The Pig inching towards a showdown with Roko Ului

An interesting number of claims from Real Jack at the Fiji Board Exiles! For your blog comments and review.

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Roko Uli as head of 3FIR pushed for an independant inquiry into the tax evasion allegations, not the RBF or the FIRCA’s actions.

whats come out now is nothing to do wth the tax evasion allegations. the TOR for that committee went nowhere near the tax evasion allegations. this is only going to infuriate the Colnels more.

there will come a point when Roko Ului says no more and when he does, FB will reap the whirlwind.

in front of the troops at QEB on parade on the weekend Roko Ului stepped out and shouted down FB as a spineless traitor for betraying Rt Mara in 2000 and using the 2006 takeover to cover up for the 2000 crimes. vere vaka Bau.

whatever led to it it, the fact is Roko Ului basically committed a serious offence in millitary law/discipline when he shouted down FB during a parade calling FB a spineless traitor – they have not arrested him (Regimental Sergent Major / Regimental Police), they have not charged him (court martial).

its unlikely that any of the Regimental Police or Millitary police will touch Roko Ului. unlike Baledrokadroka and all the other Colnels who have been removed by FB, Roko Ului has traditional men of war at his call within the RFMF. the majority of men in the RFMF have traditional obligations to Roko Ului’s blood line – through his paternal links and maternal links.
meanwhile the soldiers continue to die – even the Commander of the Navy is kissing his bucket – and lately there has been a new development: soldiers going for mental treatment – mental problems. its a big issue – they have set up special clinics on Tusdays (thats the word over here) at St Giles for their guys – the latest guy to go to the ba kava just got sent back from Sinai last week – gone looney.

all the signs of the vanua spear coming in over here – the vale katu dua and the ba kava.

it ain’t getting any better.


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  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    These sorts of tensions are bound to occur when intelligent soldiers see that chaudhry, the cheat, is pulling the strings; not field marshal, archbishop, doctor, professor bananasinpyjamas.

    A point of clarification, please. When you say the good colonel ‘shouted down’ bananasinpyjamas, was the madman there and there was an exchange of words OR did the colonel say some truthful things to the troops whilst bananasinpyjamas was at home taking his pills?

  2. Aso Says:

    Roko Ului shud take the next step immediately & that’s critical..remove this regime and keep them inside Korovou…get in a caretaker government. Get into elections and let the elcted government investigate this chodoman fully…

  3. Budhau Says:

    Let me get this right, if Roko Ului makes his move, we will only be replacing FB with Ului.
    Now, how does that benefit us.

    Sure, FB can be replaced by Ului, Chaudary can be replaced by Jim Ah Koy – but in the end, how does that help us.

    If we have a shooting war going between various factions within the army – I don’t think that is a turn for the better.

    Oh, I get it – we are just trying to make their lives miserable – both FB and Chaudary – Good.

  4. ramusu Says:

    No roko ului should not take this radical step, it will cause more problems, frank is doing a great job and should continue, the only person should be removed is MC

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    @SV Editors – Question Please. So are the guys based at Strategic HQ Berkely Crescent pro or anti FB. Would they support or fight any anti FB initiatives at QEB?

  6. Lago Says: Budhau should replace FB ramusu to replce MC

  7. LUVfiji Says:


    Kajikaji na taro qori ! Lets not go there, please.

    This is rather sensitive. If there really is tension at QEB, the last thing we need is for it to explode. I pray that it doesnt !

    I hope cutie twinnie finds his cool.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Sorry to have an opinion , but it’s good to see it all falling apart now . A dangerous moment in Fiji’s history and not to be taken lightly . It would appear that Ratu Ului is one of the guys behind Frankenstein , possibly from the beginning . I wonder if he is a freemason !
    Oh what a tangled web we weave , when at 1st. we attempt to deceive ! In other words , the truth must come out eventually . This new situation gives Frankenstein no-where to run , no-where to hide . Unfortunately , it’s the same for the Fiji populace and now seems to be a more deep seated problem within your community than 1st thought . It really does show though , that a Democracy and Democratically Elected Government , are the only solution . I hope Fijians find the courage to confront these criminals , despite their clan and warrior connections . Tread carefully , use the outside world for help is my suggestion . No more peacekeeping to withdraw the funds keeping this coup alive and no more Military , might be the only answer !

  9. LUVfiji Says:


    We’d all like to see Chodo get out of the way and take up his reserved space at the Naboro max. That done, we can deal with the rest. They’re crumbling… and they will all crumble. The next I’d like to see go is Eveli Ganilua.

    D’ya all see him on TV last nite. That ugly attire he had on… looks like he’s still stuck in the 70’s. LOL !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    May 2006 , please go to the bottom of the page :

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Roko ‘Lui will rid us of the saprophyte who wants to be king but is a piece of da from kiuva.

    Reason – the saprophyte & saprophytess have tried to rise above their station:

    *buying a house for their offspring in Howell Road

    *saprophytess seen with lots of jewellery – bribes

    *swanning around in SUVs

    *staying at expensive resorts

    *eating out at top restaurants

    All of the above they could not afford in a million years. The Maras don’t like this as they think all of the above is only entitled to them alone. They hated Leba Qarase for her beauty, intelligence & class, so the Qarases had to go.

    Never mind Fiji – it’s all about them.

    The chapter is closing on the saprophytes & the youngest Prince will take over the military.

    The saprophytes will be the source of ethanol – but don’t go buying shares just yet.

  12. Tim Says:

    A showdown is inevitable if only for the simple fact that the promises made are, and have always been hollow. They are, and have always been based on a firm foundation of solid bullshit.
    The longer the charade goes on, the more disillusioned will join the ranks. Frank and Chodo’s egos and delusions of grandeur are preventing them both from seeing the bleeding obvious.
    And just to state the obvious:

    Fiji faces bleak future: Australia
    16 MAR 2008

    The Australian Government says Fiji’s military is not moving quickly enough and will not meet its promise of an election next March.
    And it has warned Fiji about its bleak economic prospects due to the slow progress in preparing for elections, the ABC reports.

    Australian Parliamentary secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Duncan Kerr reportedly said foreign ministers from the Pacific Islands Forum will meet in Auckland later this month to assess Fiji’s interim regime.

    “Australia condemns the use of military force to overthrow democratically-elected governments in Fiji or anywhere else,” he said.

    “But we are committed to seeing Fiji return to a democratic process that can rid itself of the culture of coups and counter-coups that have so damaged its economies, societies and international reputations over the past 20 years,” he told ABC

    That’s actually what comes from people who have an unwarranted high opinion of themselves. They’ll go to any length to preserve their position – even IF they believed their intentions were noble. Mugabe thinks that, Hitler thought that, Mush thought that. Frank is always at pains to try and convince the “rest of us” that we “juss dun unna Stan”.
    Yea we don’t. Please introduce us to Stan. Is Stan the one driving that People’s Charter thing? or is he your imaginary friend? – he’d better be cos there are sfa others that will regard you as your fren when the shit hits the fan

  13. Says:

    Ului is not acting like a clever person,he is acting like a spoiled child.You don’t shout down your leader in front of his followers and expect him to take your stupidity like all Fijian commoners?
    If you want to do something to remove your enemy, than you do it now! Qarase example of not taking immediate action when it was needed eventually led to his own demise and the current problem in the country.Please people why can’t you learn from previous example?If you know that what Bainimarama had done was wrong, than whats holding you back? If you know that you have the power to removed Bainimarama from power,reclaim the Government and hand the Government back to the people than whats holding you back? If you know that you have a major power base in the military and almost everyone will follow you since you’d be doing the right thing for all Fijians,than whats holding you back?

  14. Destiny Says:

    sorry to spoil your fun here guys but ‘Cutie Twinnie’ and Frank were sitting beside each other at the Rugby yesterday and they seemed very vert friendly. its yet another rumour so please ignore it.

  15. Tim Says:

    You might be too early to speak of Qarase’s “demise”. Though I’m not that fond of his political ideology, the man has proven himself to be a statesman, and a genuine one at that. AND, now that he has, Frank has a problem: even if he does manage to get rid of him, there’ll now be plenty of others who will step into his shoes.
    There aren’e too many that would want to step into Frank or Chodo’s shoes without the guarantee of a well paid army prepared to watch their backs. That’s something buba iIarse and Shaista should think about too.
    What a way to live! Oh well – tuff shit fellas – you (iIG voluntarily made your choices, and those of you whose intentions weren’t honourable – don’t bleat)

  16. seni Says:

    The malaise of enforced inequality
    Mary Kissel | March 11, 2008
    “WE live side by side, not together.” That’s how one Malaysian last week described to me the fallout from decades of race-based affirmative action policies. Malaysians, she said, were fed up.
    It shows. In federal and state elections here on Saturday, voters of all ethnicities turned to Opposition parties in larger numbers than ever before, a rebuke to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and his National Front coalition’s pro-Malay platform. Opposition parties won 82 of 222 seats in the national parliament, up from only 19. The biggest gainer, the People’s Justice Party, emphasised equality of opportunity for all ethnic groups.
    This represents a huge shift in thinking for Malaysians, and a welcome and overdue one at that. While about 60 per cent of the country is Malay, another third is comprised by Chinese and Indians, with other ethnic groups making up the rest. But since the introduction of the New Economic Policy in 1970s, Malaysia hasn’t been governed for the whole of its citizenry; it’s been governed mostly for Malays.
    Call it affirmative action gone wild. When the NEP was launched, its goals were twofold: to eradicate poverty “irrespective of race” and to restructure the economy away from race-based economic roles for the various ethnic groups. For a country escaping the legacies of colonial British rule, recovering from violent, anti-Chinese race riots and facing extreme poverty among Malays, those goals are easy to understand. Social stability through Government-directed outcomes seemed the best balm political leaders could deliver at the time.
    The NEP was supposed to last only two decades. In any case, surely Malaysia’s elites didn’t envision the scope of the pro-Bumiputra, or indigenous Malay, bent that evolved. Consider just a few of the discriminatory policies now on the books. On the corporate front, foreign and domestic non-manufacturing firms have to take on Bumi partners who hold at least 30 per cent of the share capital. Firms that want to list on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange are required to reserve 30 per cent of their equity for Bumi shareholders. Bumis get preferential housing loans and easier access to business licences and Government contracts. Department stores and supermarkets have to reserve 30 per cent of their shelf space for Bumi products – regardless of consumer preferences.
    Then there’s the education system. Before the NEP, Malaysia’s public schools were mostly racially integrated. Now they’re largely segregated, as Chinese and Indian parents opt to send their children to schools where they feel they won’t be discriminated against or exposed to Islamic teachings. More than 80 per cent of Government-sponsored scholarships to study abroad go to Malays. Business leaders have a hard time sourcing good local talent, across a range of industries, largely because they’re required to have 30 per cent Bumiputras on their staff.
    These policies have, if anything, become more entrenched over time. While the original NEP called for Malays to get 30 per cent of the country’s wealth – whatever that means – subsequent economic plans inserted vague language calling for more “wealth creation” for Bumiputras. As for encouraging racial tolerance, that hope was put to bed in 2006, when the party conference of the United Malays National Organisation was broadcast live and Malay representatives said they’d defend pro-Malay policies to “the last drop of blood”. After the Prime Minister concluded his remarks, shouts of “Long live the Malays!” filled the chamber. Needless to say, the 2007 conference wasn’t televised.
    This Bumi bonanza has slowed investment in Malaysia, and the ruling coalition knows it, even if officials won’t say so publicly. At a time when foreign investment has poured into Vietnam, China and India, Malaysia has seen a much smaller sliver of that pie. It’s fallen from America’s 10th largest trading partner to its 16th largest in little over a year. Malaysia has lost automobile plants to Thailand and electronics plants to China. Motorola, a major electronics employer, threatened to pull out of Penang late last year but decided to stay when the Government awarded the company a major contract. (On Saturday, voters there elected the Opposition Democratic Action Party.)
    In the weekend’s election, ethnic Chinese swung heavily to the DAP. Ethnic Indians, too, plumped largely for Opposition candidates.
    But the Malay swing vote – the core of the National Front coalition – contributed to the surge. The first indication of the swing came in the capital, where the daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim beat the National Front candidate. (Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, was barred from running.) Then Opposition parties took the states of Kelantan and Kedah, an unprecedented victory in a rural Malay-dominated belt.
    It’s never easy to shed affirmative action policies; as the US experience shows, once preferential treatment is given to a specific ethnic group, it’s a hard habit to break. But if Saturday’s Opposition gains show anything, it’s that even Malays are starting to figure out that pro-Malay policies are hurting the country. That is, at least, a start.

    Mary Kissel is editor of The Wall Street Journal Asia’s editorial page.

  17. Tim Says:

    Destiny: It isn’t funny. NONE of it is funny. Only the arrogant think it’s a game. I’d count you amongst them

  18. Tim Says:

    Destiny: By the way, it appears you’re amongst the ‘short term’ thinkers. Whilst your not unintelligent (or rather you have pieces of paper to affirm your qualifications, whatever they are). you too shouldn’t expect that you’re allowed to bleat very loud when you consider your rights abused, your visas denied, your affiliations with regimes of whatever legal or illegal regimes persuasions confirmed. It’s my experience that you will be someone (like the Shaista and her inherited son Bubba Iarse) that will try to bleat the loudest. When that time arrives,don’t be surprised to find that people won’t actually give a shit.

  19. LUVfiji Says:


    Isnt that the same picture we all saw in one of our dailies of Rt Joni Madraiwiwi and the Pig sitting side-by-side at a rugby match only a few days before the former was removed from GH as VP ?

    Na qai ena qai ga !!

  20. zerox Says:

    Posts being stolen from this Board
    03/16/08 15:02:50

    i thought the SDL and Qarase were the highest class of thieves in Fiji – but apparently their apologists on the other blogs are not averse to stealing too. if we put MC against Qarase, MC is in kindergarden with thieving/corruption compared to Qarase.

    some of the posts I put on this Board against the regime are being put up on other Blogs to support an agenda.

    and they are selective – they are not stealing my other anti Qarase and SDL posts.

    even when they try to be bastions of transparency they still come out as the thieves and apologists for thieves in the SDL that they are.


    Last Edited By: real jack 03/15/08 15:09:38.

  21. S.R Says:

    Kivei kemuni sara na marama kei na turaga o ni dau volavola tiko ena bologo qo. Au sa lomani kemuni na levu ni vosa vaka vuku oni dau kaburaka toka ike ka sega tu na vuana. Au kerea mo ni bau curu mai tuba ena na nomuni qara, ka vakaraitaka mada na nomu ni kau kau vaka lewe ni vanua. NP, Adi Kaila, drau liu taka mada mai na tayabe ni vakabesebese vaka vanua me bau mana na nomuni dau vosa vaka vuku tiko ena bologo o qo. Au sega ni cata na ka ni kaburaka tiko eke. Au via raica ga na vua ni nomu ni vosa, ke osa kai viti dina, vakacava mo valataka na nomu vanua vaka suka na matanitu qo. Esa oca na qara ni daligu na rogoca tiko na vei vakamacala vaka vuku ka sega tu na kena action. Qo na nomuni vanua ka noqu talega. Au via biuta ga yani edua na challenge vakacava o sa varau tu sega. Kevaka o ni na vosa tiko ga vaka qo o mahen sa kania taucoko na nomu ni qele. Ni yadra mai ka vakaraitaka na nomu ni kaiviti dina. Au vakanuma na gauna e a vakasukai kina na matanitu mai czech republic. Era yalo vata na lewe ni vanua kara kau mai na nodra ki vale kara tayabe ena vale ni boselawa ka sakure taka na nodra ki, ka kilai taka tiko na vosa qo, ” nomu time sa oti gole deo ole” ya dua na qauna ena matai ni matani tu vaka cominisi ekasura ga ena dua na siga, baleta nira yalo vata. Ia qo ni sa yalovata ena bologo i mai tuba duidui na yalo. Au kerea moni yadra Viti qo na nomuni gauna moni tayabe i gauni sala ka tukuna na dina. Ni sa moce toka mai na nomu ni tokani vinaka


  22. Soul of Fiji Says:

    What’s wrong Zerox….what’s going on?, you are angry about someone using your observations?, observations are just that observations….you don’t own it. Other people has the same conclusions from their observations.

    Is your ego hurt or what? that someone has the same ability to deduce and read the same message as you. One observation of mine I have for years and this comes out clearly after these blog sites were set up and emanates from FLP and the coup apologist is that Fijisn are stupid and they will follow what or whoever their chiefs endorse.

    Come on man wake up…this is racist to say the least…using a single brush to tar the whole Fijian community. This is the same falacy of that mastermind MC did, he thought by getting into bed with the chiefs such as Rt Maras , Rt Ganilaus etc.. their people will automatically vote for them thus putting MC in power.

    We’ll Budhau in last weeks debate with JD’Ark uses the same argument and blames the Fijian voters for the cause of this coup by voting SDL rather than the chiefs party i.e. Ganilau & Mara’s.

    Also it seems that this is not the only falacy that they have….they seem to urge the bloggers on this site to come out and fight!!!, Fijians generally are peaceful people and generally humble. YES generally so don’t go off the mark and try to shoot yourself in the foot. So SR that also includes you.

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    Good One Soul Of Fiji!

    We are fighting – with our brains – there is no gain in bloodshed – Our collective intellect & brainpower can overcome the ig & the racists who shift the blame onto the Fijians for daring to elect who they deem the most suitable to take charge of our Nation.

    When the writing’s on the wall (CLEAR AS DAY) about this whole farce that the ig has created, the Fijians and anti coup supporters are remaining calm. Of course we’re angry – we are extremely angry but we are not going to resort to violence. This is what the ig want from us – it’s not going to happen – why? Because we know the ig will bring themselves down – with a huge thud!

    The ig & ig apologists are all LOSERS – going around laying blame on SDL & the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase for their utter stupidity, irrationality, lack of credibility & recognition. Hey have you done anything constructive to gain recognition? Did you buy that house or car with your own money or was it through your ministerial budget or your so called ‘fund raising’ to assist gullible farmers, cyclone victims or whatever you called it to legitimise the cause. You know who you are.

    The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.

    If you’re given the chance to represent the people in government or have an incredibly good postion in your place of employment then do it honestly. Because people are watching and we all know here in little Fiji how much each family have – when there’s a lot of spending on houses, cars, trips overseas, we all start putting 2+2 together. Next elections come around your party is no longer IN and we see the BIG house listed in the newspapers under ‘MORTGAGEE SALE’ – AAR RE!

    Or the big TOBO – siphoning company funds into your own a/cs. Those company cheques – levu la na dokadoka.

    Many lives have been ruined by unscrupulous behaviours.

    The Lord gave, blessed you with a great job – but to dip into funds not meant for your own or your families personal use that is stealing ok. treating people who do not have the same employment position like dirt, mata ni ta boka, bragging to all and sundry about your assets, so The Lord takes it away – simple.

    But………they never learn

    They rear their ugly heads whenever there is a coup – it’s the same people all over again – and they haven’t moved forward from 1987. All have had their grubby fingers in the till and they’re all still stuck in first gear.

    They never implement anything they are supposed to do – all they want is to be photographed at cocktail parties, receivng as many freebies as possible and hob nobbing.

    When the people of Fiji legally voted SDL into government the bullshit artists started their campaign of lies against them. SDL did not do anything wrong, we all know that, but these people could not cope with educated commoners in charge – the educated commoners who don’t give a shit about a coloured umbrella in a fancy cocktail or some friggin’ canape that would not feed a mynah. The worst culprits are the hangers on who don’t understand politics, economics or ethics, forever hanging onto the edge of some so called businessmans sulu vakataga – The big con. Making them out to be something they’re not except a huge failure.

    So that, my dear destiny & all you detractors out there is why this site was created so we can vent, exchange ideas, seek out the truth and let the world know. We’ve got mahendra pal chaudary exactly where we wanted & we’ll bombard anyone else who thinks they are above the law or comes onto this site with a bombastic attitude.

  24. Adi Kaila Says:

    shyster shamelessmimi & destiny are twins. erau dau viavia kaivalagi – isa lei erau cebo driloa – end of story.

    I always feel for Roko ‘Lui, I’m sorry Fellow Bloggers, I know there is no reason for bashing innocent people but I think this Prince is still hurt by the way his Ratu was manhandled by the pigster.

    I know I would be and I would find a way to make the sucker suffer.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    You go Adi Kaila, tell it as it is!!!

    Au taro la, o kemuni o ni Marama Nite talega??

    Kua la na kana keitou dau kaya mai Kubuna, se va’evei Naita Island Boy?

    Oilei suka mai na lotu sa datou mai want to lucky tale, au se gole mada i gunu yaqona meu lai va malumu tu yani kina LOL

  26. Adi Kaila Says:

    Isa Lei na keteni dredre

    Dauvanavana vacava la ‘o destiny ni via expose taki iko – lei – dea via ‘hit’ vei iko ‘o qai besetaki koya. Kila ga na ‘woman scorned’.

    Ca gona na cebo qase ‘o destiny dau via sagai ira na tagane gone. Na cavabeka nona dre vei bipolar, rau dau ciqi beka. Kila madaga ‘o bu meri me vacicivi koya – bau cava tu na ‘tavioka patch dash’ – what fun!

    Maleka na gunu yagona, qai maleka sara na wash down. Sleep in ni mataka, macala ni sana extend valailai na wash down.

  27. Leve davo Says:

    To be frank, Roko Ului is a nut case himself the fucken boci just like his father, shoud be hanged by his balls, we just see him as a quality leader. Shud just concentrate on educating himself first on economics just like his boci brother who has been sent to the US as wastage. He is worse than Frank,,,, na boci ga na boci…

  28. Kai Veikau Says:

    Ni bula vinaka. Ni yalo vinaka tauri kemuni vakamalua. E sa vua tiko na i tavi sa vakayacori tiko ena bologo qo. O iko ga mo tgaroga se cava e rawa ni ko na liutaka mo tomana kina na sasaga yaga sa qaravi tiko eke. O nanuma na i vakamacala mai na i Vola Tabu ni da dui tiki ni yago ia e dua bau ga na yago. E sega ni rawa ni da daliga kece..Keimami sa qarava tiko e dua na i tavi. Na cava rawa ni o kitaka o iko. Tauri kemuni vakamalua tiko SR. Me da masumasu tale tikoga vakalevu sara. Sa basika tiko mai na dina. Vei kemuni na dau veibeitaki vakai lasu tiko, qarauni iko tiko ena vosa kece o vosataka. Era tu na veiyalo e so ka ra na claim taka na legal rights ni vei vosa kece o tukuna ka ra na kauta na lasu qori. Ia rogoca, era na lesuvi iko tale mai kei na nomu kawa ena dua na gauna.. Da vosa tiko vakadodonu ga. Me da veirokovi ka vakaukauwataka tiko na noda qaravi Kalou. E na basika mai na vua ni ca era vakayacora o ira era ca tiko. Sega ni cala vakadua ya. Kaya na Dau ni Same ena i Vola Tabu-“Ena raica na matada nodra saumi na tamata ca”.

  29. taukei Says:

    Unfortunately, Ratu Mara’s sons have not inherited the GREAT FIJIAN BUDDHA’s leadership and personality.

    They have always GONE AGAINST THE TIDE by backing the wrong people and government.

    What they fail to realize is that Ratu Mara, Fiji’s FOUNDING FATHER, led Fiji with a SUPPORT BASE IN THE FIJIAN COMMUNITY (THE TAUKEI) .

    This “showdown” between Banana and Roko makes no difference as far as reinstating deposed Prime Minister Qarase is concerned.

    Roko hates SDL/Qarase as much as Bananas.

    The only solution is AN UPRISING OF THE PEOPLE………….

  30. Josh Says:

    Hi Folks, am just trying to read between the lines of these reported/alleged development at Delainabua by Roko Ului against FB..Given that they are both of the same boat, is it possible that this is a ploy to hoodwink all of us to the contary?..Where’s the military’s element of surprise here?..Seemed to be too good to be true at the face of it!!. I tend to agree with Taukei to that effect..Lets keep on blogging fellows.Something is in the air and they are indeed deliberately trying to deceive us. It is military strategy.but it sure will not work. It has Never worked since Dec 05/2006. Cahudhry has managed to hoodwinked all of them alone!!. What a disgrace to the Men in Green..What a disgrace to the Fiji Army!!!. Sa valoloma dina na vanua ni sa tu kina ni kua noda sotia!!

  31. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana & Adi Kaila – sa voleka mai na siga ni mate, au sa kerea vakabibi vei kemuni me sa rauta mada na veisamei. Au sa tukuni au saraga edai niu tamata malumalumu ka dau rawai rawarawa ena veika vakavuravura. No uli, dua la na naita yameci au, sau dalasai tu.

    On a more serious note, I find SR’s challenge to Adi & NP bizzare in its inconsistency, starting out in a confrontational tone, then switching. It seems that he is just trying to lure people out in the open, completely missing the idea of blogging.

    Blogging is a very recent techno based form of political protest. It is not logical to assume that blogging has somehow failed because it does not result in a totally different course of action, like street marches.

    Also if he was really Fijian he would realise that traditionally Fijians did not go to war as individuals esposuing a political agenda, but under the banner of the vanua and the command of their chief and the vunivalu, with the bati leading the charge. The rationale is along the same lines Kai Veikau mentions in terms of special parts of the body performing different and specialsied tasks.

    To try and motivate someone to undertake certain violent actions under the false assumption of protecting Fijian rights in terms of a political agenda, sounds baseless and hollow. All Fijians properly trained and aware of their traditional ties, know the protocols they should observe if and when they have a difference with the traditional governanace process. O keda taucoko sa tu na sala vakavanua e dodonu meda muria.
    They certainly should not be taking to the streets like common hooligans as witnessed in the 2000 coup.

  32. natewaprince Says:

    SR, sona raba.Sa rauta me tatagi na daligaqu.Au yadra sara ga mai qo me’u mai vola na ka qo.

    Drau pamu kei Voreqe.


  33. Dauvavana Says:

    If you bloggers remember well, SR used to be a common contributor on this site and then went cold for a while. He was a strong pro coup and iIG apologist then. Now he is saying that we should march in numbers and speak the truth.

    Very dangerous indeed. This person is probably just one of those FMF so called info cell members.

    Tread very carefully on this one people.

    @NP 🙂 na cava tale meu kaya

  34. S.R Says:

    NP era dau tukana mai Rewa o iko teri sucu mai, oiko ciraki mai.. mmm tu sarauta me tatagi na daligamu ena vuku ni ci

  35. Kai Veikau Says:

    Sa qai matata tikoga mai nomudou mata ni meke. Sa balavu na gauna dou vaqara i valu tiko kina na sega nomudou i valu. Ka rairai bagi dou sa via mai botolaki keimami tiko bagi na wekamudou keimami sasagataka tiko na noda vinaka na lewe i Viti. Au sa qai kila ni nomu vinakata tiko na tayabe baleta mo dou curu trawea mai kina ka vagolea tani tale na attention kei Vuravura mai na veiliutaki vakabutobuto dou sa mai curu botolaki toka kina qo na Mataivalu. O kemudou ga dou kauti kemudou i kea. Ia o kemudou talega mo dou na cakacakataki kemudou mai ki tuba. Sa rauta na via vakayagataki keimami tiko na wekamudou lewe i Viti. Keimami gadreva ga na savasava, dodonu kei na bula galala. Sega ni bula vesukli koya sega tu kina ni rawa ni keimami tayabe me vaka o kila vinaka sara tu ga mai qori…

  36. Dauvavana Says:

    @ NP “me rau pamu o SR kei Voreqe?”

    ratou dau kaya mai Naitasiri “a tamani vamu rau” bahahahahahhaha

    Oti qai kaya o Turaga Nite Island Boy ni na ka e rogoca o Voreqe ni sa dau leka nonai kara sa vakayagataka nonai voce!!! Ia ni rau sa sota kei SR, wara nai jini vasagavulu na osovawa, ra kaya la mai Natuicake “e kakapelupelu sara la na roloka nei la qori!!!” bahahahahaha

    Oilei dou vaka wai taka jiko vakalevu na yaqona ra gone!!

  37. natewaprince Says:

    Io talo tiko.

    Sona Raba,na ci la o kitaka tiko o iko ni pamuci iko tiko o Vore,hahahaha.

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    On a more serious note, SR and co tend to come in at strategic times like on thsi posting to try and divert discussions away from tehir vulnerable positions.

    Fellow bloggers, this piece of news shows a vulnerability from their (pardon the pun given the inputs above) rear end.

    Let’s overcome that by concentrating our discussions on waht’s being posted here.

    The million dollar question is, if Ului purges the Pig, would it be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for us?

  39. natewaprince Says:

    More like jumping from the pigs soresore to his cici,yuuuccckkkyyy!!!

  40. Dauvavana Says:

    Io talo mada na yaqona qai toso tale na post motem qo, baci vaka me Kusima tiko na raluve ni Natewa e na nonai vosavosa. Below the belt toka ga 🙂

    Sobo me ratou bau gole mada la mai na Marama Nite me ratou mai vauta ni gunu yaqona qo.

    Na sikavu sa mai noqu bula voli …….suuuuwaaaaiiiiiyaaaa nai su qele

  41. IslandBoy Says:

    @Kai Vaikau – I cannot sufficiently express in words how much I admire the way you speak the truth, with dignity and nobility. The fact that you stand up for the common man makes me stand up and cheer. If the powers that be only realised how rich Fiji is in human resources and real gentleman like you.

    I plead withyou to say the same thingin English so others can also read and appreciate your words of wisdom.

  42. S.R Says:

    Kaivikau, Dauvanavana kei NP, sarauta moni vakai ira na isireli lako sese tu ena toba ni nuku ena levu ni sega ni dau vakarorogo. Era lako sese tu vasaga vulu na yabaki, keva ka dou na kudro tiko mai vaka na koli kila, ia sa na kawalega na na nomudou vosa ka dou sa na sese tu ena lomani viti levu desert. Au kerea modou vei vutuni ka masu vaka yalo ka vakai i dina baleta na masu e walia na leqa kecega. Sa rauta mada na qunu yaqona baleta sa vaka vuna na nomudou vucesa, ka dou sa rairai vaka na gata na yaloka ni matamudou ka dou vulaci vakai tukamudou o sai baba. Kaivikau vinaka na vakamacala iko sa vakai nomu dou tutu o Reverend Yabaki na matata ni vakamacala ka calacala sara!!! Vinaka dou moce toka na vei wakani. Au kerea ke tiko vei iko na yalo loloma mo vosati Voreqe kei nona qeqe ka vosoti ira na nomu meca..

  43. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – sniper tiko vi kemuni naita. I fully agree with your million dollar question. If the Roko Ului faction in the army took over from the FB faction, would it necessarily mean an improvement in the quality of life for commoner Fijians like me.

    Sometimes Adi Kaila makes interesting and very telling observations about the different factions of chiefs and elite Fijians and their hangers-on of whom she knows a lot of personal details. I wonder what she would say about this.

    I do not necessarily carry a brief for the Qarase/SDL faction as like many others I would like a totally clean new slate of representatives next time we have elections, whenever that is, hopefully soon. So my two-cent additions to your million dollar question is as follows:

    1. Are indigenous Fijians ready with honst and able political representatives should we go to the polls or will we just have different new mutations of the same old corrupt lot?

    2. Do we have 30 or 40 Fijians like the late Savenaca Siwatibau ready to take up the mantle?

    3. Are we truly prepared to fully engage and live with our Indian brothers and sisters, obtaining and maintaining all of our rights as indigenous peoples while fully respecting and observing the rights of all non-indigenous communities who also call Fiji home?

  44. malai Says:

    If Ului takes over from FB, we might have a chance…perhaps… MC & Co are fully in control of FB as they have him by the balls. They have completely bought him off. Time to change the game plan…this will certainly affect MC & Co’s game plan… perhaps Ului might have and might be able to keep some distance away from these people ..and that tiny,tiny breathing space ..that nanospace might be just be the only opportunity for people of this country to take…to move and play…If it offers that tiny opening for manouvre, why not take our chances people…that should be a welcome

  45. taukei Says:

    IslandBoy Says: “I would like a totally clean new slate of representatives next time we have elections”

    Wishful thinking.

    You will NEVER find “A TOTALLY CLEAN SLATE OF REPRESENTATIVES” anywhere in the world, islandboy!

    Forget the “next time we have elections”.

    Elections are very very costly and the SDL under Qarase would win anyway.

    He won the 2006 general election, and would win VERY COMFORTABLY “next time we have elections”.

    Fijians sympathize with Qarase and want to see him back as leader of the country.

    Qarase won the elections in May 2006 and was ousted in December 2006!

    First and foremost, reinstate Qarase and his government and let him complete the rest of his term. Then hold another election!

    I have been told that Commondork Beavis Bananasmamas offered to reinstate Butt-Head Chodo after the 2000 Coup – big-egoed Chodo of course refused, underestimating FIJIAN UNITY (achieved under the leadership of Qarase/SDL) and falsely thinking that he would again win and get re-elected!

  46. LUVfiji Says:

    Wananavu Kai Veikau !

    Kemudou, sa kanaka tiko qo o Graham Leung, na loya nei Ballu KHan ni ratou sa vakasasa taki koya tiko na Mataivalu. Gonei, ke qai kau cake i Delainabua o ko qo, eratou sa magiti. Kana ca na vakasigalevu kei SV ena macawa sa oti !

    Oooooie ! E uro !!

  47. LUVfiji Says:


    Too right. It would be a dream, that’s not about to come true, to find a ‘totally clean slate of representatives’ for elections, if and when it should happen.

    Well.. unless, of course, the whole lot of us, get out there! Ahhhha !!

    Wailei, me sa blog tiko madaga ena siga vinaka e daidai, na siga ni sucu nei Mometa na parofita nei Ayrrrse!

    Dua tale mai keri, Turaga Naita IB !

  48. dilio Says:

    Eratou baci oso mai ke na yavu geti mai QEB…. baci katakata beka mai nakeba?

    The ancient Romans understood the need to keep your enemies divided. That way they don’t come together against you. Realpolitik sees the need to sow discontent amongst your enemies. The strategy is as old as the Bible. Tacitus gives us the words probably whispered many times in prayers by ancient Roman leaders:

    “Long may the barbarians continue, I pray, if not to love us, at least to hate one another.”

    Na kena duidui, ni sega tale ni ganiti meda lai vakasagai ira na sotia – ena kabasu ga mai loma na rfmf/IG. Ia, dua mada na bilo sinai merau veilomani tiko o ului kei vore! skål !!

  49. taukei Says:

    Divide First, Convert Later

    In India’s case, the colonial authorities had India’s Muslim and Sikh minorities to use as their wedge against the majority Hindu. As the historian Alex von Tunzelmann argues in Indian Summer, it was the British who defined India’s communities on the basis of religion: “Many Indians stopped accepting the diversity of their own thoughts and began to ask themselves in which of the boxes they belonged.”

    Muslims and Sikhs were favored for the few civil jobs and university slots open to Indians, a favoritism that generated tensions among the three communities, just as it had in Northern Ireland.

    The colonial regimes exploited everyone in both countries, but for some the burden was heavier. When communities in both countries fell to fighting over the few crumbs available to them, the British authorities stepped in to keep order, sadly shaking their heads about the inability of people in both countries ever to govern themselves.

    While Sir John Davis was describing the Irish as “degenerate” with the “heart of a beast,” Lord Hastings was arguing that “the Hindoo appears a being nearly limited to mere animal functions and even in them indifferent…with no higher intellect than a dog.” Lest one dismiss the above characterizations as typical 19th-century colonial racism, Winston Churchill once commented , “I hate the Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” Churchill’s intolerance, however, had a very practical side to it. As prime minister he once said that he hoped that the tension between Hindus and Muslims would remain “A bulwark of British rule in India.”

  50. taukei Says:


    It was “divide and conquer” that made it possible for an insignificant island in the north of Europe to rule the world. Division and chaos, tribal, religious and ethnic hatred, were the secret to empire. Guns and artillery were always in the background in case things went awry, but in fact, it rarely came to that.

    Following the absorption of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the British set about shoring up their rule by the tried and true strategy of pitting ethnic group against ethnic group, tribe against tribe, and religion against religion.

    When British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour issued his famous 1917 Declaration guaranteeing a “homeland” for the Jewish people in Palestine, he was less concerned with righting a two thousand year old wrong than creating divisions that would serve growing British interests in the Middle East.

    Sir Ronald Storrs, the first Governor of Jerusalem, certainly had no illusions about what a “Jewish homeland” in Palestine meant for the British Empire: “It will form for England,” he said, “a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism.”

    Storrs’ analogy was no accident. Ireland was where the English invented the tactic of divide and conquer, and where the devastating effectiveness of using foreign settlers to drive a wedge between the colonial rulers and the colonized made it a template for worldwide imperial rule.

    Once the English hit on the tactic of using ethnic and religious differences to divide a population, the conquest of Ireland became a reality. Within 250 years, that formula would be transported to India, Africa, and the Middle East.

    Sometimes populations were splintered by religions, as with Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in India. Sometimes societies were divided by tribes, as with the Ibos and Hausa in Nigeria. Sometimes, as in Ireland, foreign ethnic groups were imported and used as a buffer between the colonial authorities and the colonized. That is how large numbers of East Indians ended up in Kenya, South Africa, British Guyana, and Uganda.

    It was “divide and conquer” that made it possible for an insignificant island in the north of Europe to rule the world. Division and chaos, tribal, religious and ethnic hatred, were the secret to empire. Guns and artillery were always in the background in case things went awry, but in fact, it rarely came to that.


  51. taukei Says:




    Under the British, foreign ethnic groups were imported and used as a buffer between the colonial authorities and the colonized. That is how large numbers of East Indians ended up in Kenya, South Africa, British Guyana, Uganda and Fiji.

  52. anon Says:

    SR, va cava mo blog vakavavalagi, ke vaka e kilai.

  53. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – sa kudukudua tu qo na bia, vakarau mix na dra ni soqe, sodugu tu na ua mai cakau e Mataisuva, sa qai vo ga o kemudrau na naita (+ Daushoot) mo drau qai mai. Kirau sa vaka malo tu kei Tebara. Warai ni salulu vakataki Destiny, na ka qima e wabibiri qivoqivora, drau mai raica lewa. Me qai nodatou vulagi dokai o Adi Kaila.

    Au nanuma tiko ni siga waca la edai, teri kila ni siga ni nomudou Parofita Momete na naita.

    But of course I would vote you into Parliament, it would be a damn sight better than the bunch of crooks that normally offer up their services.

    As for the guys from the camp, I take your point about the question I asked earlier being sensitive. Like many of us I have close relatives who work in the army daily and would never want to get confrontational with them, either violent or not.

    However I would like to have a really good structured discussion with them about their position and what they think is the legal and moral basis of the authority they so readily wield. I want to know what they think and I want to tell them what we think and for both of us to recognise and deal with the differences in our opinion.

    ront them

  54. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB. Turaga Naita o tu mada mai vei ena bogi? O nomuni Naita Dauvavana a vaqaqara tiko na bogi me dua na vauta ni nodratou mata gunu yaqona ?

    I hope you can get that opportunity for good discussions with reps of the military.. Id tread very carefully on that road as you wouldnt want to cross paths with them right now with the tension high.. if it really is high.

    Sa yali sara vadua o Destiny. Rairai sa o Eleni dina ga o koya ? E sa madila na vakamacala nei AdiK ena dakoba ni yagona 😉

  55. Dauvavana Says:

    @ IB is kemudrau na wekaqu Naita e ra lewa na tani na siga e dai vei keitou sa ia sara tu la na cakacaka, ia vinaka ni dou sa marau madaga mai na gusuni uciwai levu na Rewa e na vakananumi ni Parovita levu o Mometa

    @Luvfiji, au se waraka jiko la oqo me vakatakilai au vei ira na lewevuqa e na buloqo oqo o Destiny, e viavia agent qai agent bera. Au kerea mo gole sobu ki Mataisuva ka laki vauta taka na soqo ni mara ekea

  56. lanphuong Says:

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    “The top blogs of the day” report

  57. LUVfiji Says:


    Au sa nunu sara tikoga qo i Mataisuva. Qai macala mada na veisureti caka mai qo mai vei iratou na Turaga Naita.

    Ia, ke sa sega ni rawata ya o Destiny, e rawa ni o ni vakaraitaki kemuni ga mai ? Keitou gadreva vakalevu me keitou kila. Se sana qai rawa beka ga mai Traps ?

  58. Tebara Says:

    Kivei S.R,

    Sa rauti iko madaga na lave dakai o cakava tiko mai Delainabua, keo sega ni lave dakai o masia tiko beka na nodra dakai na dau lave dakai. Laurai vei iko na ulu boloko, vaka i iratou ga na cicivaka tiko vakailoa na matanitu. O cei o nanuma ni nomu lialia me rogoca na nomu i vakasala ena blogsite oqo. Na vakataqeteqete ni nomu vuli e laurai kina e dua na dina levu sai koya na ramusu koso ni mataniveni. Ke kaulaivi na dakai o ni colata wavoki tiko o qori e sa na qai matata ga mai kina na leqa ni nomuni dui bula vaka yadua kei na bula ni nomuni dui matavuvale. Sa toso na gauna, keimami kalougata na muria na nodra vosa neimami qase me keimami vakacava vuli e na kena i veta sara e cake me vakavinaka taki kina neimami veisiga ni mataka. NI vosa e dua e vuli vinaka ka vakayagataka nona mona ni kila ka e kilai tani… baleta ni sega ni yalo totolo. ia e na taura e dua na gauna me dikeva kina na veika e vakavolivoliti koya sebera ni tu me sotava na nona gagadre. Keimami na volavola ka soli vakasama ka navunavu vata..tatadra vata e na veisiga vinaka kei Viti ni mataka. Me na cicivaki na matanitu e na dina kei na dodonu vakalawa sega e na veivakarerei e na gusu ni dakai. E na sega ni dua vei kemuni na dau lave dakai se masi dakai e na tarovi keimami.

  59. Tebara Says:

    @LuvFiji …. O kainoqu o IB sa siro sobu yani qori …drau qai sota i loma ni wai. Keitou se vasaqara tiko qo na takitaki vei ratou na Turaga Naita matakaka … rourou vakautona ..!! me i lutua ni yaqona levu ratou kitaka mai Albert Park. Vaka keitou rogoca ni ratou lai soli i sele na viqari na siganisucu nei Mohamet …. LOL …!! Naita Daushootin’ mo dou ai tarova la na basi ni Lokia e na matani valenibisikete … sa na soli tiko yani vei draiva na bilikani …. !!

  60. Adi Kaila Says:

    sr qarauni iko tiko deqai vana nomu sona raba ‘o RU qai koda ‘o nomu liuliu lialia ‘o vore vata kei aiyarse (me kuri ni arse levu tu vua) – ae na siga ni sucu nei Mohammed nikua – me vuni vinaka ‘o vore – tabu vei ira qo na vore.


  61. Dauvavana Says:

    Isa au diva na biau siliva me daru lai sili kina
    Wai makare dina
    Me vaka na ka ko au diva………………..

    uuuuiiiiiiii da via domo dali sara la e na mosi mosi ni nomudou sere

    Au sa suka i vale….e nai bole la ni basi ni Noco au mai talaci kemudou koto kina “Me da mai qai” sa lai waraki mada na bilikani e matanivale ni bisikete. Ke mila madaga na rourou vakautona qori se mani droka sara e laukana la 🙂

  62. Phantasm Says:

    Fellow bloggers, i am afraid to say you are all off course with this story, and as much as i hate to say it Destiny is correct. I suggest we stick to the facts, this is a serious matter and not something we should be speculating on and causing further angst with fellow country men and women.

  63. Kai Veikau Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na bulago. Keimami na vosoti kemuni baleta ni keimami sa Turaga, Marama vosoti kecega ena vuku ni neimami valavala ca kecega ka sega ni dua e yacova na veika e vakarokorokotaki kina na noda Kalou [Roma 3:23].
    Sa neimami masu me na cilavi keda vata tiko na rarama ni veivakabulai ni Turaga ena Siga ni Mate qo ka me da rawa ni tacake kece kina na lewe i Viti vakabibi o keda na kawa i Taukei ka da sa mai bula donuya tu oqo e dua na gauna dredre duadua ena vuku ni vei vesu eso ka bikai keda tiko ena gauna oqo.
    E sega ni ka e nona e dua na Lotu se dua na i Talatala na i lakolako oqo. E nona i lakolako na noda Kalou ka da mai lako wale tikoga kina vakalekaleka o keda. Era na qai nanumi keda tu na muri keda mai ena vua ni veika eda na laiva toka mai ni da sa gole tale yani ena noda i lakolako vakayalo kei koya noda Kalou.
    Keimami sa na tomana tiko mada ga na valataka vakaukauwa na veika keimami vakabauta ni noda i votavota na i Taukei e na noda Vanua oqo ko Viti me vaka ni keimami vakila ni ra sa mai volitaka tiko o ira na veiliutaki tiko oqo.
    Me vaka ga a kaya ko Nepoci [ena i Vola Tabu] ena nona via mai suguta na Tui o Eapi na nona vei loga ni vaini – ” Me kua sara vei au ena yaca i Jiova, meu solia vei iko na nodra i votavota na neimami Qase!!”.
    Oya ga SR, na bibi ni veika keimami na duavata toka kina ena bologo oqo. [Whether it wishes you well or ill].Ni vopsota ni tagede ni vanua keimami davo koto kina qo, na Kalou duadua ga ena qai rawa ni tarovi keimami.. Happy Easter to All!!!.

  64. aubatinuku-N Says:

    So qo me ra kau mada i Nasoqoca!


    Bula SR,tonoka nomu sona

  66. FijiGirl Says:

    I think what’s important is that the cracks are starting to show in Vore’s power base (ie the armed forces).

    If the officers and troops do not truly back him, then he and his snake-faced friend are history.

    Can we appeal to the men and women of the armed forces to turn their backs on them? Then Chodo’s Grand Plan (Fiji = Little India) falls away.

    But at the end of this process, we have to get to free and fair elections. And please, like Adi Kaila says, no violence.

  67. Budhau Says:

    Taukei had some nice quotes
    “Lord Hastings was arguing that “the Hindoo appears a being nearly limited to mere animal functions and even in them indifferent…with no higher intellect than a dog.” Lest one dismiss the above characterizations as typical 19th-century colonial racism, Winston Churchill once commented , “I hate the Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” Churchill’s intolerance, however, had a very practical side to it.”

    Hey Taukei, that ain’t very Christian of you to be pushing such ideas in this forum. BTW – if we go look for some quotes from that time period from the British about other peoples, including Fijians, I am sure we can find some real juicy quotes.

    BTW, if the Indians are so bad – maybe we should not lease them our land at all and why should we be even trying to talk to Bainimarama, who is the front man for the Hindoo dude.

  68. Budhau Says:

    Real Jack wrote,
    “meanwhile the soldiers continue to die – even the Commander of the Navy is kissing his bucket – and lately there has been a new development: soldiers going for mental treatment – mental problems. its a big issue – they have set up special clinics on Tusdays (thats the word over here) at St Giles for their guys – the latest guy to go to the ba kava just got sent back from Sinai last week – gone looney.”

    In my Psychology 101 class there was this theory of cognitive dissonance – that people dislike inconsistency and will act to eliminate it. The problem with the soldiers is that they can see the inconsistency – that what they are doing is wrong – so either they justify their actions or stop doing it. They can do neither – and maybe that is one of causes of their problems – working against the best interests of their own people – now, that must feel really bad.

    BTW – this Real Jack is well balanced and he has got his facts right.

  69. taukei Says:

    Good points, Budhau.

    Budhau says: “Hey Taukei, that ain’t very Christian of you to be pushing such ideas in this forum. BTW – if we go look for some quotes from that time period from the British about other peoples, including Fijians, I am sure we can find some real juicy quotes.”

    Many of Jesus’ original teachings are lost. Some were removed from the Gospels. Others were suppressed or kept secret. And those that were included in the Bible were tampered with by editors and copyists.

    Secondly, the HERETICAL doctrines of the Catholic Church (such as the TRINITY) are diametrically opposed to the “Old Testament” and the ancient Israelites.

    TRUE CHRISTIANS worship the one and only FATHER, that ONE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD. In every system of religion, it is accepted that God is the supreme father of all living entities. According to (True) Christianity, the supreme father, God (YHVH), provides the living entities with all of life’s necessities. Therefore we pray:

    “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

  70. Budhau Says:

    Thanks Taukei, however, I don’t give a crap about any organized religion. I was just saying that folks like you who claim to be religious – being a racist does not jive with any religious beliefs – those that were published in the bible and those that was left out or those that are other religions.

    …so the Catholics believe in the Trinity – if that is bad, what about them idol worshipper’s.

    Listen guy – you have the right to believe in whatever you want…as long as you do not interfere with my right to belong to the church of holy donut, or my cousin’s right to pray to the fire hydrant as his god.

    For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever – Allahhuakbar

  71. taukei Says:


    For too long, the Fijian people have suffered from a lack of unity. This has enabled non-Fijians to win elections and non-Fijians to rule over the Fijian people, with disastrous consequences for the Fijians.

    Qarase’s victory in 2006 showed the world what INTRA-FIJIAN UNITY can achieve when they abandon their (self-serving) petty differences, forge unity, and emerge as a united opposition.

    Praise the Lord YHVH! Hallelujah!

  72. taukei Says:

    Calm down Budhau! I don’t give a rat’s ass what you believe in.

    Catholics also worship statues (idols).

    And the reason why I gave us that example is because you said that it “ain’t very Christian” of me “to be pushing such ideas in this forum”.

    I had to clarify to you what it means to be a (true) “Christian”. And it definitely ain’t the current degenerate Cathoholic version!

    And PLEASE do not quote the Lord’s Prayer and then write “Allahhuakbar”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.


    Praise the Lord YHVH! Hallelujah!

  73. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Budhau please don’t quote any of Real Jacks stuff in here. He has decided to paint us all as thieves stealing his writings from FijiExile. He and you thinks he’s balance but I don’t think so when he labels us all as thieves for quoting him and misses the fact that Fiji Exile is a public board and I have not seen anyone quoting him on this board without acknowledging that he wrote it (plagiarism/stealing ideas).

    The other reason why I think he is not balanced is because he still lives in the 19th century and forever quoting voodoo stuff.

    Ooops I think I have just kicked the spear head 🙂 But I believe in the one supreme God YHVH aka as Yahweh, se vakaevei Taukei!!!

  74. taukei Says:

    CALM DOWN Dauvavana: There is no need for name-calling here.

    Just precisely where have my ideas been stolen from, and please provide links.

    And just how in the hell could I steal “ideas” from “Fiji Exile” when I have never even accessed that website!

    Also, God YHVH is not pronounced “Yahweh” – that’s an offense. Do your research GENIUS!

  75. Dauvavana Says:

    Wow Tauikei, tauri iko vakamalua!!!

    I am talking about a blogger called Real Jack not you, go read the Fiji Exile Board, the link is on the right of this page where it says Blog Roll. He claims there that people steal his writings and Bhudau just quoted him again here. Go back to Budhau’s entry on March 18, 2008 at 6:51 am above!!!

    As for being an expert on the bible, I never said I am a genious. Since you’re the expert, enlighten me after all Jesus said go and spread the good news……………Moce Jo!!

  76. taukei Says:

    Sorry about the misunderstanding, Dauvavana! Apologies.

  77. Dauvavana Says:

    Apologies accepted and I am a fan of yours, by the way.

    Real Jack keeps on talking about caqe matenimoto and draunikau etc. You should read his writings because it’s entertaining when you need a good laugh but way off the planet.

  78. John Veikoso Says:

    SR! you’re the man!!! speak in our own lingo all the time, God bless you my man, Natewa once again, use proper lingo here, you sound like a born wrong person!! hope you’re not a illegal offspring of Tevita Vakalalabure the last Guv of Natewa, LONG LIVE IG AND RFMF!!!!

  79. Fiji Silenced Says:

    well.. to digress…

    taukei … hmmm.. to say “yahweh” is an offense? This I did not know. Im not a “genius” either, but it was my understanding that “YHVH” was used due to the fact that the real name of God was too holy utter. Even the Jews today do not utter his name, preferring to call him LORD or Adonai. Id think if we were to presume to have the honor of using “YHVH”.. then why would God mind putting the vowels in for pronouncing his name in our own language. How are you saying it if you arent pronouncing it as “Yahweh”?

    Yeshua doesnt even appear to use YHVH in the NT. Rather he calls him Father, Abba..and tells us to pray likewise. 🙂 Its like why would u call him by this formal name after hes given you direct access to Abba. It’s a gift.

    I think hes more concerned with our hearts than what vowels we use. Vowels would be much easier to worry about tho.. eheheh.. dontcha think?

    And yes he is a righteous God and hearing the prayers of His people.

    Frankie likes to use scripture when it benefits him. He has said those that disagree with him are at odds with the integrity of God. another quote used by frankie: “Remember the words of the Bible in Amos 5:24, ‘Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-falling stream’.” for once i can say, AMEN FRANKIE!!


  80. Tebara Says:

    Jone Veikoso & SR drau vidre volo mada …! nomudrau mentality e vu ga mai nomudrau shoreshore … e lila qai lekaleka .. !!

  81. Richard Graham Says:

    For your information Taukei, the Sunnis and Shi’ites have been fighting each other for a thousand years, and thats nothing to do with the British. Tribal warfare was a fact of life in Africa long before colonisation. And was it not that Fiji had a long history of warfare before the British arrived??

    And as for Ireland, going back over the centuries it has been hell bent on restoring catholicism back into England. Oliver Cromwell went to war in Ireland as a result of their allegiance to the Catholic Royalists in the Civil War in England. You reap what you sow.

    If you want some examples of the way countries have moved on since independence look at the Caribbean. Compare Barbados to Trinidad, the former a healthy non corrupt democracy, with fair elections, a change of Government two months ago, a free press and so on. Down the road you have the land of Chambers and Williams, a country where patronage and corruption prevail. Yet they started with the same legacy post independence.

    To be fair you have a point regarding the introduction of a non ethnic population and whilst I would argue that this was more for economic reasons rather than to divide and rule as you contend, nonetheless there are few examples where integration among different races is working smoothly post colonialism. But thats no different to the time before that, is it?

  82. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana, wrote, “Budhau please don’t quote any of Real Jacks stuff in here. He has decided to paint us all as thieves stealing his writings from FijiExile.”

    Listen dude, I do not go around posting nobody’s writing in here. It was SV that found an interesting piece that Jack had written and had posted it in here – I was only commenting on that piece. Go to the top of this thread and you will see.

    Hey Taukei – so you don’t give a rats ass about what I believe – however, yo u do seem to be concerned about them Catholics and holy trinity thingie – that was my point – you can believe and whatever crap chose, as long you allow the others to believe in their own crap.

    So leave their beliefs alone – you beliefs may be as silly as theirs – or for that matter my beliefs.

  83. ramusu Says:

    @Adi kaila, It sure seems you got a thing for rokoului, its a shame you not getting any, otherwise you would have a different tune to all of this. have a good day

  84. taukei Says:

    Calm down Budhau!

  85. taukei Says:

    Reasons that I do not believe in the doctrine of the trinity:

    I’ll lay out, in brief and necessarily incomplete form, the reasons that I do not believe in the doctrine of the trinity.

    1) The doctrine wasn’t fully developed until the third century. It wasn’t taught by any of the early, first or second generation Christians. Nor does it appear in any text in the Bible, even in an incomplete form. It requires “extracting” from the text things that are clearly not meant by the text.

    2) The doctrine began to take hold in the church at the same time as Platonic philosophers began to assume positions of power within the church and began to write theological statements about the Bible, God and Jesus. This was a logical progression, because the schools of those times all taught Platonic philosophy, so the educated, who would be the most likely to assume positions of leadership within the church, would all have been quite knowledgeable of Platonic philosophy, and their thinking would be heavily influenced by it.

    3) The doctrines of redemption and salvation require that the man who saves mankind come from among us. The second Adam must be like the first. It is not possible for a man to be both man and God at the same time, although this was a common belief of that age. (Men were often thought of as gods.) God is eternal. Man is temporal. To overcome these decidedly opposing facts, the doctrine of the trinity was developed, which states that God exists in three forms. Yet Jesus had a beginning and an end. If God is eternal, then of necessity, Jesus must also be eternal. Yet he must be born. So they say that he existed “in another form” (as Wisdom, for example.) But this negates the obvious. That God planted a seed in Mary which came to term in nine months and became a living, breathing human being. If Jesus Christ was perfect and eternal, then his sacrifice means nothing, for he was not really dead after all, and his sinless nature means nothing for God cannot sin. Therefore his entire life and death are meaningless, but this denies the central theme of the entire Bible – that man sinned, and that from God, through man, would come redemption.

    4) The trinity makes no logical sense at all, nor can its tenets be reconciled with each other. Every argument I’ve ever seen to “prove” the trinity is a logical pretzel that cannot be unraveled.

    I think that’s enough, for now.

  86. horehore Says:

    Taukei, you just blabbering shit, no one gives a flyingfuck what you think. lako mada lei gunu dudu mada, tolo.

  87. taukei Says:

    horehore, control yourself and keep your opinion to yourself, dude.

    Truth does hurt, I know.

  88. Fiji Silenced Says:

    Au sa oca na wili blog

  89. Tebara Says:

    FYI I had a wonderful trip to QEB and now Im a strong supporter of the Interim Govt and I support Frank 110%……… God bless fiji

  90. taukei Says:

    Fiji Silenced Says: “taukei … hmmm.. to say “yahweh” is an offense? This I did not know”

    Dawid Ray ( in his scholarly study about the Name of the Creator & His Son, ‘The False Name and Mystery Babylon Begotten through the Pen of Deceitful ‘Scribes – the True Name is the Key of Knowledge makes the case for Yahuwah, stating that the ‘wah’ ending is feminine.

    I believe he definitely refutes the study by Gerard Gertoux (a French Hebrew scholar, I believe a Catholic scholar) stating that he name is Y.eH.oW.aH, Which is Pronounced as it is Written, I_Eh_oU_Ah.

    Dawid shows that the ‘Yeho’ beginning of the name as going back to the Masoretes and their vowel use of ‘eoa’ where as the Paleo Hebrew (which was the ‘Biblical Hebrew’ of the Old Testament, at least until the Babylonian captivity, which is about the time that the Talmudism came into being after the carrying away into Babylon.) and the even more Ancient Hebrew used a-u-a for the construct of words, being the proper sequence of vowels in a word.

    “Therefore four consonantical letters YHWH can not yield a two syllable word properly, but it can and must yield to a three syllable word….”

    It is an excellent study, showing all 3 Hebrew Aleph-bet’s , Ancient, Paleo, and modern square or Aramaic Hebrew, and is a thorough study, which can be read on line at or ordered direct from him. I can Not summarize it in a few sentences.

  91. taukei Says:

    You’re an enemy of the Taukei, Tebara.

  92. taukei Says:

    Tebara Says: “FYI I had a wonderful trip to QEB and now Im a strong supporter of the Interim Govt and I support Frank 110%……… God bless fiji”

    A “wonderful trip” Tebara? Hmmmmm.

    Did they give you a box of candy, dear? Did Bananasmamas and Chodo perform a strip tease?

    We certainly don’t envy you, dear.

    Pity that the economy is not running so wonderfully. Pity that these morons are not wonderful people. Pity that the people do not have such a wonderful opinion of these jerks.

    You’re now officially an enemy of the people!

  93. Qarauna Says:

    My brother Taukei
    I can also lay out in brief here the reasons why I do believe in the Trinity. But I would think that this blog is not the place for religious debates like this. So I’ll not fall for the temptation, but just to say that it seems that you are trying to convince yourself here about that doctrine.
    So bro, go and take a deep breath, then open your Bible and read it from Genesis to Revelation, then tell me you still believe in no trinity.
    Until you can tell me you have done so, I and many others on this blog will remain unconvinced about your anti-trinitarianism.

  94. taukei Says:

    we the fijian people arent at all crazy, we know what we want and what we want is a smart person like bainimarama to lead us forward, i think the military council has enough brainpower to steer this nation forward and bring us back to normalcy its people like Adi kaila and all her nonsense that is keeping us down, yes we all want a good life, and if you you no hopers can just shut up for one day and let the country move forward we would be better off than we’ve aver been. God bless the interim governmnet and god bless fiji. alleluia!!!!!!!!

  95. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Bhudhau, you’re a moron just like the Pig living in denila and not evening know what you’ve just said five minutes ago etc. You said SV quoted Real Jack. hey no one can argue with that but then you said you did not go around posting nobody’s writing in here.

    Read this slowly so you can understand:

    1. Put your finger on the mouse;
    2. Use the scroll button and scroll up to your posting on this article on this time and date:

    March 18, 2008 at 6:51 am

    3. Now read it very slowlly over and over again until you undertood what you wrote. For you pea brain, it may take about 100 times. Remember how your class two teacher use to make you repeat your two times table over and over again every morning before recess.

    4. Once you’ve figure that one out come back and apologise to me because I am your Master, not the Vore. 😉

  96. taukei Says:

    This will be my LAST post on religious matters:

    Qarauna: take a deep breath, then open your Bible and read it from Genesis to Revelation, then tell me you still believe in no UNITY.

    God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is ONE, ONE PERSON (DEUT. 6:4), not two, three, three thousand, three million, etc.

    The “Son of God” is NOT God: The Son, the Firstborn, is NOT equal to the Personality of Godhead, who is ONE WITHOUT A SECOND AND WITHOUT EQUAL.

    And the Spirit is God Himself, NOT some “third person of the Trinity”.

    God is the Supreme Spirit.

    *Always remember this: The TRINITY is a FALSE DOCTRINE and a GRAVE HERESY and is fundamentally opposed to the real values of the Scriptures.



  97. taukei Says:

    This is NOT me, folks:

    “taukei Says: we the fijian people arent at all crazy, we know what we want and what we want is a smart person like bainimarama to lead us forward, i think the military council has enough brainpower to steer this nation forward and bring us back to normalcy its people like Adi kaila and all her nonsense that is keeping us down, yes we all want a good life, and if you you no hopers can just shut up for one day and let the country move forward we would be better off than we’ve aver been. God bless the interim governmnet and god bless fiji. alleluia!!!!!!!!”

    This is some degenerate Bananamamas-Chodo supporter.

  98. Tebara Says:

    Ohhhh mahnnnn … why would I wanna take my azz up to QEB …ra vicaii …!! LOL ..LOL … Im laughing my head out hia …that was blerry hilarious …. bahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Whoever posted that entry .. U wish … dou masi polo ga valevu ….we dont want to enlighten your miserable days in QEB by exciting all you gun holders with our glamorous appearance ..IA IA IA … dream on boys … and when you do decide to stand up for the good of the nation instead of the dictator .. We are here in UNITY ….

    Sa rauti keitou ga na losea na pauta tiko vei ratou neitou turaga naita fighting for a better tommorrow…!

  99. Tebara Says:

    should read …. * lose na yaqona ..pauta taki


  100. lauan boy Says:

    Roko ului is a ‘spoilt brat’. mara boy is worse.

    diff. one is a coward hiding behind guards & guns….the other a spoilt child wantin to be RAMBO. mara boy …. luveni boci. u r deep in this shit like everyone else in the military.

    na liumuri is rife in the military….infact the military is divided into more than 3 factions. each wantin to push their own leader.

    like i always say: u soldiers started this mess … u will have to clean it up. the ppl do not give a shit if u stage another mutiny.

    totolo…cava dou waraka tiko….dou veivana mada. yrs after this crisis pass….infor will come that Frank like chodo has bank accts stacked with mills. overseas rec’ing regular deposits.

    dou yadra na sotia….dou veicai….dou cakava nomudou job….sa rauta na blowjob taki FB, Driti, Ului, se sona. dou vakamatei iratou. ni yavu boci.

  101. Seini Says:

    Nobody should be fooled by SR. His aim is just to flush out the identities of bloggers so that his green goon buddies can pay a visit. (He also abuses the Fijian language with his spelling and punctuation.)

    If you don’t mind me saying so, I think some of the exchanges here are a bit inward looking. We should not forget the other communities who are suffering under the illegal government. Qarase should be restored (with the multiparty cabinet) because that’s the law. It doesn’t matter whether there are other Fijians who could lead. Qarase was elected according to the constitution that protects us all. If the majority of the Indo-Fijian community did not see it that way in December 2006 they are coming round to that way of thinking as they see the economy in ruins and roads, schools, hospitals and water supply falling apart in from of them.

    Keep blogging people and don’t be distracted by stooges like SR.

  102. Budhau Says:

    Taukei wrote, “Reasons that I do not believe in the doctrine of the trinity:”

    Hey Taukei, haven’t I told you before, the I do not give a rats ass what you believe in. The point was that you can believe or not believe in whatever you choose, those Catholics can believe in what they choose, you have no right to criticize their beliefs.

    Come on you idiot – don’t you realize that anyone who does no have the same faith as you probably thinks that you beliefs are as screwed up as the next guys.

    and on a serious note ..These things should be between you and your God. Its personal.

    Dauvavana – lets see who the pea brain is.
    Youw wrote, “Budhau please don’t quote any of Real Jacks stuff in here.” Now this is quote – how about you go find and post in here what you are accusing me of post – Quotes for Real Jack.

    Here is what SV posted, “An interesting number of claims from Real Jack at the Fiji Board Exiles! For your blog comments and review.”

    So who is “stealing” stuff from the other board that that Jack dude is supposedly complaining about.

    I did say that if you are going to post stuff from the Jack guy, then do not be selective.

    Oh and by the way, I do think Real Jack is a sharp guy – unlike you Dauvavana

  103. timat Says:

    tevita mara uluilakeba is the bigger arsehole of the two…this fucking thing should be a bygone by now if his arse was tight enough…all scums

  104. roko roqima Says:

    l think roko ului needs to play his cards right!!he should remember his sister adi koila is married to the new high chief nailatikau!!, its interesting on the motive did his father, the late ratu kamisese mara had at the time for this marriage!!..dont forget that old saying[vere vaka bau]..

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