The pen is definitely mightier than the sword

And the keyboard is certainly mightier than guns and bullets. Take this hard hitting and factual piece of writing from Kamaly Iyer:

Now this has got the government very very concern so the Snake urged the Pig to use the Aiyarse to try and persuade Rupert Murdoch (what should we call young Rupert?) not  to publish any future damaging articles.

They have all forgotten that there is this little court case where the snake has decided to take on and sue Ruport for a Billion Fijian Smackeroos!!!

Well Snake you have got a war on your hand, fight like a man and not use the arse or the pig to do your dirty work.

More please Rupeni!!!  You the man!!!

BY now the people of Fiji have digested the information on interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry’s tax details and the $1.6million tucked away in his bank account Down Under.

After challenging The Fiji Times to name the interim minister on February 21 — reported on the front page of the country’s first and oldest newspaper a day later, Chaudhry and the nation woke up to bold front page headline on February 23 proclaiming: “It’s Chaudhry”.

Not to be outdone, the Fiji Sun on Feb 24 proclaimed it was now time for the real story. Having highlighted stories about an interim minister’s tax affairs since August 2007, the Fiji Sun through its correspondent, London-based Victor Lal, even published a letter written in Hindi and translated in English, supposedly penned by one Harbhajan Lal of Haryana, India, detailing how much money was channeled into Chaudhry’s Australian accounts.

Of course a day later, Fiji Sun publisher and managing director Russell Hunter was taken from his Tamavua home in Suva, transported to Nadi and bundled into an Air Pacific flight to Sydney on February 26 and told not to re-enter Fiji. That is another story. But revelations that Chaudhry attempted to evade tax on his overseas accounts have spread like wildfire. In the midst of all this, the real point has been ignored. And that is whether Chaudhry indeed pocketed money raised in the name of the poor, the ordinary and downtrodden citizens and cane farmers of Fiji who happened to be his power base in the last three general elections.

Firstly, let me dissect Harbhajan Lal’s letter from Haryana. In the letter dated September 9, 2004, Lal is replying to Chaudhry’s queries about money raised in Haryana because Lal writes that “you (Chaudhry) have asked details of the funds”.

Lal then outlines the details of three deposits worth AUD$1.6 million to Chaudhry’s Australian bank accounts in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Why did Chaudhry write to Harbhajan Lal after already having received money from Haryana?

If indeed the money was collected for Chaudhry’s re-settlement in Australia as claimed in Lal’s letter, what has Chaudhry been doing in Fiji since his released from captivity by George Speight in July 2000?

If Chaudhry had changed his mind and decided to remain a Fiji citizen, wasn’t it morally and ethically correct to return the money to Haryana and tell the Indian State of his ancestors that sorry, I don’t need the money because Fiji is safe and I have decided to remain in the paradise island!

But morality, transparency and accountability disappeared in this case.

Secondly, why did Chaudhry tell the House of Representatives on December 2, 2005, that he had not received a cent from Haryana or its former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala?

Chaudhry told Parliament what he told the media both in India and Fiji that he had not received any money.

He told the Lower House that he asked Chautala to clarify the matter to the media. Chaudhry also told Parliament that because the issue was casting doubts about his honesty and integrity, he wrote to the Indian Minister for External Affairs Yashwant Sinha on February 24, 2003, asking him amongst other things for the Government of India to institute an inquiry to the matter so “this rather sordid affair is put to rest once and for all”.

Chaudhry stated in the letter he will not condone an “act of dishonesty perpetuated under his name, particularly when its victims are the poor and disadvantage in the society”.

The questions, therefore, all right-thinking citizens need to ask Chaudhry are these: After having written to Yashwant Sinha asking the Indian Government to inquire into the sordid fundraising affair, why did you write to Harbhajan Lal inquiring about the funds? Why did you ask Yashwant Sinha to institute an inquiry into the matter despite knowing that you had the money safely tucked away in your Australian bank accounts? Were you expecting more than AUD$1.6 million from Haryana? Did you doubt Harbhajan Lal’s integrity? And why seek a response from a little known figure like Harbhajan Lal about funds when you requested Yashwant Sinha to institute an inquiry to clear your name? Why did you tell FIRCA that the money was held in trust for your people in Fiji when no such trust account was opened but the funds kept in your name? Why did you fail to declare $220,000 income derived from the Australian bank accounts to FIRCA? And who were you trying to fool?

The most glaring contradiction and indeed a sordid comment on the whole fiasco was given to a local radio station Legend FM and to The Fiji Times by the current Fiji Labour Party treasurer and Nasinu Mayor Rajeshwar Kumar.

Kumar said all the money collected for farmers by Chaudhry was spent on refugee farmers at Valelawa camp created by the National Farmers Union after the May 2000 coup and on Muainaweni farmers who were taken to the Girmit Centre in Lautoka.

Kumar told Legend FM that the Haryana funds were for Chaudhry’s re-settlement in Australia. If this is true, isn’t Kumar concerned with what his leader is doing in Fiji? Can Kumar publish a breakdown of monies used on people at Girmit Centre and Valelawa? What was the intention to set up the Valelawa camp?

At the time of its establishment after May 2000, the NFU and FLP claimed the camp was housing farmers and their families as well as those forcibly removed from their homes.

In January 2001, Chaudhry invited Commonwealth Peace Envoy Justice Pius Langa of South Africa to visit Valelawa.

Justice Langa told the FLP leader and the camp occupants that the solutions to their problems did not lie in packing their bags and running away.

A month later, an SBS television crew was invited to visit Valelawa, in an attempt to portray Chaudhry as saviour of farmers. One of the excerpts of the interview quotes Chaudhry as saying while talking to a farmer, “You have played here since you were little? Don’t worry, the world is big enough for everyone.”

This obviously meant the camp’s sponsors had promised farmers overseas resettlement.

In mid-2001, 28 families in the camp signed a petition alleging NFU officials were forcing them to enter into an agreement with the union and that those who did not would be denied basic needs.

They recalled how in the aftermath of the 2000 coup, NFU and FLP officials toured the Northern Division cane belt urging farmers to move to Valelawa promising them food rations, hospital care, education for the children, security, transport, water supply and even a children’s park.

Farmers who even had leases of up to eight, 12 and even 15 years quit their farms. But the truth surfaced a bit late for them.

On October 24, 2001, The Fiji Times carried a front page story highlighting the plight of the camp occupants after the landowner, one Ram Narayan, threatened to evict them because NFU and FLP failed to pay any rent to him.

Farmer Sukh Ram told the newspaper that they had been cheated. He said: “We were told the land had been bought and after three months we’ll go overseas.” Mr Ram said his daughter died because she could not be transported to the hospital.

The plight of the unsuspecting victims of Valelawa is best captured by Fiji Television journalist Anish Chand whose news item on Feb 2, 2003, described the horrific conditions and inhumane treatment of the families in the camp. It is appropriate to re-produce Chand’s television story to understand the exploitation of the Valelawa occupants that Rajeshwar Kumar claims were assisted by Chaudhry’s overseas collected funds:

Anish Chand: “Our visit to Valelawa was without notice no politician or people representing the refugees were told of our surprise visit. And this is what our cameras caught … children smiling but without any future families huddled together in darkness thinking what the next light will bring.”

Sukh Ram: “There is no other option we have, there are plenty of trees around here and we also don’t have to look for a rope, what is life when you can’t enjoy it. Now we are thinking if we didn’t come here, it would have been better. Life is so miserable. I mean there is nothing to eat, us adults can remain hungry but what about the children?”

Shanti Devi: “If our children don’t have education, then how are they going to support us, the school is about to open and we haven’t got any money to send the kids to school”. Whilst it is understandable that Rajeshwar Kumar will go to any lengths to defend and save Chaudhry, the reality of Valelawa that I have just described demolishes his claim that the “refugees” were financially assisted.

The other issue here is Kumar’s statement on Legend FM that after becoming treasurer of the Fiji Labour Party last year, he has looked through un-audited accounts of the party, however, he has found nothing sinister. Which un-audited accounts is Kumar talking about?

According to his leader, Labour accounts are audited every year.

Can therefore the former Labour treasurer, Agni Deo Singh, enlighten the people of Fiji about the un-audited accounts that he failed to get audited during his term as FLP treasurer?

Lastly, the FLP management board members over the years have a lot to answer. Weren’t they aware of the overseas bank accounts of their leader?

If not, why didn’t they question Chaudhry after repeated rumours on the overseas funds all these years until it was recently exposed? Therefore, they are equally to be blamed.

All religious scriptures state that a person’s past will one day return to haunt him or her.

The Haryana financial windfall for Mahendra Chaudhry and the ghost of Valelawa live on.

Mahend and Co, you tax evasion issue and how you stole money intended for poor cane farmers will not go away until you are brought to justice!

From todays Fiji Times:

THE Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah was summoned to a meeting with interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum yesterday afternoon.

Accompanying Mr Hannah to the meeting was Munro Leys lawyer, Jon Apted.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said in a press conference late yesterday afternoon the meeting was to discuss the possible publication of certain articles that the Prime Minister’s Office had received on Thursday afternoon.

“The PM’s Office received yesterday a couple of articles from within The Fiji Times that apparently were going to be printed as an opinion piece,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum. “It was called ‘Exposing the Lie’.”

He said the interim Government believed the articles contained factual inaccuracies, was highly emotive and discussed matters that were before the courts. “I raised these with Mr Hannah and said that we were very concerned about the fact that based on the information we were given that such an article would be printed,” he said.

Has the snake gotten desperate, he is now using an arse to fight his battles.

A friendly warning to the snake, you can get a billion court case against Rupeni and Rupeni will fight you all the way, in the end he will bankrupt you, and suck all your blood out so you end up beaten and broke all the way to your grave. You see he has got the $$$$ to put together a team of lawyers larger then the entire Fiji Law Society and fight you in court battles across the globe.

Retreat! Crawl back to the little rock you came from or you will be flatten like a cane toad that has just been run over by a Pacific Transport Bus on the Queens Highway.

People, we seems to have just acquired a very powerful superpower by default called New Limited in our war against the Pig the Arse and the Snake. This war is now going global!

45 Responses to “The pen is definitely mightier than the sword”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    This comment has a wealth of information , copy it and split up into groups and re-search each topic and bring all the relevant information together .
    You then should be precise in regards to the sites you have used to gather your information , and post them like crazy to all your friends in and out of Fiji and to all the blog sites . But share the work load and it won’t take so long .
    just key into google search ” Fiji Government doctrine of necessity “.
    Get ready for all the bullshit to fly in from Frank’s quarters when Court resumes , but read up on this 1st .
    =================================================Frank originally , at the beginning of this coup , made a comparison of his actions on the 5th. of December 2006 , to the sacking of the Whitlam Government on the 11th. of November 1975 ( remembrance day )(when all fallen soldiers in fields of battle are remembered for their ultimate sacrifice )( life ! ) by Sir John Kerr , the then Governor General .
    Gough Whitlam was the then Prime Minister .
    Apparently Mr Whitlam was going to table in Parliament that same day , that the CIA were running Pine Gap . Pine Gap was and still does , collect data , private and non private , for the American Government . It basically was and still is part of a spy network run by the USA Government .
    Mr Whitlam wanted to shut Pine Gap down !
    Please read the google page on ” the CIA and the sacking of the Whitlam Government ” .
    Mr Whitlam and his Government were sacked because the GG , in private conversation with Sir Garfield Barwick , a High Court Judge , and cousin of the GG , decided that a personal opinion of Sir Garfield Barwick , was legal advice ! Which it wasn’t , it was simply a private conversation between two relatives , the GG however , had no authority nor right , in his capacity as GG to seek opinion from anyone in the Judiciary on matters of Government . In fact , it was illegal for him in his capacity as GG to do so !
    He did so , despite advise to the contrary from the PM .
    From that conversation , the GG decided to sack the Government because the opposition ( headed by Malcolm Fraser ) had with-held the supply bill in the Lower House ! This meant that there was ” soon going to be ” no budget for the Government , for the time being . The Constitutional crisis was only in the mind of the GG .
    The GG decided from a private conversation ( not legal advice ) with a High Court Judge , that there was a Constitutional crisis !
    Now , the points are these : –

    1/ the PM , from whom the GG is directly answerable and from whom he must take advice , advised the GG that he should not talk to anyone in the Judiciary regarding the blocking of supply in the Lower House of Parliament or any other Government matters because of the ” separation of powers ” !
    He was told that he ” takes and must follow ” advise from the PM .
    This was not Mr Whitlam’s personal view , it was Constitutional Law .
    Mr.Whitlam was a Queens Council and Rhodes Scholar before entering Politics . Mr Whitlam ( like Mr Qarase ) knew the Law .
    But Sir John Kerr , whom Mr. Whitlam had actually appointed to Governor General in the 1st. place , ignored the PM’s advise and spoke to his cousin .
    On private matters , this was okay , but on matters of Government , this was improper , inappropriate and illegal because of the separation of powers .

    2/The blocking of the supply bill put the Government in the position of running out of funds to pay Civil Servants . However , despite attempts by the opposition , headed by Malcolm Fraser , to bring the Government to it’s knees , Mr Whitlam decided to outsource financing from the Middle Eastern Arab Nations ( known then as petro dollars ) as they had plenty of cash available at a cheap interest rate at that time . It was all legal and within the PM’s jurisdiction to have his Government do this . The Government had not yet run out of money and there was no crisis .

    3/ There was no Constitutional crisis .

    4/ There was no doctrine of necessity as Frank put it !
    It simply didn’t exist and didn’t apply to this situation , just as it didn’t exist in Fiji’s situation in December 2006 !.

    5/ The GG took matters into his own hands , was egotistical and misguided
    ( remind you of anyone ? ) , and had probably been drinking too much , and so decided , from a private conversation of Government matters he had with a member of the Judiciary , that he alone should take matters into his own hands and sack the Government , which he did .

    6/ On Pine Gap , corporate secrets , inventions , business proposals , anything of value to the USA was and is still spied on by the American Government , through Pine Gap . The Australian Government allows the American Agency to filter all corporate secrets , private inventions etc. before even allowing the Australian Government to look at it 1st . Now since when does a Government Agency run the Government of two countries ?
    Now , your mission , should you decide to accept it , is to download all the of the following and look up in google search , all you can on the these matters . Because next week , when court resumes , Frank and his Lawyers , will try and fool you all . But if you take the time to look into these matters this weekend , you will already be informed .
    So here is a list of what to look at , plus your own ideas ! I’m just trying to guide you all and make it easier and less time consuming , perhaps you could involve your Children as it’s their future at stake .
    Queens Council , Rhodes Scholar , Rhodes College ( England ) , Gough Whitlam , The Dismissal , Sir John Kerr , Malcolm Fraser , the CIA and the sacking of the Whitlam Government , Pine Gap , ( the separation of powers , Fiji and Australian Governments ) , ( the doctrine of necessity , Fiji and Australian Governments ) , the High Court of Australia , Middle Eastern loans of the Whitlam Government , petro dollars , the loans affair , Sir Garfield Barwick , the Cuban missile crisis , the bay of pigs and the CIA , Robert Kennedy and the American Mafia , J Edgar Hoover , The assassination of J F K and possible CIA involvement .
    It’s crucial that you know these things if you wan to follow the court case in Fiji . Frank and his poor advisers and confidence tricksters ( con men ) will try and fool you all . But they are poor liars . =================================================
    I’m wondering if Peter Foster will be one of Frankinstein’s advisers !

  2. taukei Says:

    Bananarama-Chod “government” must be nipped in the bud immediately….
    Mahendra Pal Scum Chaudhry is not a “Chaudhry” and not from Haryana.
    He is a scumbag “Girmitya” (descendant of low caste Indian laborers) like Pramesh Chand. Mahendra Pal Scum Chaudhry’s father’s first name (not surname) was “Chaudhry”. His surname was Prasad.

    “The great mass of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” — Adolf Hitler (1889–1945), German dictator. Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 10 (1925).

    The BIG LIE of the Bananarama-Chod/Choda/Chodu “Government” is:

    That ‘gaandu’ (passive sodomite) butt-hole BANANAS-RAMMING-MAMAS and that BAINI-CHOD (’bainimarama-fu**er’) are a disgrace to our nation and to the intelligence of the Fijian (Taukei) community.

    These two butt-holes—bananas-ramming-mamas and baini-chod—whose collective IQs are less than Forrest Gump’s—must be nipped in the bud—IMMEDIATELY!!!.
    TAUKEI POWER!!!!!!!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Do something useful and constructive and start researching so your informed . Try not to get so emotional , we’re all in agreeance with you , but ranting and raving only make YOU ill . I want you to contribute , so save your energy and be more constructive , because others out there need your positive energy and information based on facts . So off to google search with you , don’t forget to copy the sites I’ve suggested .
    Doctrine of necessity my bum !

  4. ANON Says:


  5. Tim Says:

    They’re getting desperate again:

    Fiji Times publisher summoned by interim Attorney-General
    Posted at 22:06 on 14 March, 2008 UTC

    The Fiji Times publisher, Evan Hannah, was summoned by the interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to a meeting yesterday afternoon .

    The Fiji Times reports that in a news conference, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the meeting was to discuss the possible publication of certain articles which the interim prime minister’s office had received on Thursday . etc

    Fiji lawyer receives threatening phone
    Posted at 22:05 on 14 March, 2008 UTC

    The lawyer for New Zealand businessman, Ballu Kahn, says he has received a threatening phone call from the Fiji military about a newspaper article he was writing.

    Mr Khan is charged with conspiring to kill Fiji’s interim prime minister and other leading politicians.

    Lawyer Graham Leung says someone from the Army called him yesterday and said an article he was writing for the Fiji Times criticising the interim government had been intercepted.

    Mr Leung says says the article was about the discrepancy between the regime’s rhetoric and what is actually happening on the ground ……etc.

    How do any of them to expect progress when their own behaviour is so cyclical and predictable, they keep going round in circles.
    Not only that, they have their script kiddie apologists making assertions about the identities of Freedom Bloggers again

  6. Tim Says:

    Mark: That Pine Gap and Whitlam sacking is a very interesting analogy. The same sort of arrogant culture and sense of “we’re untouchable” had been building up for several years.
    I can recall Jim Cairns being bashed up for his views, and even as a schoold kid being proud to demonstrate against that fucked regime at the time.
    There are parallels for this pathetic little arrogant junta. They simply need to ask themselves how those responsible for the Whitlam debacle (and the Jim Cairns assault) are regarded now. Lepers, distrusted, their children copping the flack for their dishonourable actions – they may as well be, and some may still become, the pathetic gin soak resident in the local bus shelter.
    Same applies to the Jo Bielke regime a little while after. I was in Eketahuna last week, or rather close by at a wildlifew reserve (Joe’s legacy is something even the lowliest form of life wants to spit on).
    Same will apply to Frank, Driti, Teleni, iIarse, Rabuka and a cast of ten or twenty others who currently think they’re starring in a B Grade Movie. Unfortunately they havn’t realised their children will pay the price. Nothing like an overdose of ego I spose.
    Same goes for the lawyers that have come to see themsleves as invincible. Maybe they should be checking out the precedents for ridicule, alcoholism, lack of principle, failure to abide by their oaths, failed marriages, and legacies. Well chaps – suck it up!
    I can assure the lovely Justice Gates that his legacy isn’t going to be as pretty as he imagines it to be – even if he does retire wearing fishnet stockings and sucking very hard. His reputation is already that of a tragic old queen

  7. Tim Says:

    Here’s another thought, both Gates and the iIarse know how to redeem themselves. I doubt either of them have the courage though

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Dont worry ANON… we’ll always keep a LOR !

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    yes Tim , I see the female judge there is being investigated by the bar association in Victoria .
    That looks like a nice spot you were in last week , but I’ve never been to NZ , I’l have to get the bucks and go over there .
    I was just sending a comment about Moe , Larry and Curly and I’ve noticed you’ve added a few more names . Actually , there were more than three stooges in reality . Telini , Ganalau and Frank would have to be the main players . And I agree with you about the lawyers etc. having to pay a price one day , I don’t know how they can get away with giving advise on overthrowing a Sovereign State and yet never get charged or disbarred or both . Wouldn’t actually knowing about a possible overthrow of another Government be enough reason for a lawyer to advice the authorities in his or her own country . Why have they been able to get away with murder , literally when you think of the people who have been killed as a result . Yes , these goons must be shitting their pants now , it’s slowly closing in around them all and they are starting to fall apart , even Frank has turned on his two colonels . That lawyer from NZ who originally advised the regime should be arrested for conspiring and New Zealanders and Fijians in NZ should be lobbying the Government for his testicles etc. So Frankenstein is now the Minister for parks and all things pretty ( mad hatters tea party ) , the soldiers engineers will be helping with the drainage and Ganalau is telling everyone that they should be good citizens and respect the rule of law !
    I think Frank should hurry up and start re-building the new prison and fast track it’s completion , they should have a swimming pool , tennis courts and toy navy boats for him to play with when he gets there himself . Telini could have a race track put in there for his toy police cars , because that’s all Fiji can afford now and Ganulau , well don’t know his passion . I have to say they are a fucked up bunch of retards , they don’t even seem to realise their days are numbered as they think they can still continue to snub the International community by threatening the Editor of the fijity times and poor old Kahn and his partner . What a bunch of bullies and cowards they are . I hope Inter-pole and the United Nations do their bit soon . These guys should never be allowed out of Fiji and the Military should be down sized significantly , perhaps to the equivalent per capita of Australia . Peacekeeping should be stopped as this is where Frankenstien and partners are getting their money from . Peace keeping could be resumed once the elected Government is restored . Fijians should be writing to and demanding action from all the International Organisations , you should be getting a petition together , online if possible . It wouldn’t be that hard to do , just need a competent mob running it so the goons can’t hack into it etc.

  10. Tim Says:

    Well it will come to the point where economic reality means the RFMF cannot be sustained in its current form anyway. Really it depends to what degree they want to fuck everyone else over in order to keep feeding at the trough, OR prostitute themselves in “peace keeping” missions. And even that doesn’t take account of the imponderables – such as at what point people are going to get so pissed off at a life of struggle that protest in whatever form poses a real risk to them.
    It is a shame that most of them don’t seem to have realised their Commandant doesn’t actually give a shit about them. If he had, the resources that have been available to him up until this point could have been used to provide them with useful skills and training – there only prospects will be with the likes of “blackwater” – and we know how short lived that little un-PC enterprise is going to be, unles some other venture crops up where the chances of a bullet to the skull is far more likely than receipt of a weekly paypacket.
    Oh well, at least they might be realising (or maybe not) that their travel options and havens are rapidly diminishing, and even those that currently remain aren’t the most peaceful on this Earth. Maybe history DOES repeat itself. The Nazis thought Sth America was safe.
    I’d actually like to see any one of them venture out into the big bad world and take their chances of a safe and secure future – it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. taukei Says:

    Mark Manning Says: “the Military should be down sized significantly, perhaps to the equivalent per capita of Australia”


    For twenty years, Fiji and its political institutions have been suffering from a disease. This cancer—military involvement in political affairs and frequent military coups— is silently eating away on the body of this nation. The patient is dying a slow but sure death.

    The death will surely come unless we, the people of Fiji, follow Costa Rica’s lead and abolish the army. The choice is ours, so can be the future.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    well said taukei
    But not all the of the Military are traitors , there are real men and heroes amongst them . I would prefer to see those who resigned , rather than commit treason , be given the opportunity to come back with promotions , more pay and better conditions . The efforts of the honourable should not be overlooked by a few depots . The Military of Fiji , in a large part , has a proud history , I would like to see them training with Australian soldiers , on Australian soldiers pay and learning the right way to serve their country . The abolition of the Military may simply create another problem , i think that there should also be more interaction amongst the Asia Pacific Forces , including China , Indonesia , New Guinea , Australia , New Zealand , Bougainville and the various Pacific Island groups . If we interact more , trust and understanding can be built between us , this would dis-empower people with the mindset of Frankenstien and the like . There should also be within Fiji , a more powerful Police presence consisting of specialised Forces and harsh penalties for those involved in sedition and treason . Within the Military itself , there should also be a Specialised Unit entrusted with investigating , arresting and detaining those found to be contemplating treason . If anything , these coups have highlighted the need for a Democratically Elected Government and the rule of Law !
    The penalties this time around , must be severe and send a clear message to others considering treason against the State .

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    That should read despots ! not depots !

  14. Sisiveni Says:

    Chodo had also lobbied for funds from Indians in US, UK, Aust, NZ, and other places, beside Haryana. The total sum has never been fiully accounted for… Perhaps Agnes Deo and the ever so loyal Jo kaveti-olo Koroi etc are all in the know of where how it was divided.

  15. Jean d’Ark Says:

    The Evan Hannah issue looks like Khaiyum wants to commandeer the Fiji Times editorial privilege without the cost of having earned the job itself on merit, or having bought the paper off Murdoch to exercise his own proprietor’s discretion.

    This raises an issue which I have been meaning to bring to the SV team’s attention for some time. The root cause of this complaint is that the Times/Rika has been “weeding out” the faux letters to the editor from the propaganda unit’s ghost-writers. The Times letter re-printing policy is, libel considerations aside, is that the author’s be real people, and that the final selection of letters chosen be broadly representative of the actual opinions and feelings of the entire volume of letters submitted by real submittees on any given day.

    This automatically rules out the bulk of the military’s propaganda ghost-writers as they are not real people raising real issues in the first place. And then in the second place, the volume of their letters would be a skewed representation of actual spectrum distribution of political opinion amongst the general populace (ie. Since Frank is generally unpopular, it would be unrepresentative to have a majority of writers supporting him in the Letters to the Editor column).

    That kind of reprinting policy is bares bones standard in the print and online media, and show us how things are done in the real world. This is an important consideration for the blogs, because it shows us how to deal with propaganda saboteurs like Concerned/Ali/Satish/Gemini/VTS/Niggy Tardust/Destiny/Stiremup/Budhau etc. That is, if they are not real people with real concerns, they do not get printed. By the same token, they also won’t be printed if the main purpose of their comments is not genuine articulation, but simply to deflect focus and annoyance, or to simulate artificial levels of public support for a particular issue or group.

    The reasons why real editors follow this kind of policy is simple. Firstly, because it is the ethical and honest thing to do! And secondly, abdicating editorial privilege to propaganda-inspired attempts to “swamp” public forums through sheer manufactured volume, is a sacrifice of credibility. Public forums like the Letters to the Editor column have an in-built credibility test in that views expressed will AUTOMATICALLY offend those who disagree with it. And if that group happens to the majority, as will happen with artificially promoted minority views like the pro-Frank ghost-writers, then the media outlet will have automatically lost some credibility with the majority.

    And since credibility is really the bottom line for any news organization’s continued existence, it is a serious issue for them. It simply makes no sense for them to work so hard to cultivate their readership/audience through strict editorial and news policy on the one hand, and then to just throw that all away in respect of the Letters to the Editor column, say, by allowing interlopers with their own agenda to dominate the forum.

    This is even more critical for forums like Solivakasama which ONLY exercise its editorial authority in respect of the stories it runs, and the comments it allows. Solivakasama has cultivated its own niche audience precisely BECAUSE of its editorial selection of stories, and the outlet for venting frustration against the military IG that is only available on the Net. Moreover, the SV audience does not log on to the site to read pro-Frank charades engineered by the military propaganda ghost-writers, they log on to read realistic no-holds-barred stories that portray Frank and the Regime as most people see them.

    So just as the Times protects its own reputation and its audience-experience by expunging fake letters from fictitious activists and sham supporters, so must Solivakasama protect itself in the same, industry-standard way. I therefore suggest that the SV editorial team begins by limiting the pro-Frank comments on the blogs to REAL people (goodbye Destiny/John Veikoso/Stiremup/Budhau etc.) raising real issues, within their real-world spread in the general populace who would actually want to visit this site on a regular basis (>5%).

    I don’t know if anyone remembers the post-NCBBF launch period when for some reason the military propaganda unit called off its dogs on the freedom blogs. That ended the meddling intrusion of VTS and Niggy Tardust and the other make-believe blog opponents, and for a couple of months, we had absolute peace on the blogs until just recently. I must say that I missed the cut-and-thrust of arguing with those bogus bloggers during that hiatus – but one thing it demonstrated for sure was the real number of coup-supporters who would actually frequent the freedom blogs on their own initiiative if they were not compelled to do so by orders or mission objectives. That is – practically none!

  16. Sisiveni Says:

    Mark Manning:
    That’s alot of items to google. But tell us what you got…what do you know … CIA involvement..again????

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka Mark for the insight and the advice!
    Appreciate the info!

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    I can’t hold your hand for you !

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Unless you pay me more !

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    by the way sisveni
    1/ you could be CIA
    2/I explained to you all that you need to outsource the work , it would be faster and more accurate .
    It took me 2 hours this morning and 30 minutes to get it onto this site for some reason ?
    I guess it might have been scanned by the CIA 1st !
    3/ My point this morning was that if you forget the past , you are bound to repeat it , so go and do your homework please . I could be typing crap for all you know , but if you see it on the internet sites for yourself , then you’ll know it’s more credible than Mark Manning’s comments !

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    If you look at one of the sites , it does mention that Mr Whitlam was about to expose Pine Gap as being a spy station for the USA Government and that the CIA were in-touch with ASIO in Australia to have them discredit Mr Whitlam . Coincidentally , despite it being remembrance day , Mr Whitlam and his Government were sacked the same day , the 11th of November 1975 . The soldiers who fell in conflicts all over the world are remembered on this day every year on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month .
    To have sacked a Government on that day , was tantamount to sacrilege .
    Like burning a Church on Sunday or soldiers sworn to protect civilians , abducting , torturing and molesting innocent men and women civilians on Christmas eve 2006 !
    Ring a bell ?
    But here’s one site for you sisiveni : -
    And you guys call yourselves educated ! Are you Military Intelligence ?

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Another blundering move by the hairy arse for ordering the FT publisher to his office. He is starting to find some pleasure in exercising his acquired power bequeathed to him by the cowardo pig who stole it from the people’s government. I-arse is questioning whether the paper supports a certain political party. What a low brainer this hairy arse is with his line of questions. Can’t he see that all papers are having the some undertones in their reports and it surely means that they are reporting on what is happening and not on the behest of any political party. What good is there to report about the ig anyway.

    The only so called good that is ongoing now is the farter charter and all its manquins on board this fake institution cheerleading to citizens and urging us to support it for its worthy cause. Okay if they are genuine in what they say as it being a worthy cause can we not wait till 2009 to have it properly and legally instituted by the legally elected govt. that would make this charter all the more noble and sincere instrument for instituting a better governance for Fiji.

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    Bear with me for a small digression please folks – On Fijilive, FB is telling us all to grow more food to mitigate against rising food prices. Can someone near the control tower please ask him to land, this boy is way up in the clouds, perhaps the lack of oxygen is strangling his brain cells.

    Who in Fiji would NOT plant bele in their backyard, or utilise their small teitei to the max when prices are going up. We maybe poor but we are not stupid.

    On the other hand we see on television the heartbreak of the old Indian man evicted from Wairabetia because his lease has expired after he has lived there more than 80 years and does not have the $10,000 demanded by the landowners. I’m sure he could use some of that Haryana money. Do they still not know there are fewer of us everyday with access to arable land.

    Is FB listening to the Consumer Council and does he know the types of goods and services affected by rising prices. Then they go and remove the 1 & 2 cent coins so everything will be rounded up to the nearest 5 cent mark.

    To top it all off, MPC goes on leave, supposedly because there is not enough work, can you believe that? What about getting on with counter-inflationary measures guys, like six months ago. The Gov of Reserve Bank is sayng the economy is diving and FB runs ads in the papers to the contrary. Its a clear day boy- land before you run out of fuel. Sorry about the rant, I just get so frustrated.

    Lord help us this day, make FB see the truth and feel the pain of our kinfolk in the villages and squatter settlements throughout Fiji – AMEN!

  24. taukei Says:

    Good points, Mark Manning!

    However, the CRITICAL ISSUE here is not the “real men and heroes amongst [the military]” or the “proud history” of the Fiji military. I am sure there are MANY honorable men in the military. And yes, the MILITARY does have a very proud history.


    people are SIMPLY sick and tired to death of CONTINUOUS MILITARY INTERFERENCE IN THE GOVERNMENT AND IN THEIR LIVES for the past 20 years.



  25. Sisiveni Says:

    Mark Manning:
    Good stuff… actually it would be best to have a summary of your findings & opinion…pls and I will read what you’ve given. Looking forward…may be send it to Soli as an article/opinon ..

  26. Sisiveni Says:

    Mark post it here..

  27. taukei Says:

    Good points, Mark Manning! —- esp. about harsh penalties and a strong police force.

    However, the CRITICAL ISSUE here is not the “real men and heroes amongst [the military]” or the “proud history” of the Fiji military. I am sure there are MANY honorable men in the military. And yes, the MILITARY does have a very proud history.


    people are SIMPLY sick and tired to death of CONTINUOUS MILITARY INTERFERENCE IN THE GOVERNMENT AND IN THEIR LIVES for the past 20 years.



    Take a look at Costa Rica – it abolished its military 50 years ago after a bloofy civil war and today it is the most prosperous central American nation. Costa Rica does not have an army but maintains an internal security force.

  28. Peace Pipe Says:

    Islandboy, I wonder if the pig ever stuck a cassava stick in the ground to be telling us to do that. Inflation is going up and thats all the advice he can give? He has no way of assimilating the way normal people live. Saw his govt ad in the papers and quickly bypassed it. Just read a few of the rosy claims he is making saying the economy improved compared to 2006. Yeah in 2006 we lost one month in December so that may be the reason 2006 was lower. But how do they explain the -4% in economy in 2007. 2008 is a 2% growth forecast if that is realiable of course. Anyway that is 2% over last year’s -4% which is still a deficit of -2% of 2006.

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    this is not really about the CIA , I was just pointing out that nothing is as it seems . The site I sent you just now , was in 1977 , 2 years after the dismissal of the Whitlam Government and nobody , except those involved , will ever know the truth . The issue in this article is that Frankenstein was stating he did the coup using the Doctrine of necessity as the excuse for his actions and he compared that at the beginning of this coup , with the sacking of the Whitlam Government . I’m explaining the background of that dismissal so you won’t be fooled when the regime re commence their court case next week . So you do your homework . I can only get my information from the same place you can . The CIA and ASIO don’t report to me !

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    that is sad to do that to an 80 year old man , I can’t believe a Fijian would have it in their hearts to do that . What is this coup doing to Fiji and her people ? It’s very disturbing .
    But God gave us the land and he can take it back at anytime . I hope this landowner finds it in his heart to change his mind . A tsunami , flood or drought could be the end result if not !
    It’s not a very Christian response , a bit of the old greed stepping in or just a reaction to the fact that the Indians are backing this coup ! But wasn’t the Indigenous Fijian responsible for and behind the 1987 coup , the 1st. one ?

  31. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Can someone try and rustle up the “Exposing the Lie” story to post here on SV? I love a read of it if it has got the Regime so worked up!

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s not rocket science folks , just key in ” doctrine of necessity Fiji ” to the google search .
    Take a look at the last sentence of the 1st. paragraph !
    I think I might appoint myself President given that the IG can’t even Govern a b.b.q. or football match !

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    jean d’ark
    I hope this helps , try the 14th paragraph and key into the google search , ” Soli Vakasama ” to bring up other pages .

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    Frankenstein was hiding behind section 109 (1) of the Fiji Constitution , trouble is , he appointed himself President , which he can’t do as the GCC is the only Authority to do that .
    Does this foolish excuse for a Commander understand the separation of powers in the Westminster system of Government which Fiji has ?
    Section 109 Dismissal of Prime Minister

    (1) The President may not dismiss a Prime Minister unless the Government fails to get or loses the confidence of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister does not resign or get a dissolution of the Parliament.
    (2) If the President dismisses a Prime Minister, the President may, acting in his or her own judgement, appoint a person as a caretaker Prime Minister to advise a dissolution of the Parliament.
    The Fiji Constitution :

  35. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Talking of rocket science, it doesn’t take much to see how the Chodopu$$ is damned by words from his own mouth!

    Back in March last year Mr Know-it-all, Mahendra Pal Chaudhry put out some media propaganda about all he was going to do for the economy, including his favourite sector the sugar industry. With the benefit of time we can now score his results against his boasts.

    Question and answer with the Minister for Finance, National Planning and Sugar Industry, Mahendra Chaudhry

    Mar 30, 2007, 16:40

    By Anshoo Mala Chandra
    Ministry of Information

    Boast: “We intend to get back to where we were at one point in time,
    producing over 450,000 tonnes of sugar.”

    Result: A total of 237,418 tonnes of sugar were produced.

    Boast: “We remain hopeful of accessing the $350 million from the EU which will be utilized over a seven-year time frame. It is certain that the sugar cane farmers will benefit from that.”

    Result: it’s not looking good for the elections that have to be held for this assistance to be accessed.

    Boast: “We firmly believe that with better governance and improved milling operations there will be efficiency gains, which will restore profitability of the FSC.”

    Result: 91,000 tonnes of cane were left standing in the fields when the season ended – 60,000 tonnes in the Labasa Mill area, 20,000 tonnes in the Lautoka Mill area, 6000 tonnes in the Penang Mill area and 5000 tonnes in the Rarawai Mill area. Based on the expected price of $50 per tonne of cane for the season, farmers lost $4.550million due to nharvested crop. This is apart from millions of dollars lost through poor sugar extraction due to milling inefficiencies. The sugar production is the lowest since 1970.

    Worst of all, the State had to import 20,000 tonnes of sugar from India at a cost of $14million, to be paid from industry proceeds. This means 70 per cent of the cost or $9million will be borne by farmers.

    The Chodopu$$ was a great champion of the sugar farmer when all he needed to do was throw stones at others. Now he is in the driver’s seat he doesn’t look so smart.

    Boast: “With respect to money leaving our shores unlawfully/illegally, it is the responsibility of the Reserve Bank of Fiji to stringently monitor movement of large sums of money out of the country. The RBF has put in place some exchange control measures, which has tightened the outflow of capital from Fiji and we need to further strengthen these measures.”

    Result: well, we better not mention money off-shore after it is discovered that the man himself has at least a million plus scattered around Australia and New Zealand.

  36. Tuma Says:

    “On the other hand we see on television the heartbreak of the old Indian man evicted from Wairabetia because his lease has expired after he has lived there more than 80 years and does not have the $10,000 demanded by the landowners.”
    Didn’t anyone listen to this news story properly? Propaganda reeks of it. Granted $10,000 is a bit excessive but they’re the landowners so they have demand rights. After 80 years this guy is still poor and does not have any money. Jeepers he just mentioned he forked out $40,000 all on his own to build a temple next to his home. Believe me he probably has 2mil sitting in his bank account.

  37. yanu Says:

    It may sound cruel but if I’m renting a house, what do I do when the rent contract lapses? I ask FijiTV to capture my moving out? Yes it can be heartbreaking watching all these footage, but boy, how many times you’ve seen that on TV? Come to think of it too, didn’t the good book says that you must worship with spirit and truth? My reading of this is; worship is all within you, u need not a temple, not an image, not even a padre! So when its time to go, meda taura la nodai vola ni tiko (qai), sa da tiko (qai) sara la yani!

  38. IslandBoy Says:

    @JdA – Wouldn’t this have to come from the iAG’s office. According to Netani Rika, on TV news tonight, when he was handed the copy of the article after his publisher was summoned, it was the first time he saw it.

    Could they be so desperate as to start making stuff up? I kinda sussed something was rotten in the state of Denmark when iAG said the article was given to them from a source inside the Fiji Times. What a cheap ploy to get the FT staff to start suspecting each other.

    @ Corruption Fighter – why don’t you write this as a special feature in the maintream dailies. If you don’t want your name to it, ask one of the Editors to assign you a journo to work with and you can feed and coach the journo. Its really good for us to remember that MPC writes cheques with his mouth his arse can’t cash.

    @ Tuma – I don’t know about you but in many cases I am familliar with, a bank loan and sheer hard work over more than 20/30 years got most people their houses.

    A lot of subsistence level/crop farmers I have known have built up their homesteads and raised their families over a lifetime of hard backbreaking toil. They make and save just enough to keep up with their expenses and even then, a lot of times they fall short or have to go without. So I wouldn’t expect him to have $10K cash at his immediate disposal.

    Yes the landowners have rights, absolutely, but like all rights, there is a lot of responsibility attached. Sorry this is not personal, but I can’t believe you when you say he probably has $2M tucked away in his bank account.

    Comparatively, US$500K gets you an automatic green card and a lot less for NZ and Oz, so why would he want to slog it out in Wairabetia when he can be cruising easy street.

  39. woilei Says:

    IslandBoy – it’ easy – it is done for the power + the glory = EGO

    Some people cant help themselves.

  40. Anon Says:

    Lease is a lease. Whether its 100 years, or 1000 years. When its expires, you renew the lease or renew your life and get out. Imagine the pressure landowners will face if the lease is renewed say for another 30 years. At the end of it, Fiji TV will sy, the Prakash have been living on this land for over 110, yeras…and if it is again renewed 10 times after that.. they will say, the Prakash have been living on this land for over 400 years…see their ploy. They are laying their claims to the land…It time to get them out and start using the land on a big scale as has been said.

  41. natewaprince Says:

    Very true Tuma.This is what happens when the land owners get pissed off with the current state of affairs,they hit out in the only way they can by not renewing leases.

    If the Taukei’s interest are guaranteed and the next Taukei-friendly prime minister requests it,I’m sure the land owners will renew all expiring leases.

    Like a friend of mine said,when the shit hits the fan,to the Fijians,every Indian will look like Chodo(ie the Taukei will treat all kulina’s the same,moku mate).

  42. Dauvavana Says:

    Jone Veikoso, kawa ni boci, o mai vosa tu e na ka ni qele, kai Veitiri no qele

  43. mak Says:

    vinaka yanu boy

  44. Dauvavana talega Says:


    Dyou really think Jone Veikoso would be using his real name to blog on this site ? I dont think so, bro. Like you, he wouldnt. Your attack above is getting rather personal. Retract please !

    And NOTE. The Jone Veikoso you refer to as ‘kawa ni boci’ e tu na kena qele. E dua na tikina lada a soli i na Lotu ka ra a ta mai kina o ira me veiliutaki ena Lotu Wesele ni bera ni tokitaki mai Davuilevu. O ya na kawa ni boci vei iko? Se sa levu soti sara vakacava na qele ni nomu kawa? Kua so!

  45. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Dauvavana Talega, Tulou saka! This Jone Veikoso I am refering to is the one on the Blog who someone mentioned before (in an earliar entry) is from Kiuva and a relative of Voreqe that lives in New Zealand. I am calling him a kai Veitiri from Kiuva with no qele. I am talking because I am also a Kaiveitiri with no qele and proud of it and would not budge into anything to do with land like his relo Vore and what he is doing with NLTB and FAB because we should leave that to those that own land.

    In the olden days, my land is the warclub that was why I lived in the veitiri. From my traditional line, I would rather die then say anything bad about the Vanua of Naibati and its Vuvale Vakaturaga, whom I believe you are referring to. Tilou saka, my yatu vakavanua to Naibati make it as such and if you are from there you would know where I come from when I make this statement.

    On the other hand I don’t no Natena. Sorry, if I offend someone by saying that but that is the simple truth!

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