs are big now…sa rere, e sa sona levu mai – de 50 cents!!!! hehehehe. HE IS SLOWLY CRUMBLING……CRUMBLE CRUMBLE CRACK CRACK

  22. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Kemudou, me laurai mada yani o turaga naita, de baca tiko!
    Me dua mada yani na wai ni ika vata na ba, vata na wai ni tadoka!

  23. aubatinuku-N Says:

    One has to have the guts apart from the intellect and the experience required in order to be a true leader!


    Certainly is no walk in the park on a lazy Sunday, you get all your skeletons pulled out the bloody closet and all your dirty laundry aired in PUBLIC for microscopic scrutiny and then some………..

    Du tali tiko vakatotolo!!

  24. Destiny Says:

    @ Adi Kaila
    you have risen to the top of the pile for stupidity today, in NO country in the world would the media be able to call any leader, be it PM or MP its unheard of, so the man is busy, go get a grip. Are so you hard up for news that you find this an item to discuss, its pathetic. in the scheme of what is going on , this doesnt even rate. OH and by the way i just loved your earlier cheap digs at me, very mature NOT.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    as the peacemaker says:


  26. newsfiji Says:

    Destiny: And What is the MORAL of your story????????????????

  27. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Just listening to Reynolds’ closing today, it seems to me that he was trying to invoke something like what the Aussies would refer to as a “Clayton’s necessity” to justify the Pressie’s use of reserve powers – ie. The necessity you invoke when you’re not invoking necessity.

    In essence, what he seems to be saying is the legal equivalent of BEING at a particular place without ever having ARRIVED there. But try as he might, Reynolds simply can’t escape the fact that whatever he wants to call it, the ONLY cause that can be advanced to validate the use of the reserve powers IS necessity. And once that is established you are immediately bounded by Prasad. So what is Reynolds “head in the sand” response to that? By simply not mentioning Prasad at all, when all the while, that is exactly what he must be invoking!

    So it looks like Reynold’s has been hanging around the military for too long that even he is starting to pick up their lame-ass back-to-front reasoning!

  28. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, Adi Kaila, i thought that FB had given specific instructions that only HE was to talk to the media and not anyone from the camp…so that was last week huh…

    fast forward – this week: statement from illegal PM’s office that all queries/questions or whatever are to go to ministry of information and military related issues to be directed to it’s media cell

    fast forward sara to next week: FB doing the usual threatening the media etc for overly publicing the current court case etc..blah…blah..blah…

    fast forward again to the following week: back to square 1 where FB is refusing to talk to the media and referring all quries to so and so…blah..blah..blah..

    and on and on and on…wailei ULUPEPA LEVU!

  29. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, Adi Kaila, i thought that FB had given specific instructions that only HE was to talk to the media and not anyone from the camp…so that was last week huh…

    fast forward – this week: statement from illegal PM’s office that all queries/questions or whatever are to go to ministry of information and military related issues to be directed to it’s media cell

    fast forward sara to next week: FB doing the usual threatening the media etc for overly publicing the current court case etc..blah…blah..blah…

    fast forward again to the following week: back to square 1 where FB is refusing to talk to the media and referring all quries to so and so…blah..blah..blah..

    and on and on and on…wailei ULUPEPA LEVU!

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I concur with your sentiments.

    reynolds was really clutching at straws in his closing [ and I use the word loosely] argument.

    A coup d’etat is a coup d’etat no matter how well you try to sanitize it.

    Is it true that mccoo is very ill and couldn’t appear today so the backup had to appear [ very ineptly]?

    No legitimate govt in the world will have anything to do with Fiji if the 3 stooges on the bench rule in bananasinpyjamas favour.

  31. Ilona Says:

    @ Destiny

    In Fiji Qarase has been available on his phone, as have his ministers from time to time since 2000. Its called ACCOUNTABILITY and ACCESSBILITY. Suddeny Frank is NOT available? hmmm, a little busy with all the hats on his big head? So much for being THE spokesman for the army – that means he IS the spokesman, now suddenly its back to the media cell??? since when? suddenly he’s off the scene? what? busy trying to sew back together the rfmf? or havin a one week holiday? the people certainly dont got a holiday from the rising food prices and inflation at 7.6% Where do he and chodo get off having a week off?? weren’t they the SUPERMEN who were gonna clean up govt? suddenly they human? all this time they acted like they were PLUCKED from the SKY and Fiji was lucky to have them? and now they’re not available??? stop trying to make this a NON STORY. Just because you say it doesnt MAKE IT SO

  32. Jean d’Ark Says:


    Looks like Frank is really taking it hard regarding the rebuke he got at the Marist Sevens when the crowd refused to applaud him three times.

    So looks like he’s spat the dummy and doesn’t want to be the “fall guy” for all the IG’s stupid decisions anymore – especially with the Forum Foreign Ministers’ meeting just around the corner.

  33. seniua Says:

    Agree with you JDA – Reynolds is really reaching. Trying to find any precedent from any court that the court is prevented from looking at the actions of the President.

    So far he’s said a political matter is not for the court to decide (if they can’t prove necessity which they’ve abandoned or prove the emergency they claim existed).

    Perram made very clear last week that the defendants cannot benefit from the situation they themselves created ie cause the national security crisis/constitutional crisis/prevent LQ SDL govt from operating and they RELY on that situation they are responsible for creating, as a justification for the departure from the Constitution.

    It is clear that the criteria from the Appeal Court in Chandrika Prasad that actions undertaken cannot ASSIST the coup or ENTRENCH the REVOLUTION – here the President is actively AIDING the illegal military government and entrenching them, unjustly enriching he who is responsible for the dire straits Fiji was/is in.

    Unsaid so far is the culpability of the President – blue shorts and shirt for naboro to be prepared for him TOO. He is NOT senile, he was SUSCEPTIBLE to his own dislike for Qarase when approached by voceke – he acted on his own EMOTION when voceke claimed that Qarase was going to get rid of him too. So he is responsible partly too for the situation Fiji is in – he has FACILITATED ILLEGALITY, taken upon himself powers he does not have, like he is some kind of KING, just shows he is UNFIT for his POSITION and in continuing to cling to it. He should retire rather than waiting for a state funeral, blarry bugger doesnt deserve my taxpayer dollars to pay for his funeral!

  34. Tim Says:

    @ Seniua. The illegal Interim Gubbamint might agree with you. By the time the dribbling President kicks the bucket, there won’t be any taxpayer dollars left to pay for a funeral.

  35. bubu fan Says:

    Baci dua na blog wararasa mai vei Bubu

    Vinaka vinaka vinaka vakalevu Bubu! analysis jiko vei iko!

  36. natewaprince Says:

    Trues up,Reynolds was really clutching at straws on the delayed coverage.Going on and on and on without really saying anything at all.

    After beating around the bush he kept coming back to the fact that there could not be two govts in place,only one,the illegal interim one.

    If the courts weren’t stacked by the pig,the judges would have no alternative but to agree with the plaintiffs case.

  37. Tarotale Says:

    Trues up, fellow domacracy-in-Fiji lovers. He never referred to our constitution in his arguments yet depended on his ‘precedents’ in other countries – Pakistan, Malaysia and another Asian country ( I forget now but an equally not impressive example).

  38. Richard Graham Says:

    Spare a thought for Hu Jia.
    He is presently going on trial in Beijing for incitement, specifically he ran a blog site which drew attention to the plight of those in Tibet, currently in the news. He is likely to get the lot thrown at him, since they cant get their hands on the Dalai Lama and they desperately need a show case trial to show the great unwashed how wonderful it all is coming up to the greatest Olympic Games of all time.
    China controls all of its ISP’s and we will see shortly how unfair is the treatment of Hu. This is the nation extolled by Sir Jim and all those in the illegal regime that have warmed to the ludicrous assumption of a no strings multi million hand out from the Chinese.
    Keep on blogging.

  39. FijiGirl Says:

    AK – Perhaps the real reason that Vore doesn’t want to talk to the media is that HIS BACKERS don’t want him talking, least of all to the media.

    They must have cottoned on, by now, to the fact that he is a loose canon, intensely stupid, and cannot be trusted to keep secrets, or to say the right thing. Perhaps they have something big in the pipeline, and don’t want him to blab it out (like he did pre-12/06).

    It really sounds to me like a case of damage control (of said Pig), rather than restraining damage inflicted by the media.

    So Chodo’s favourite puppet has risen to the level of his own incompetence in public speaking (among other skillsets he lacks).

    How long til he realises the Blonde Bumshell is just as bad?

  40. rumer Says:

    the amici FRIEND of the ILLEGAL REGIME (bith of the court) was quoting left, right and center on the delayed coverage last night from Professor Alison Quentin Baxter, who wrote on article on the powers of the NZ Governor General and the English Queen – both countries with unwritten constitutions.

    Fellow freedom bloggers may remember last year the amici blasted 3 kiwis who were of the view that the powers of Fiji’s President under the 97 Constitution are NOT SIMILAR to the powers of the Australian GG who used the Australian Constitution to dismiss Gough Whitlam in 1975 – quoted by voceqe on 5/12/06 and expanded by the amici’s apologia for the coup of Jan 2007.

    Na levu ni nona veileceyaki lai caka nona submission tu ena kedrau maliwa o reynold kei mcoo, orau na loya ni matanitu, ni dodonu me qai muri rau ruarua, me qai otioti ni vosa o bith of the court, bese beka o reynold me muri koya me sauma na vua ni lialia nei peroxide.

    Fast forward one year later and suddenly Prof Quentin Baxter is worth quoting from extensively to the court… go figure!! Remember she attacked all 3 for having various connections to Fiji and for not declaring their “conflict of interest”.

  41. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This ‘Queer Customer’ reynolds is a babbling baboon.

    “” Reynolds said President Ratu Josefa Iloilo was put in an awful situation during the months of December 2006 going into January 2007 where he had to act due to a governmental vacuum.

    Reynolds said Qarase did not even contact the President and appraise him on the situation. “”

    Maybe someone should tell him that President Bernie wasn’t president at the time; bananasinpyjamas had pointed a gun at Bernie’s head and ‘stepped into his shoes’.

    How could the PM contact Bernie when bernie was imprisoned in government house by the green goons.

    They are certainly clutching at straws.

  42. Lau Lass Says:

    The PIG wanted to be everything, from PM, Komada, Military spokesman, IG spokesman, & now he is refusing to be interviewed by anyone….. the PIG & Pressie are of the same kind, mental cases & they’re dancing to Chodo & Co., ‘s tune!! By the way, why was the peroxide bitch presenting, was she supposed to be speaking on behalf of the FHRC or what ??? or representing the State ??? This is the problem when the 3 Shamimi sisters promised their dying father that they will carry his name & not their husbands because he did not have a son, if only he was alive to see how they have put his name to SHAME!!!!

  43. bodyguard Says:

    hello ppl…who watched the court case replay last night it went till after 130am….oilei I never finished watching. one thing caught my attention…when this witch Shyster was presenting her arguments …. at one point the QC’s for the state were shaking their heads and thier hands indicating to each other “whats going on?”.

    in the past replays, when shyster did adivse the court that she would making submissions….did u notice the QC’s for the state being worried….u could notice from the TV shows they were worried what this woman would dish out.

    shsyter needs an urgent medical checkup…she’s doped.

  44. Tebara Says:

    Thats what happens when you usurp position and then have to stand and face those that are well versed in those areas. Shaetmimis work history is well documented and now its up for show as she is being placed in the tigers cage with those in the know. Public will see that after all the farken accolades and fanfare she is really full of shaet when it comes to the real deal. A laughing stock is an understatement.

  45. Tebara Says:

    @Destiny ..where the hell did u get your information from on media not being able to contact head of state or country around the world. A number of journalists have privy and access to world leaders in different countries steming from working history and accountability on both parties. Their conversation are either off or on record. Problem with piggy and his coup coup clan is that their ignorance on matter of the state is quite apparent. It only takes them 20 seconds of air time for public to see the nonsense we have to deal with. Public Speaking 101 tale tiko ni sa sikoa mai na vuchi ni shoreshore …!!

  46. Adi Kaila Says:

    o’ destiny me kua so ni va levu na va sabusabu eke deu qai tukuna vei iratou na cauravou iratou tabaki koya ni ceburaka tu na ka rairaica e qamita tiko ena You Tube. Vaya gonei

  47. Tui Says:

    @ bodyguard, at one stage the QC’s were passing hand written notes between them while shamimi was making her presentation. From the wry smiles of the QC’s you could tell the notes were not about how much they envied the bleached bunny. Anyway its good that the world can clearly see that the Fiji Human Rights Commission is all for the military goons running government. Sa vakasisila na lasu kei na vedabui na matanitu qo.

  48. Keep The Faith Says:

    and true to form she belches forth more muck!

  49. aubatinuku-N Says:

  50. aubatinuku-N Says:

  51. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The green goons are getting desperate.

    Imagine how terrible it must feel to have bashed up your fellow citizens under the guise of a ‘clean up’, only to find out now that the officers who gave the orders are corruptly receiving money from the tax cheat, chaudhry.

    It must feel bad to know that you will be going to jail for your crimes and these corrupt officers will have the money to flee the country when the sh*t hits the fan.


  52. aubatinuku-N Says:

    There you go people!!

    Bravo!! @ People Power.

    Boycott the sources!!

    I agree totally!

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