Does the Pig have an inferiority complex or is he just a coward?

If the media report on the withdrawal of the interim Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, from attending a meeting of the political leaders in the country with the Commonwealth Secretariat’s representative, Sir Paul Reeves, is true then the signs coming from government is that they do not want any dialogue at all and that they will dictate what they want done through the much-publicised charter.

For some reason, Bainimarama is afraid to meet people face to face to discuss things openly.

If for some remote reason this is due to inferiority complex then he must try and address this problem he has.

How can the country move forward when the interim PM avoids frank discussion with the representatives of different interest groups?

It becomes more clearer every time this happens that he is not prepared to seriously consider the “other” view and prefers to push his own agenda whatever the consequence.

The 2009 General Elections, I fear, has even lesser chance to eventuate and the country is in for a hard slog given the deteriorating economy of the country.

Praveen Dass

From the Letters to the Editor Column of the Fiji Times 13/3/08. And then we have this closing from Mr Qarase’s lawyer, Nye Perram:

He said what was necessary for the court to determine was what was in the mind of Voreqe Bainimarama on December 5 when he acted as President, acting President and later interim prime minister.

Mr Perram said only Commodore Bainimarama was in power following the events of December 5 and knew what had been going on in government since the takeover. He said there was no way the court could avoid calling Commodore Bainimarama to explain the doctrine of necessity which State lawyers were using to defend the actions of the commander.” Bainimarama had control and bureaucracy of the country as well as the FMF since December 5, 2006 and he is the only one that can explain why it was necessary to takeover power from an elected government,” says Mr Perram.

Well guess what? Bainimarama was no where to be seen near that court trial, even though it was a challenge against his actions of 5/12/06 and 5/1/07.

Why did Bainimarama declined to be cross examined by the lawyers from both sides?

Isn’t he man enough like Laisenia Qarase to be cross examined?

Is he a coward?

Does he have an inferiority complex that will raise its ugly head when cross examined by QCs’?

Does he have a dysfunctional mind that causes a brain explosion from within when cornered like a sewer rat?

We can only wonder and debate about it till the (sic) cows come home until the Pig finally goes off the cuff on a grilling session either in litigation or up front with a bunch of journalists.


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  1. Dauvavana Says:

    Sa ratou teri tamata rerere na Turaga ni Natena bahahahahahha

    Ia oqo e ra sa lai kila sara na dosi ni Serene kei na kaivalagi.

    Ia e na tiko beka e so na exceptions to the rule.

    What say you Naita Island Boy???

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The answers to your questions are:-

    Why did Bainimarama declined to be cross examined by the lawyers from both sides?


    Isn’t he man enough like Laisenia Qarase to be cross examined?


    Is he a coward?


    Does he have an inferiority complex that will raise its ugly head when cross examined by QCs’?


    Does he have a dysfunctional mind that causes a brain explosion from within when cornered like a sewer rat?


  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Imagine how bananasinpyjamas would have coped with a few questions like:-

    “Answer yes or no! Have you stopped beating civilians?”

    “Answer yes or no! Have you stopped stealing from the military welfare fund?”

    “Answer yes or no! Have you stopped receiving money from chaudhry the cheat?”

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    well it’s as clear as the view to Nukulau that the pigsters arsehole is flapping in the wind. All that hot air inside of him has loosened his sphincter muscles.

    Tu na da.

    The stench of treason, murder, theft, lies and fear emanating from the flatulent pigster is unlike anything on this earth.

    Look if this idiot took the stand it would bring the whole ig to it’s collective knees. There is no way aiyarse, gates the fugly fairy, or anyone else in the ig will let him appear because they want to stay on this lucrative gravy train for as long as they possibly can.

    Perram has to subpoena him.

  5. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Right on target again SV and bloggers, the IG knew very well the unstableness of the person and how unreliable he is when left to his own thing, he might spill the bean.

    He has so far been covered by well written & rehearsed speech….but we all know what will happen when he is questioned in isolation with no one to guide, coach or answer for him.

    From this alone we know for sure he does things without any thoughts of the consequence of his actions. He has been used to someone doing the thinking for him since he joined the Navy & then the Army.

  6. Tim Says:

    🙂 @ Aidi K!
    He should have taken that role in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life and exploded. Or maybe Teleni would have been better suited.

  7. woilei Says:

    haha Tim ROFL. Can u find a YOUTUBE clip on this part ? It is sooooooooooo apt !!! LOL

  8. Leve davo Says:

    We juust do not knpw where are they going? Confusion,. confusion….

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    This is a short week – holiday tomorrow then Easter, so we have only 3 Business days to work.

    Keep your eyes open & ears listening – to everyone – you just never know what may come in useful for us to discuss & disseminate.

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Naita, au saka na boto ni tuitui ni kai Rewa. Nodratou qai mai na tukaqu mai Verata, keitou se tiko la qo. Au na segai ni douvaki kemudou na noqu naita. Ni dau march la mai o FB, all white tu mai, sa totoka vakaoti.

    Sigai beka ni via qai na bose de lai medre na yamena. Au rogoca ga ni dua toka na dua okoya. Ka ni taukei ni uciwai levu, ke sa dau leka na nona i kara, qai nai voce. Dodonu moni kila na mata ni meke oya.

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    Hi Folks – I wanted to post a general digression request but Naita Dauvavana got the better of me.

    Does anybody working in the Ministry of Finance have a copy of the circular sent to all ministries limiting daily ministerial expenditures across the board to $20,000 per day. And even that is subject to approval depending on IGs cash flow situation on any given day. If so, could you scan and copy here with SV Editors OK?

    How do you think they are meeting salaries come treasury payday for civil servants. $20,000 limit subject to approval sound very drastic to me. They must be running on fumes.

    I also heard they have re-opened taxi permit sale approvals etc., just anything to make some cash.

    How can FB still think MPC is a good Finance Minister and it really pisses me off they can go and hire expensive consultants with our tax dollars when there is no money in our coffers.

    Bythe way does anyone know what MPC’s academic qualifications are, Universities and degrees etc?

  12. taukei Says:

    This Catholic faggot is TERMINALLY ILL…he belongs in a mental institution.

  13. Kai Veikau Says:

    Na i vakamacala ga solia vei keimami dua na noda sotia vakaitutu levu ena noda Mataivalu ni Viti baleti Bainimarama e vaka koto oqo [kerea mo ni vosota na kena vosa rogoca] : ” o koya e tamata ulukau !!”….

  14. taukei Says:


    The Methodist church is the oldest and most powerful Christian church in Fiji.

    About 80 percent of Fijians are Methodists (Saumaiwai 1994:94).

    The Methodist Church is vehemently opposed to this anti-Fijian and anti-White “government”.

    Not surprisingly, the Catholic Church lends full support to this ongoing destruction of Fijian land, people, culture, and economy.

    Bananarama is a Catholic, and Arsebishop Petero Mataca is co-chairman of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

    A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots!

  15. Fiji For Ever!!!!! Says:

    Lawyer receives threat, fears for life
    16 MAR 2008

    A lawyer representing Fiji businessman Ballu Khan now fears for his safety after reportedly receiving a threatening call from the military this week.

    Khan is charged with conspiracy to kill Fiji’s interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, and other Cabinet ministers.

    His Fiji lawyer, Graham Leung, told Radio New Zealand he received a threatening phone call from the military this week about an article he was writing for the Fiji Times, which criticises the Government.

    When contacted by Fijilive Leung said he was in a meeting and could not comment at this stage.

    “I’ve got people around me and I can’t talk,” he said.

    Commodore Bainimarama said he could not comment on the matter.

    However, New Zealand lawyer Peter Williams, QC, who also represents Khan, said he is worried for Leung, given the number of shocking incidents in which people have died or been beaten while in custody.

    Williams reportedly told Radio New Zealand he would hate for anything to happen to Leung.

    He added there is definitely the potential for violence, “as there seems to be a lack of control and restraint in Fiji at present”.


  16. natewaprince Says:

    Does the pig have an inferiority complex???? O f course he has.He also has an IQ of a cockeroach and the morals of rutting pig.

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    That’s easy. Pig is a COWARD. His lawyers know that he is also STUPID, so they won’t let him take the stand.

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    E sa ulukau mada, qai taqa tu yani e cake na viavialevu.

  19. Toni Says:

    Just as he carried out the coup to save his skin from treason charges that Commissioner of Police Andrew Hughes announced he was preparing, vore will open himself to liability if he admits or discusses WHAT happened on 5/12/06 and in the lead up (especially to the court, under oath). Add to that his stupidity, temper and NO WAY was mccoy going to call him to the stand.

    Qarase had the courage and certainty of his position to take the stand – he TOOK THE RISK that the IG will try to use what he said on the stand for their treason investigation (for inviting foreign invasion) but likely that what Qarase said on the witness stand is what he already told Police when they visited him on Vanua Balavu: that his government HAD NOT started the formal legal requirement to INVITE foreign assistance (National Security council and Cabinet approval), but that his conversations with PM Clarke and PM Howard was an ENQUIRY not an INVITATION.

    Try as he might, Mccoy COULD NOT get QARASE to agree that the SDL government had INVITED military intervention – and the IG and its lawyers have no proof of that – no NSC or Cabinet resolution, no letter from Qarase to Clarke/Howard, NO PROOF. As if Clarke/Howard would accept a VERBAL invitation. Not like idiot vore and his piggies at rfmf
    – they accepted verbal proof (rumours and hate mongering by losers) of “widespread corruption” that required the rfmf to INTERVENE — tamani DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR rau!!!
    – they didnt finish school and dont have the reasoning power/training to separate rumour from FACT and are ill equiped to separate their own feelings for Qarase, their hunger for power – I mean they got bulldozed by a fool like aiyarse that this was legal, what more can one add to that??? and right at the top of the dung heap at rfmf is vore – he is where the buck stops for this misadventure by the rfmf
    – but vore shows his fundamental unfitness to lead – he can’t man the fuck up and defend his actions… so much repeating the litany that 5/12 is not illegal until the court says so – he has not gone to the court to help them decide – instead, his lawyers tell the court that jo mirror has some kind of supercalafragalistic POWER that places his actions ABOVE the court. Wasnt this clean up about making sure everyone is under the law and ACCOUNTABLE? but that only applies to some people some of the time.

    Perram has rightly told the court to exercise its discretion and make a negative inference from the fact that vore, aiyarse and the rest of the IG will not come to court to be cross examined on the 26 affidavits they filed Whether they do so is another question, but as JDA said earlier, Perram has neatly tied up ALL the IG legal arguments starting with justiciability, and mccoys attempt to two-step him by not pleading necessity and acquiesence, the only recognised legal defences to the events of 5/12.

    Vore is now trussed up tighter than a turkey and the red bow on that turkey is what Perram said about mccoy and his legal team being bound now by that emphatic decision he announced not to use those legal defences – and further, by not calling any witnesses, how will they prove to the court that the doctrines of necessity and acquiscence apply??

  20. little bird Says:

    Sega tale ni qai tarogi na nona inferior complex….IT IS WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT!! Block head to the max, does not understand 99.99% of anything he reads. If he stands trial it will be sheer embarassment to the state lawyers let alone LOOSING the trial. Dua tani na line of questions during cross examinations, dua tani na kena i sau ni taro because he does not even understand the question at the outset.

  21. taukei Says:

    Elections are very very costly and the SDL under Qarase would win anyway.

    He won the 2006 general election, and would win VERY COMFORTABLY “next time we have elections”.

    Fijians sympathize with Qarase and want to see him back as leader of the country.

    Qarase won the elections in May 2006 and was ousted in December 2006!

    First and foremost, reinstate Qarase and his government and let him complete the rest of his term. Then hold another election!

    I have been told that Commondork Beavis Bananasmamas offered to reinstate Butt-Head Chodo after the 2000 Coup – big-egoed Chodo of course refused, underestimating FIJIAN UNITY (achieved under the leadership of Qarase/SDL) and falsely thinking that he would again win and get re-elected!

  22. taukei Says:


    Naturally, any conqueror is going to play one group against another.

    Invaders quite typically use collaborators to run things for them. They very naturally play upon any existing rivalries and hostilities to get one group to work for them against others.

    The British employed “Divide and Rule” in British India as a means of preventing an uprising against the Raj. The partition of India is often attributed to these policies.

    In his historical survey Constantine’s Sword, James P. Carroll writes,

    “Typically, imperial powers depend on the inability of oppressed local populations to muster a unified resistance, and the most successful occupiers are skilled at exploiting the differences among the occupied. Certainly that was the story of the British Empire’s success, and its legacy of nurtured local hatreds can be seen wherever the Union Flag flew, from Muslim-Hindu hatred in Pakistan and India, to Catholic-Protestant hatred in Ireland, to, yes, Jew-Arab, hatred in modern Israel. [Ancient] Rome was as good at encouraging internecine resentments among the occupied as Britain ever was.”

    Divide and conquer was 19th and early 20th century colonialism’s single most successful tactic of domination. It was also a disaster, one which still echoes in civil wars and regional tensions across the globe.

    Sometimes populations were splintered by religions. Sometimes societies were divided by tribes. Sometimes, foreign ethnic groups were imported and used as a buffer between the colonial authorities and the colonized.

    Divide and conquer fails in the long run, but only after it inflicts stupendous damage, engendering hatreds that still convulse countries like Nigeria, India and Ireland. In the end it will fail to serve even the interests of the power that uses it.

  23. sinukala Says:

    So much for the much publicised investigations. Maybe this is how the bottom feeders piggie and snake thought to lockup their enemies and critics. Any word on the authors of the fiji times articles that the goons hacked last week?


    FBCL News:
    A police investigation of alleged inciting comments by certain individuals including Namosi’s paramount chief Ratu Suliano Matanitobua is continuing. Police Commissioner Esala Teleni says he expects the investigation to be completed in the next few days. “I know investigations are still ongoing, some of the investigations into some statements are being shelved because there’s no criminal element in it. “If there are some criminal elements in it, then it will be referred to the office of the DPP who will then advise us on what steps to take,” he added. Most of the comments came in reply to the appointment of Interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama as chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs.



    The Tui Namosi said today that “the Interim Government’s amateur and ill-informed interference in the Matanitu i Taukei or Fijan Administration is an abuse of the indigenous Fijians’ customs and tradition”

    “Why has he appointed himself as Chairman of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga?”

    “Did he not say after he unlawfully removed the elected Government that no military officer will benefit from the takeover?”

    “The recent move whereby he has appointed himself as Chairman of this august body is a show of arrogance and an attempt to intimidate the Chiefs and Fijians.

    Voreqe Bainimarama has again “unjustly enriched himself”. This is hypocritical.

    “The plot is clear: this coup is all about dismantling the Fijian chiefly system, customs, traditions and their institutions”.

    “In trying to exclude certain chiefs, Voreqe, his advisors and their legal draftsman have produced regulations that are unworkable, contradictory and ineffective.”

    “When will he realize that the impact of what he has been pressured by others to do, will result in the total disintegration of the Fijian race?”

    “The GCC members have since 1999 decided to be independent of Government and to appoint their own Chairperson.”

    “Why has he taken the august forum backwards by 9 years? Over the last nine years, the GCC have elected their own Chairperson, a full time position who coordinates the implementation of the Chief’s resolutions and the reform of the Matanitu i Taukei.”

    “The GCC Chairman is the Chief’s direct link to the elected Government through the Minister for Fijian Affairs. The Chairman also guarded the political independence of the GCC.”

    “Bainimarama has been harping about removing “politics” from the GCC. When in fact appointing himself Chairman clearly shows that he is “political”? It is clear that he and the RFMF want to impose their political agenda on the GCC.”

    “The importance of the GCC and its role in national affairs does not need to be endorsed through a Cabinet Minister chairing the Council. In fact the insertion of a Cabinet Minister into the GCC smacks of political opportunism and interference and is an attempt to control and massage the GCC into following the army commander’s political agenda.”

    “The importance of the GCC has always been there in Fijis history, despite that he had unilaterally decided to terminate the entire membership of the Council”

    “The new criteria for GCC membership is full of flaws. Under the criteria I cannot be a member because I am a member of Parliament. Why should I not be, when my forebears have always been members of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga. Chiefs cannot be separated from Politics, Chiefs make decisions for the good welfare of their people and the Vanua.”

    “This is a short-sighted attempt to stack the GCC with RFMF cronies.”

    “In my province, there is only one Turaga i Taukei, and that is the Tui Namosi, there is no one else. If I do not go in, where will they get the three members from? I also wonder if the advisors and legal drafters understand what a Turaga i Taukei is”

    “There could be other Provinces in the same situation as Namosi and they cannot make up the three members under their so called criteria of members. It is even worse for those provinces where the Turaga i Taukei have not been traditionally installed due to delay or title dispute.”

    “The membership criteria also prevents Provinces from putting forward their “best and brightest” into the GCC – those who are professionally qualified but are not Turaga i Taukei.”

    “Why should he approve the membership of the GCC? Let the representatives of the people, that is, the Provincial Council appoint their representatives in the GCC. The Provincial Councils know best.”

    “I urge Voreqe to stop listening to the advice of those like the Interim Attorney General who want to control the GCC to carry out their political agenda. The Constitution provides for the independence of the GCC for a very good reason.”

    “Who is Voreqe, the leader of the army, to dictate the direction and the decisions of the GCC with the army’s political agenda? Voreqe is not a Turaga i Taukei. But he is a public officer.”

    “The new GCC regulations are contradictory: rules on public officers, bankruptcy, sound mind and traditional installation do not apply to Voreqe or his 6 appointees.”

    “I sincerely hope that Voreqe and his advisors will consider the practical difficulties that will be brought about by this ill-considered move.”

    “The Fijian people are outraged at the ill-informed tampering that is aimed at disempowering them and their leaders. However I urge calm and I call on the Interim Government to engage in dialogue and consultation. Our last resort is to challenge the legality of these regulations in court because Voreqe is not appointed under the Constitution to be Minister for Fijian Affairs.”

    “In my view, yes, there is room for reform, and the GCC at the apex of the Matanitu i Taukei has been spearheading reform in the Fijian Administration.”

    “But such reform should only happen with the full consultation and approval of the BLV itself, the chiefs and the people of Fiji, facilitated by a duly elected government. This is because an interim regime’s priority is a caretaker role, to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy.”

  24. taukei Says:



    Commondork Beavis Bananasmamas & Butt-Head Chodo

    DICTATOR BEAVIS BANANASMAMAS says that he has no opposition because he is unelected: “no one can oppose us as we were unelected.” (FT 24/2) BEAVIS BANANASMAMAS says the interim government has the full backing of the army.

    Democracy depends on the rule of LAW.

    Democracy implies MAJORITY rule.

    One of the few American Presidents respected worldwide, Abraham Lincoln, defined democracy as a form of government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people in his famous Gettysburg Address, 1863.

    One thing is certain: our current system excludes the people from any meaningful involvement in governance.

    To a very great extent, non-Fijians rule over the Fijian people, with disastrous consequences for the Fijians.

    The BEAVIS BANANASMAMAS & BUTT-HEAD CHOD “government” is a ‘state against its people’:

    Our longest period of democracy and stability will come when the Fiji Military is totally demilitarized

    Fiji’s commitment to peace and stability will begin when it abolishes its army.

  25. Leve davo Says:


    Maybe you will need a separate posting for this latest news from FIRCA. Close sources say that the FIJI WATER CASE has come to a standstill after some Customs staff involved in the case have refused to sign affidavits. It is said that the two con-consultants from NZ, Mr Scott and a Mr Kubb’s have tried their best to pin Fiji Water but the case has turned sour and the US company is turning around to sue FIRCA for the biggest blunder they had created..

    The IG should realise that these two consultants are just here to make money and exit silently to NZ. Since Mr Scott has been with FIRCA, all the self created projects that he had ventured into has all failed. Before he is being sent back to NZ he and Mr Kubbs should be charged for misleading the Minister of Finance with all his bullsit advise.

    The military council should look closely at this two gentlemens operation in Fiji. Look at their work history, their achievements and current standing as a NZ citizen. Our source also reveal that Mr Scott is bulldozing his way throughout FIRCA and even their CEO cannot control him since he is very close to the MOF. He needs to be stopped from defrauding our ailing coffers and taken to task for all the mess he has created.

  26. Tim Says:

    Taukei: Franks says ” ya jus dun unnna Stan. Your democracy is not my democracy, and I know better cos I been told so”

    Democracy is also about REPRESENTATION and SELF-DETERMINATION.

    Neither are possible under an autocratic regime, OR by “leaders” (and that should read “elected REPRESENTATIVES”) with paternalistic, self-interested and egotistical agendas.

  27. FijiGirl Says:

    In response to Adi Kaila’s earlier posting with the lyrics to “You Raise Me Up”, here is another good protest song, albeit one that is a little less spiritual and alot more Rock N Roll.

    We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister version)
    Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    We’ve Got The Right To Choose And
    There Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
    This Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
    We’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
    Don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
    You Don’t own Us, You Don’t Belong

    Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    You’re So Condescending
    Your Gall Is Never Ending
    We Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
    Your Life Is Trite And Jaded
    Boring And Confiscated
    If That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do

    We’re Right/yeah
    We’re Free/yeah
    We’ll Fight/yeah
    You’ll See/yeah

    Oh, we’re Not Gonna Take It
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    No Way!

    We’re Right/yeah
    We’re Free/yeah
    We’ll Fight/yeah
    You’ll See/yeah

    We’re Not Gonna Take It
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    Just You Try And Make Us
    We’re Not Gonna Take It
    Come On
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    You’re All Worthless And Weak
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    Now Drop And Give Me Twenty
    We’re Not Gonna Take It
    Oh Crinch Pin
    No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    Oh You And Your Uniform
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    Please all you radio DJs out there put this song (and “You Raise Me Up”) on your play lists.

    People – sing along in a show of peaceful protest. Sing out loud to show your support for democracy and rejection of the junta!

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve been pretty restrained today , but just had to throw this one in !

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    Is this Frankenstein in yet another of his roles as leader ?

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    Couch potatoe

  31. missy Says:

    News Flash – Did you know that MC is actually the Coup Financier? He paid FB, IARSE, SHAMMEEM, all these suckers to get him back in…..FB is not the PM..MC is the real PM under cover.. He is Finance minister – what business has he with the land issues? You see? He has this plan to bring all his friends in India to come into FIJI..Bankers, Real Estate people, Farmers, Doctors, Industry Peple etc .. HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED, HE HAS THAT PLAN AND HE IS QUICKLY GETTING IT DONE. HE IS TRYING TO CON THE FIJIANS INTO GIVING UP THEIR NATIVE LAND BY GIVING SMALL LOANS THRU FDB. KNOWING FULL WELL THAT MOST OF THEM WILL FAIL AT BUSINESS, HE GRABS THE LAND WHEN THE BANK SEIZES THE LAND FOR NON PAYMENT OF LOAN….BOY !

  32. Kai Veikau Says:

    O Chaudhry e sa lai lumuti oti mai Idia vei ira na nodra Kalou Vu kei ira na Tukana mai Idia ena yabaki 2000 me baleta na nodra sasaga raraba ni “sugu vanua” ka ra tosoya tiko mai na Idia e vuravura taucoko ena nodra i Soqosoqo cokovata na GOPIO [[Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin].
    E dua tiko na takete ni nodra i lakolako e baleta na kena mai tauri ka kaliraki laivi mai ligada na i Taukei na noda Vanua o Viti. E dodonu me da kila,vakabauta ka ciqoma na dina oqo o keda.

    Era na beitaka ni da veivakaduiduitaki vakatamata na mataqali vakasama oqo. Ia qo e sa dau nodra i ulubale voli ga me rawa ni ra vuni tiko kina.[Sa mai vakayagataka tale tikoga vakalevu o Bainimarama na vosa vata qo ena gauna oqo. Rairai e se sega tiko ni raica rawa na dina ni lomadra na idia baleta talega na veika era sa vakani koya lo tiko kina ena gauna qo.!!.

    Raica ga na vakatutu ka vakayacora o koya sa mai Vu ni lawa toka qo [Airyase] ena nona thesis mai Hong Kong ena 2002 kei Dr Khan me baleta na kena tauri vakaukauwa ni noda kele na i Taukei. O Dr Ganesh Chand a kaya mai Labasa ena dua na bose ya -[” the tiller of the land should be the owner of the land”]
    Era vakayacora mai na cakacaka ni sugu vanua qo mai na veivanua eso.Tauri Mauritius mada – era sa mai lewa ka cicivaka tu ni kua ka sa rauta ni 63% tu na kedrai wiliwili ena vanua oya ni kua].
    O Viti e sega ni vakuwai kina..Sa tu rawa na nodra rawata na bisinisi kei na Vuli[raica na Milioni na dola ka qai sova walega qo ena yabaki sa oti o Voreqe kei Chaudhry kina University of Fiji!. [E se sega tu mada ga ni se bau vakalawa taki tu na Univesiti oya!]. Ni oti ga nodra taura na qele era sa na kau sara mai vakayauyau me da sa na mai okati vaka minority o keda ka me ra sa na qai lewai keda tu yani vakadua.E ka dina taucoko na veika o ni vakaraitaka toka qori e cake.

    E sa qai mai taucoko sara na nodra sasaga ena nodra sa mai voli Bainimarama kei ira na noda Sotia ka me sa na qai mai vakusakusataki kina na kena vakavotukanataki ni nodra sasaga.

    E dua na tikina e dodonu me da kila talega oya ni ra cakacakataka tiko na sasaga oqo vata kei na nodra qarava vakayalo tiko na na nodra vei kalou eso me vakataki Kali kei Shiva [Spirits of mutiliation and takeover] .

    Oqo e sota vinaka kei na yalo ni takeover [coup spirit] sa tiko rawa yani vei Bainimarama kei ira nona i lawalawa ka dredre tiko kina me da basuka ni kua. E sega ni dakai e da tao tu mkina qo. E vaka me da vakamoceri tu ga ka sega ni da kauwaitaka ka da vakawelei ena na nodra sa na vakarau taura na noda Vanua kei na veika kece baleti keda .

    E sega kina ni rawarawa na noda i valu na Taukei kei Viti ni sa vaka tu oqo nodra sa cuva tu na noda Sotia vei nodra Kalou na Hindu o Kali kei Shiva….

    Me da sa masulaka vakaukauwa na kena basuraki sobu na noda veiyasana vakalomalagi ka ra sa mai vakoro koto kina qo oira na i lala kalou vu qo ka ra sa ubi keda tu kina ena noda vanua.

    E sa mai dredre na noda raica na Taukei kei Viti na dina qo baleta ni sa rui levu tale tu ga na noda qaravi Kalou Vu ka ra veiwekani tu ga kei na nodra Kalou o ira qo.[Tauri Degei kei na nodra “Snake God” o ira me dua ga na i vakaraitaki].
    Na veika sa mai bikai keda qo e dua ga na ka e dusia. O keda na i Taukei me da sa qaravi Jiova na noda Kalou duadua ga kei na Turaga ko Jisu na noda i Vakabula. Na levu ni noda talaidredre eda sa mai totogitaki kina ka na rawa ni kau tani kina vei keda na veika kece e noda i votavota mai vua na noda Kalou.
    Oqo na noda i valu vakayalo ka vakatarai tu kina me da lako curuma na dredre oqo. Me da duavata me da valuti ira na veiyalo cala ena noda veiyasana vakalomalagi [Efeso 6:11-12]ka me da sereki vata kei na noda i votavota ka solia vei keda na noda Kalou dina!!.

  33. FijiGirl Says:

    Missy – Thanks for your ‘news flash’ but its old news. Chodo is being backed by big pockets in his native India.

    Of course he’s bought off Vore, the same way he bought off the Tui Ba (no disrespect to people of that Confederacy, but the only positive stuff TB had to say about Chodo was how much of his stuff Chodo had financed, like his bure – no wonder the snake has no respect for ancient chiefly lines) and he is probably trying to buy off the Maras and Ganilaus and anyone else who can help him in his plans.

    The guy wants power. His backers want our land, forest resources, minerals and whatever precious metals are left. India I am sure would love to have a little colony of its own, given its own colonial past with the Brits. Its an old, old game.

    But we can’t let them win in our piece of paradise. Fiji for the Taukei. Remember the words of Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, “The People and the Land are One.”

    (Singing – We’re Not Gonna Take It, No, we ain’t gonna take it etc)

  34. Raude Qalulu Says:

    Kai Veikau sa yawa nomuni nanuma ,vakavulici au mada na printaka na ka qo meu veiwaseyaka mada vei ira na noda ,Totolo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Budhau Says:

    Why did Bainimarama did not testify – because he was not legally required to do so – this strategy was probably due to the advice of his attorney.
    This case in the courts because Qarase sued, why should FB go in there and answer questions when he does not have to.

    Listen guys – the problem that we have in Fiji is not going to be settled in a court of law. It is a political/social problem.

    Instead of Qarase trying to prove what FB did “yesterday” was illegal, he should be trying to figure out who should do what “tomorrow”.

    Is Bainimarama “afraid” to meed people – as the asked.

    By meeting people, I guess the writer is suggesting that he shoul dmeet and negotiate – and that FB is feeling inferior.

    FB is probably afraid, angry, depressed, frustrated, offended, fearful etc. He is seeing the world from his own vantage point and there probably is some confusion between his perceptions and reality.

    The thing here is that people, like Qarase and also those in this forum, should stay away from attacking FB and Chaudary personally.
    We know what our goal is, by getting these personal issues entangled with the underlying issue – it will just make things harder.

    Most of you seem to be focusing on the psychological issues then the substantive issue.

    Instead of dealing with FB and Chaudary’s psychological issues – why don’t we do a brainstorming in here – to figure out where we go from here. The March was one idea – got anything else?

    If we want to talk to Bainimarama, what do we want to talk about. So that when there is negotiations, what will we negotiate. This negotiation, when it happens, has to be better then the negotiations that the landowners and the tenants have been having for years.

    Here is an example of why such statements are counter productive.

    The Tui Namosi said today that “the Interim Government’s amateur and ill-informed interference in the Matanitu i Taukei or Fijan Administration is an abuse of the indigenous Fijians’ customs and tradition”

    Tui Namosi should figure out what his interest and then go about trying to achieve that goal – calling IG amateur and ill-informed – now, how does that help his cause. If such statement was for the people to rise up against the military regime, this would just have the military regime dig in even deeper.

    Does he have any options, besides giving up power and heading for Naboro.

  36. natewaprince Says:

    Bleedinghole bang your daddy.

    The Tui Namosi is right.Who the hell does Frank think he is to change Fiji’s laws to suit the secret agenda’s of these Indian bastards.If you’re gonna comment that I have too muuch hate in my heart,you’re bloody damn right.I’m pissed off as hell.

    If you read Maika Bolataki’s article in the Sun last week ,you’ll see that the pig is carrying Slackarse Khaiyum’s master plan down to the finest detail as laid out in his thesis.

    The pig is a blerry coward hiding behind some shady law so as not to give evidence in court for the very crimes he committed.If you’re a Fijian,you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying what is happening to your kinsmen.And the same thing goes for your bi-polar boss.Caiti koya.

  37. Budhau Says:

    My point is that you either stand up to Bainimarama, arrest his ass and send him and his boys to Naboro for life.

    If you can’t do that, then you may want to negotiate with him – and while negotiating, your concern should be what is your interest. So forget about your emotions, forget about attacking people or even taking a inflexiable position.

    You can hate Indians all you want – that is your problem – however, just make sure that the negotiator that is dealing with Chaudary and Bainimaram is not someone like you.

    BTW – what did the Tui Namosi get by calling the IG folks amateur and ill-informed – even if he was right. Such statements willonly stand in the way of any future negotiations.

    Natewaprince – it is idiots like you – who are so bitter, that they are more ready for battle than to try an work out a solution to a common problem (the problem in Fiji affects all). Just remember that silly ass emotions on one side will only generate emotions on the other – whether it is your emotions or Tui Namosi’s.

    You wrote, “…secret agenda’s of these Indian bastards.” – you must reallu hate them, you must be frustrated, worried or even fear them – now compare that with my emotions, I am confident and relaxed. You see your problem.

    Releasing emotions in here is Ok, however, when Tui Namosi gets pissed off and shoots his mouth in the media – that emotion leads to a emotional reaction and that leads to “quarrel” – do es not solve any problem.

    as for that Bolatali’s column – wasn’t this guy always writing pro Qarase stuff.

  38. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau, why is it that when you try to ‘side with us’, I am keenly reminded of the Snake in the Garden of Eden?

    LQ’s court action mirrors almost exactly the actions of deposed PM’s before him, including your beloved Chodopu$$. The difference is that all our IG’s before this one were focussed on getting to free and fair elections ASAP. Pig-snake want to delay the ballot boxes for as long as possible because they don’t want to give up all that heady, intoxicating POWER.

    The problem in Fiji is not social. It is synthesised by Chodopu$$ because as long as he can convince the Indo-Fijian that he is down-trodden, and that Chodopu$$ is the only one who can save him, he has a voting power base. He is a splitter – the worst kind of splitter, worse even that Karl Rove (and that’s saying something). He does not belong in Fiji.

    You cannot say that we must not personally attack Pig-Snake. Anyone who puts themselves into public life, on the pubic stage, puts themselves up for PERSONAL scrutiny. It comes with the territory.

    I’m not going to bother with your other feeble points, because your arguments are too stupid to warrant comment.

    (Singing “You’re so condescending, your gall is neverending, if that’s your best, your best won’t do / We’re not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it, we’re not gonna take it anymore…”)

  39. Budhau Says:

    Fijigirl – I am not trying to side with you, I have an opinion that you may or may not agree with.

    The court action – do you think that Qarase’s court action is going to solve our problem. Lets say that the court rules in favour of Qarase, so what, the military will go back to the barracks. What happened in Chaudary’s case, did anything change. BTW in Chaudary’s case, he was at least suing a civilian government with some hope that such a regime will abide by the court’s ruling.

    Chaudary, Bainimarama, Speight and Rabuka – they are not the problem – there is underlying problem of coup culture – and no court action is going to solve that problem.

    As for Chaudary – people like you would have hated any Indian leader if he/she had the overwhelming support of the Indians. Even Reddy, who seems to have become the Mr Nice guy – there used to be an intense dislike for him also. Actually in the 1987 FLP victory, when Reddy was brought in thru the senate – the cry then was that Dr Bavadra was a Reddy pawn and that the Indians had the real power…and you know how the hatred for Reddy began – he had “insulted” Ratu Mara in one of the earlier election campaign.

    If you are going to do personal attacks on anyone with whom you would want to negotiate in future, such attack will only make matters worse – that was my point – whether the negotiations are with a military dictatorship or with your spouse.

    BTW – If “you are not gonna take it” – then we do not have a problem, do we. If you are not gonna take it, then you probably have something up your sleeve as to how you will take down Bainimarama without negotiations. All I have seen so far was that march.

    That remark about the “snake in the garden of Eden” – some of you seem to love this personal attacks – this is probably good for your mental health – releasing your frustrations on me… you go girl, you can call me other names if that makes you feel better.

  40. taukei Says:


    For too long, the Fijian people have suffered from a lack of unity. This has enabled non-Fijians to win elections and non-Fijians to rule over the Fijian people, with disastrous consequences for the Fijians.

    Qarase’s victory in 2006 showed the world what INTRA-FIJIAN UNITY can achieve when they abandon their (self-serving) petty differences, forge unity, and emerge as a united opposition.

    Praise the Lord YHVH! Hallelujah!

  41. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Does anybody have the address of any other anti junta blogs that are current?

  42. serai Says:

    Tyrants are scared of poets. Au vakananuma na nodratou lasulasu o voceke kei iyarse kei chodo niu wilika na qaqani serekali volai toka era qo.

    The word is no longer valued for its power of negotiation, diplomacy, understanding, but only for its power to control, to pacify. Ko qo meda qarauna kina ragone o Budhau, VTS kei ira na dau masi dakai mai nakeba ni rfmf era curu mai ke mera vakaseva na noda veivosaki.

    Osip Mandelshtam penned a poem about Stalin – one by one forging his laws, to be flung/like horseshoes at the head, the eye or the groin – that was eventually his ticket to the labor camps where he died. Poet Kim Chi-Ha wrote “The Five Bandits” to expose the corruption of military rule in South Korea. Lines describing government ministers – They waddle from obesity, and sediment seeps from every pore – earned him the wrath of strongman Park Chung Hee and ultimately several prison sentences. And in 1998, when then-mayor of Istanbul Recep Tayip Erdogan quoted a poem that compared minarets with bayonets, the military-backed government accused him of inciting religious hatred and sentenced him to a 10-month jail term (Erdogan has had the last laugh – he is now Turkey’s prime minister).

    The Stalin Epigram
    Our lives no longer feel ground under them.
    At ten paces you can’t hear our words.

    But whenever there’s a snatch of talk
    it turns to the Kremlin mountaineer,

    The ten thick worms his gingers,
    his words like measures of weight,

    the huge laughing cockroaches on his top lip,
    the gleam of his boot rims.

    Ringed with a scum of chicken-necked bosses,
    sycophantic half-beings for him to toy with.

    One whines, another purrs, a third snivels
    as he babbles and points.

    He forges decrees to be flung like horseshoes,
    one at the groin, one at the face, the eyes.

    He rolls the executions on his tongue like berries.
    delicacies for the barrel-chested Georgian.

    Osip Mandelstam

    This poem known as the “Stalin Epigram” resulted in Mandelstam being arrested, nearly executed, incarcerated, and gulaged. Apparently, the poet could not resist writing and disseminating it. Mandelstam died anonymously in the gulag transit camp near Vladivostok, probably of typhus, in 1938. In that poem, Soviet citizens dare only whipser. The only time they dare speak louder is when they praise Stalin.

    Consider the accidental poet laureate former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld. As compiled by Slate, Rumsfeld’s utterings suggest that he missed his real calling (ah, if we were only so lucky):

    I think what you’ll find,
    I think what you’ll find is,
    Whatever it is we do substantively,
    There will be near-perfect clarity
    As to what it is.
    And it will be known,
    And it will be known to the Congress,
    And it will be known to you,
    Probably before we decide it,
    But it will be known.
    -Feb. 28, 2003, Department of Defense briefing

    With the help of Rumsfeld and his ilk, the administration created a world of words to create, implement, and justify its policies.

    The Unknown
    As we know,
    There are known knowns.
    There are things we know we know.
    We also know
    There are known unknowns.
    That is to say
    We know there are some things
    We do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns,
    The ones we don’t know
    We don’t know.

    —Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing

    A Confession
    Once in a while,
    I’m standing here, doing something.
    And I think,
    “What in the world am I doing here?”
    It’s a big surprise.

    —May 16, 2001, interview with the New York Times

    You’re going to be told lots of things.
    You get told things every day that don’t happen.

    It doesn’t seem to bother people, they don’t—
    It’s printed in the press.
    The world thinks all these things happen.
    They never happened.

    Everyone’s so eager to get the story
    Before in fact the story’s there
    That the world is constantly being fed
    Things that haven’t happened.

    All I can tell you is,
    It hasn’t happened.
    It’s going to happen.

    —Feb. 28, 2003, Department of Defense briefing

  43. taukei Says:

    Budhau says: “Chaudary, Bainimarama, Speight and Rabuka – they are not the problem – there is underlying problem of coup culture – and no court action is going to solve that problem.”

    Good point, Budhau!

    The real problem is not “the culture of coups” but the FIJI MILITARY.

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    The military is an encumbrance to our political and social life as well as to the public budget ($100 million per year is spent on the Fiji military).

    Our longest period of democracy and stability will come when the Fiji Military is totally demilitarized:

    If you look at the real role of the military in Fiji, you will see that it is the backbone of dictators and an instrument of internal repression.

    Costa Rica’s experience is proof that Fiji must abolish the army through a constitutional amendment and recognize an Anglo-Saxon nation (Australia) as the dominant superpower of the region and as its ally and friend.

    If we look through history, there is a clear “pattern of failure” associated with a military rule. In totality, this pattern found across all military regimes in past indicates the unsustainability and failure of the military experience. If military dictatorship was to be the best thing that ever happened to Fiji since sliced bread, it would have worked by now. Instead, it has failed on each one of the three (or four) occasions that it was put into practice in this country.

    If military dictatorship had been this nation’s destiny, the people would have happily embraced it and not repelled against it. For twenty years, Fiji and its political institutions have been suffering from a disease.

    This cancer—MILITARY INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICAL AFFAIRS AND FREQUENT MILITARY COUPS— is silently eating away on the body of this nation. The patient is dying a slow but sure death. The only thing that a period of military rule, like we’ve seen on several occasions in the past, achieves is that it delays the inevitable. It provides the patient with a drip and a booster shot of some energy that creates an artificial impression that things are getting better but, that too, only for a while. When the signs of this booster shot wear off, however, we’re left with a patient that is weaker, sicker, and nearer to its death than it was before the military intervention was administered for not only is the booster shot only an artificial and temporary remedy, it also results in considerable waste of time–years, sometimes a decade–that could have been spent curing the cancer in the first place.

    The death will surely come unless we, the people of Fiji, FOLLOW COSTA RICA’S LEAD AND ABOLISH THE ARMY. The choice is ours, so can be the future.

  44. taukei Says:


    Budhau Says: “The court action – do you think that Qarase’s court action is going to solve our problem.”

    Qarase did the RIGHT thing.

    Either way (a Qarase win or a Qarase loss), Commondork Bananasmamas will be in trouble.

    There will be bloodshed IF Qarase wins and the Bananasmamas-Chodo “government” does not concede defeat.

    And there will be bloodshed if Qarase loses and the Bananasmamas-Chodo “government” remains in power.

  45. Fiji Silenced Says:

    “Inferiority complex?” Maybe. I guess we find a release in analyzing and attempting to come up with some excuse for certain actions. I would tend to think he is closer to having a messianic or narcissistic personality disorder. Oh, and of course throw in some of the paranoid personality disorder as many have made note of. I found a few of the traits from these disorders alarmingly blatant in our fearful leader.

    The narcissist feels the need to have a lot of attention, adulation, admiration or subservience from others, appears to be devoid of empathy & is inclined to lie or deceive.
    While a narcissist might criticize others the narcissist strongly dislikes to be criticized by others. A narcissist feels entitled to special privileges, (has himself pardoned for own crimes and pleads executive privilege) will often expect others to fit in with the narcissist’s plans while having a sense of time urgency or appear to be impatient. (look at how many agendas hes attempted to implement since his coup. Whats the hurry Frankie?)

    The preferred way to deal with a narcissist is to avoid too much contact with him. Never tell the narcissist that you disagree with him (particularly if you think the narcissist is lying) and try to avoid contradicting the narcissist. (LOL! We all know what happens when you do)

    Maybe even the Messianic Complex could be applied. Defined as a psychological state in which the individual believes himself to be, or is destined to become, the saviour of the particular people, an event or a time period. Sounding like someone you know? Frankie refused to listen, discuss or compromise with those that offered while he planned his coup. How could he? After all it was his job to save Fiji, rescue her people from his perceived evil doers. Only Frankie could save us, him and the appointees or accomplices that he deemed worthy. Will we soon see his posters plastered on the sides of buildings just as like minded messianic personalities, Hussein & Hitler?

    Certainly seems to be a bit of the Paranoid Personality Disorder going on in that minimal brain of his. Some familiar traits are: Suspects, without sufficient basis, that others are exploiting, harming, or deceiving him. Preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty or trustworthiness of friends or associates, reads benign remarks or events as threatening or demeaning, persistently bears grudges, and is unforgiving of insults, injuries, or slights.

    I wish that Budhau was right, that it was possible to reason with such a person. “Negotiations”!?! There is no such thing as negotiating with someone who operates on not 1, 2 or 3 of the above traits.. but a multitude. He was offered plenty of understanding and negotiation before he illegally overturned a democratic government. Attempting to negotiate didn’t get the reasonable people any results then, and it certainly wont now. You are better off finding enough brave souls for that March, or enough sane souls to take action toward removing these embarrassing idiots. Probably the “arrest his ass” option is more likely to see results.

    As far as, “FB is probably afraid, angry, depressed, frustrated, offended, fearful etc. He is seeing the world from his own vantage point and there probably is some confusion between his perceptions and reality.” I am all for trying to understand why people commit the actions they do and to strive toward growth and change. And you are probably right in what he feels, at least I hope you are, that would show he has a thread of humanity in there. Meanwhile I have little sympathy or desire to expend energy trying to understand or reason with someone who instigated, oversaw and most likely participated in the beatings and murders of those whose only crimes were to disagree with him or challenge his ego.

    In an ideal world or when dealing with a sane person, yes, you reason with them. The military mentality knows only one form of reason, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

    Ah.. I find some satisfaction in knowing that ze shyster shameem has indeed visited and viewed the pictorial in her honor at Fiji Silenced.

    Press on!

  46. taukei Says:


    For too long, the Fijian people have suffered from a lack of unity. This has enabled non-Fijians to win elections and non-Fijians to rule over the Fijian people, with disastrous consequences for the Fijians.

    As Stephanie Lawson notes in “The Military versus Democracy in Fiji”:

    “Continued Alliance dominance….depended on their maintaining a solid electoral base amongst Fijians. Any intra-Fijian disunity would necessarily erode this base and leave the Alliance vulnerable to electoral defeat, and this is precisely what happened in the elections of 1987”.

    “In April 1987….the Alliance Party was defeated at the polls by a coalition, led by Timoci Bavadra, comprising the relatively new multiracial Labour Party and Fiji’s oldest political party, the National Federation Party, which had always attracted the bulk of Fiji Indian support.”

    “Rabuka’s party was returned at the next elections with the same majority, and again managed to put together a coalition, but the overall result confirmed that intra-Fijian disunity has become an important factor in current politics.”

    Qarase’s victory in 2006 showed the world what INTRA-FIJIAN UNITY can achieve when they abandon their (self-serving) petty differences, forge unity, and emerge as a united opposition.

  47. John Veikoso Says:

    People, people, please no more hate in this country, we need to love and pray for each other, God bless you all!!!

  48. taukei Says:

    John Veikoso Says: “People, people, please no more hate in this country, we need to love and pray for each other”

    Yes, John.

    We, THE LAW-ABIDING GOD-FEARING PEOPLE, also want love and peace.


    But sadly, there CANNOT be any peace whatsoever under this present illegal regime.

    They need to be removed and they will be removed, no doubt: and there will be bloodshed.




  49. Tebara Says:

    Jone Veikoso … qauri levu mai Naqiroso …veidabui tiko vei iko karua ga kei nomu tutua o Vore … !

  50. Destiny Says:

    Well Im back, the person you just love to hate, yes i saw all those pathetic comments, and honestly i have better things to do that reply to them. So lets think about this….. CAN you ALL MOVE ON please, can you do something constructive, can someone, ANYONE on this site demonstrate leadership and do something positive for the country, can we stop with the hate and the name calling. Lets talk about how YOU are going to get off ya big butts and do something other than hide behind a keyboard, and please i am not talkign riots or violence… I have noticed that a lot of you respond with violence (which is very odd considering how you give the guys in green such a hard time) so instead of bashing me for posting on this site tell me what you have done (apart from writing a few blogs) to move the country forward…

  51. Dauvavana Says:

    Hey bitch I’m still waiting for you to out me like you threatened. Now don’t come in here and preach to us and get out of the room please, your b.o. is begining to overpower us all. Is that an illegal government secret weapon???

  52. Destiny Says:

    Hey, nice to see you drunk and full of anger again, there are pills you can take that will calm you down. See what you dont realise is that we all have bets on what you people will reply with, i post a blog and then my mates all watch your stupid comments, the one who guesses right wins a few drinks, and you my friend are living up to all our expectations. What you are too stupid to realise is that whilst you spend your time answering to my blog you are taking your eye of the main game… and really its all about the MAIN game not name calling… i dont know who you are or what you do, and honesly i couldnt care less but you bite every time.

  53. Destiny Says:

    @Dauvavana IM ON MY WAY TO TRAPPS WANNA JOIN ME FOR A DRINK, we can kiss and make up? what say??? who knows you might even learn to like me!!!

  54. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Destiny, No Thanks. With all due respect but based on your description from Tebara and Adi Kaila and the tendency of the Suva People to put people on Trial By Association (your friends at the Illegal Interim G are good at this), I’d rather not be seen with you 😉

  55. Budhau Says:

    Fiji Silenced, that was really good post above.

    It seems that we can not take on this administration head on and bring it down – and even we we could, the cost my not justify such actions – specially when the IG seem to be on its way out and may implode.

    If the regime self destructs itself – what can we do to minimize the losses in the last days of the regime.

    The way things are going, it seems that this regime is on its way out. When the time comes – they will have to decide what is their best alternative. is One would be to negotiate and the second would be to figure out what is the best alternative if they chose not to negotiate.

    All we have to do then is to let them see that a negotiated agreement is their best way out – the other alternative, to go down fighting and taking the country down with them is not a good alternative.

    As long as Bainimarama & company recognize that a negotiated agreement is best for them as compared to their other alternative they would be willing to negotiate – and if they don’t, then forget about negotiations.

    And if there is negotiation, and I think there will be, then lets us not spoil thing now with all that name calling that can only make matters worse.

  56. Destiny Says:

    @Dauvavana Well i wont take it personally, hey can someone please answer me a serious question, who and what is Budhau fighting for, he really confuses me!

  57. Tebara Says:

    Budhau is a seasoned blogger .. He is what u can classify a swinging voter … !

  58. lauan boy Says:

    SV could u plse highlight the ‘taukei’ in blue print that is not the genuine one. I want to swear at these bastards.

    levu ga na vaka-fancy….sa i vei na ‘na dina, na dodonu kei na savasava’. ni yavu tamata lasulasu. lamusona kemuni na sotia.

    sa vakaloloma mai o viti kei ira na leweni vanua….i vei na nomudou doudou tiko. rawa ga ni lako mai ena bogi …. ke o vinanakata me keimami tarogi….se raici….lako mai ena siga me da veirai tiko vakatamata.

    nanuma tiko: keda rawata taucoko na ka dou caka tiko. kena duidui….neimami gauna sebera tiko vakalailai. me dou taura vaka tagane na ka dou sa tekivuna.


  59. Budhau Says:

    Destiny wrote,
    “Lets talk about how YOU are going to get off ya big butts and do something other than hide behind a keyboard, and please i am not talkign riots or violence… I have noticed that a lot of you respond with violence (which is very odd considering how you give the guys in green such a hard time) so instead of bashing me for posting on this site tell me what you have done (apart from writing a few blogs) to move the country forward…”

    Hey Destiny, I think you are expecting too much from a majority of these guys – idiots like Natewaprince, Dauvavana and that bunch – do you really expect them to do something, or come up with some ideas. Lauan Boy writes, “I want to swear at these bastards.”

    Does anyone seriously believe that this lot can come up with a brainstorming session – to figure out what we should be doing – except for the March that never materialized.

    So how about – Stop the bitching, whining and name calling and come up with some ideas first as to what we should do to bring down this regime.

    Rule one – lets not shoot down anyone else ideas during this brainstorming – no matter how off the wall these ideas are. Lets get the ideas first and than we can look at them.

    Destiny wanted to know what “Budhau is fighting for” – well most of the time, I am just trying to show some of these idiots that we need more critical thinking, analysis etc in here – many in here just buy into guys like Victor Lal, Professor Davies and that GDEV (relative of Jean) from the other board

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