Postcard from Cassandra

Bula Soli,

I have been out of town for a few days. While traveling I noted that a blogger going by the name Island Boy, one of the new kids on the blogging block, had wondered what my reading of the budget papers said about funding for the National whatever it is, you know, the body that starts with an N and includes, two bs an f and a c. Without my papers to check I was unable to confirm what the budget provides for the aforesaid abomination.

Upon my return to the windy capital, i checked my Budget Estimates paper and could not find the $2.4 million that John Samy opined was not enough for his body’s role. There is an amount of about $400,000 tucked away in the PM’s office and flagged for the acronymed body that now consists almost entirely of Frank’s toadies. You have to look hard to see it. I have attached JPEG copies of the two relevant pages. The amount is shown on the second page.

There are a few grants of various kinds in the same general budget area in the Prime Minister’s Office. They are lumped together with the charter. It might have been these funds that John Samy was told he could access. But look at the detail of these on the second page and you see that much of this is bespoke for the Council of Rotuma and the Rabi and Kioa Councils. The IG may be intending to raid these.

Then there’s about $1.6 million, in two dollops, of grant funds from Taiwan. But if you add these to the $400K you don’t get $2.4m. I suspect John Samy had some idea that foreign governments would rush in and fund assistance packages under the Charter. Poor old Samy, I think he might have been misled by Chaudhry if he thinks he’s got $2.4 million in the bank. Chaudhry will no doubt say, “you said you’d get donors to put money into the kitty”. The IG is not a class act I’m afraid. But I guess you already know that by now,


15 Responses to “Postcard from Cassandra”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Where ever it comes from, it is a waste of money!

    Only an elected government can change things in Fiji.

    A talk feast is taking Fiji nowhere.

    Green goons; give up! You have got nowhere to go.

  2. taukei Says:

    Bananarama-Chod must be nipped in the bud immediately….

  3. taukei Says:

    Bananarama-Chod “government” must be nipped in the bud immediately….

  4. natewaprince Says:

    $770,000 for two overseas consultants????? Jeepers,these white falla’s are making a killing from the tax-payers.Win or lose,they win.What with the lawyers defending the numerous cases brouhgt against this illegal regime,

    That plus the various inquiry teams and allowances for our local leeches.That adds up to millions of dollars,bloody hell.

  5. taukei Says:

    Re: Bananarama-ChodChoda/Chodu “Government”

    Mahendra Pal Scum Chaudhry is not a “Chaudhry” and not from Haryana.

    He is a scumbag “Girmitya” (low caste descendant of Indian laborers without any present roots in India) like Pramesh Chand.

    Mahendra Pal Scum Chaudhry’s father’s first name (not surname) was “Chaudhry”. His surname was, I believe, Prasad.

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Shoot the bas@#*%.. and SHOOOOT TO KILLLLL !!

  7. Joretani Says:

    $770k is only Sami himself plus Francis bipin narayan – the 2 kiwis who wrote that crap charter proposal.

    This is why no progress on elections, because the whole of the goverment is focused on the charter that will give frank and his goons and all those who helped them do the coup IMMUNITY

    For all that they send out teams to schools (to indoctrinate children about the charter), to villages and every day on the FBCL Bula FM talkbacks at 1pm and 7pm, where they try to SIMPLIFY but give no DETAILS about what exactly the Charter means, they have not made widely available the CONSULTATION DOCUMENT from which they will write the STATE OF THE NATION REPORT – there is no TRANSPARENCY when it comes to the detail. Sure, its a beautifully simple argument to say “lets move forward”, “ensure a better future” but the DEVIL is in the DETAILS fools!

    And Samy is smart enough to make sure their detail documents is not available publicly – like the terms of reference of each working group and sub committee and WHO are the members of each committee – the people only find out when media take a picture on the meetings where not all members are there.

    But then, this has never been a transparent process from the get-go. Like the coup, the charter was plotted in the dark, in the corners, under the mango tree, and they continue to work in the dark, typical of the liars, thieves and murderers of the RFMF and its treasonous regime.

  8. big brother Says:

    these two no-school pretenders choro and voceke have done very well for themselves!

    how many more in their cabinet didnt finish school?

  9. taukei Says:

    “The great mass of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” — Adolf Hitler (1889–1945), German dictator. Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 10 (1925).

    The BIG LIE of the Bananarama-Chod/Choda/Chodu “Government” is:


  10. taukei Says:

    That ‘gaandu’ (passive sodomite) butt-hole BANANAS-RAMMING-MAMAS and that BAINI-CHOD (‘bainimarama’-fu**er’) are a disgrace to our nation and to the intelligence of the Fijian community.

    These two butt-holes—bananas-ramming-mamas and baini-chod—whose collective IQs are less than Forrest Gump—must be nipped in the bud.

  11. Tim Says:

    Hands up who thinks Frank’s, or iIarse, or Teleni, or Driti or any one of them is worth $2.4m. No? How about $700k?? No? No wonder Frank has bodyguards, but he might have to start paying them a bit more.

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @Cassandra – My apologies if this is a little late, just got in and dialled up to read your response. Many thanks from the new kid on the block.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    don’t waste a perfectly good bullit !

  14. Danny Boy Says:

    $2.4 million for a worthless exercise….What a waste..

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Indeed… one that you can pollute with repeats !

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