Press Release from Ro Filipe Tuisawau, Rewa.

The Regime has broken nearly every provision in the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People and the latest was when they used Nukulau Island to test fire their mortars. That act was inciteful and heaping insult on insult after the insults to our chiefs especially the Roko Tui Dreketi.

The mortar tests in the qoliqolis of the Vanua of Burebasaga in the domain of the Roko Tui Dreketi was a breach of protocol and also Article 30 of the UN DRIP which restricts military activity on indigenous territories unless the people consented. 

Such acts should be conducted on Chaudry’s or Voreqes lands or qoliqoli if they have any. 

With the abuses and destruction of tradition, culture and institutions of the Fijian people including the GCC,  it is important the we the Fijian people and chiefs exercise restraint at all times and and be non violent. 

At the end of the day, history has shown that the Godly qualities of truth, honesty, righteousness will always triumph over deceit, greed and the way of the gun. 

When all this is over, we Fijians must examine ways and means that will ensure that we will never again be trodden by the current state terrorism we are now subjected to. We must ensure that our Fijian provinces enable Articles 3 and 4 of the UN DRIP ie self determination and autonomous self governing Fijian Provinces free from state domination and exploitation as experienced today. 

On the Public Order Act, since Dec 06, inciteful acts and statements against Fijian chiefs, the GCC, Fijian Native land and Fijians institutions have been made by Voreqe, Chaudry and Khaiyum – why haven’t these people been charged under the PO Act while the chiefs who are legitimately responsding have been threatened with this Act?

The double standards is all too typical of the totalitarian states such as Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and Burma. Nothing based on lies and deceit will last. Watch my words.

Ro Filipe Tuisawau.



44 Responses to “Press Release from Ro Filipe Tuisawau, Rewa.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yea well! The shame is that just because the Indo in Fiji have been shat on for a Century or more, the solution by those that follow the “master Chodo” seem to think there is a need to shit on the indigenous.
    Thankfully there are many Indo Fijians that don’t agree. Unfortunately they are usually those that have left the country (just as an aside, they’re often also those that realise the Chodo has self interest as his primary interest).
    For those that haven’t left, get yourself an understanding of the spiritual affinity the indigenous have with this thing we call “Earth”. It’s something over and above the natural instinct we all have for survival.

    And more than that, don’t blame the ills inflicted on you by former colonial masters on the indigenous of the nation you cohabit.

    UNFORTUNATELY the man with the guns, the disability, the self interest, the paranoia, the legacy of his loins all safely tucked up outside Fiji, the poor dumb bitch he calls a wife, the son with a little dick that expresses his manhood by waving an extended unarmed weapon, and his hangers on that are so pathetic they see value in licking his boots, see a future in trying to persuade you that they “are the way the world should be”

    Thank Christ there are an overwhelming majority that KNOW otherwise.

    Actually, I long for the day (travel bans lifted et al) that I am able to face VB face to face and “1 on 1” and unencumbered.
    Actually more than that, so does my former wife. If that ever happens, I know my only duty would be to clean up the shit streaks along the pavement left by a paranoic little munter with runny guts

  2. NadroKid Says:

    Vina valevu Ratu!

    Kwaya vina koto vuaru!

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Our first reaction to this regimes illegal actions is strike back violently against the armed goons.We could do this as some of our fellow bloggers suggest,but the heavy casualties we would suffer does not make it a viable option.

    Not that I am scared of them.If we could succeed and I was the only one to pay the ultimate price,I would lead us out tomorrow against these cowardly goons.

    But there would be too many widows and orphans left behind if we let our anger and emotions get the better of us.We must be patient and play it smart so that there is minimal casualties on our side.

    Let the bastards turn on each other and they just might do the job for us.Otherwise we will go in and kick the asses of whoever is left after they have finished their internal squabbling.They are all ready starting to turn on themselves.

    Be patient folks,you will know when that time comes.I have been advised on this stand by my friends who are also waiting for the right time.

    We are not cowards,just be patient for a little while longer.Sa voleka na kena gauna,wawa ga vaka lailai.

  4. Kaiviti Says:

    Prince vinakavakalevu nomu press release….we are with you all the way!

  5. Tim Says:

    Kia Ora NP!.
    The junta is unsustainable (unless there is outside help from you know where – in which case they’d better forget their need for Uranium)

    Let em tear each other apart. The blame game has already begun.

    I’m still longing for the day when I can get to see that pathetic little tantrum throwing munter again face to face.
    Actually I wouldn’t mind if the I-Arse and his protector mother-figure wanna be butch bitch stood either side of Frank. They’re all as useless as tits are on a bull.

    On a more serious note, it looks like the future of Fiji’s financial well being, as long as aid plays a role, might well be grovelling to India and China. But then, as I pointed out, they’re both in need of cheap Urianium that is of far more value than some jumped up delusional figure that sees himself as the “saviour of Fiji”.

  6. Burebasaga4eva Says:

    Rewa Au cibi tu! Such words of wisdom from a high chief do tug at the Fijian’s heart string

  7. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Latest announcement by Bureau of Stats is that inflation for the month of Feb stood at 7.4%. This is the highest in the last decade!

    Sa qai toso cake tikoga na dredre. The economy of this country is on the way to total collapse and the iPM does not have any idea how serious this scenario is.

    Baleta ga ni sega tu ni dua na ka e kila baleta na economy ni vanua o Viti! What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tui Says:

    Wananavu Ro Filipe. I’m glad the NLTB stood it’s ground on the Native Reserves issue. It should sound warning bells to the pig that not all is well in the IG faity tale land. I hope Kalaveti and the NLTB Task Force Team will come to their senses and realize that their so-called Fijian Affairs Minister is selling Fiji to the chodo’s mother-land. Dou kida tiko na dabe tiko qori mai Paliamedi. Kua tiko na moce kei na vaka teratera wavoki. Sa kua mada na lasu tiko kei na vesimona dou cakava tiko. Qarauna de na kuita taki kemudou na vanua.
    On a side not, I went to the shops today just to have a look at the price of groceries and its scary how the price of basic food items are going up every day and unchecked by the PIB and Consumer council. An example, the cost of a packet of powered milk is now $5.80! You watch, by Friday next week it will be close to $6.00. Now it’s the same with sugar, flour, rice etc. How on earth are Fijians earning $80 a week going to survive? This when we hear all these consultants advising FIRCA and government with annual salaries of more then $300,000! I hear the “Tea Lady” AL, is going to sitting on $100,000! Io sa yaga na volitaki dri vei chodo!
    Anyway, stay safe people and have a good weekend. Bless.

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Vinaka Ro Filipe. If only all chiefs are like him educated intelligent and brave in the face of adversity and to fight for the good of the people. Ro Filipe and Beddoes and other advocates of freedom are people of substance and integrity for their constant opposition to this illegal oppresive regime and the mouthpiece of the silent majority.

    We have 12 months now before election so a bit more patience would do us good. We command the pig that election is a must or else he will be history when the wrath of the people will descend upon him and his cohorts. That will be the turning point if he does deliver the elections to the people. Meanwhile lets hope they just implode soon and application of force will not be necessary.

  10. tagimaucia Says:

    Well… well.. the Rewa boy speaks. Isnt this the same pathetic individual that was ready to jump into bed with the regime in their early days? They threw in the bait and he fell for it. But the regime withdrew.. LOL!

    When the letter confirming his appointment as ceo-ats was not forhcoming, he turned against them. And here we have him throwing tantrums like a deprived kid! Aaaah.. he has different agenda folks! Hes up against the regime with a personal vendetta.

    Go it yrself vilive! O iko na ika tani!

  11. Cabenivula Says:

    Maqa leqa:
    Talking about food prices now. But imagine the rest of the year with wheat supplies going out in the next few weeks. Check out this article
    Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise and its impact on further hikes in the price of bread, beer, biscuits and other basic foods.

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tagimaucia – I find your comments very interesting. What do you mean by ” O iko na ika tani.” I am somewhat surprised that he is doing a 180 degree turn in terms of the Gone Marama, whom he had foolishly challenged for the title of RTD earlier in the piece. Thus I find his press release somewhat disingenous.

    In addition the release is hardly enlightening. Was he lined up for the ATS job? What went wrong?

  13. Gone ni Rewa Says:

    Tagimaucia..Watch your comments. Yes there was the appointment but Ratu did not really take it. It was happening at a time of instability, He is a true educated chief from my village. Defending our rights and values.

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    Vei kemudou na noqu naita, au kere vakabibi and also you Tagimoucia, can we put our personal differences aside and fight for the common goo/goal of getting rid of the crooks currently ruling our beloved Land.

    Come on people let’s support those bold and brave enough to challenge the illegal regime.

    Au kerea na nomudou R.B. (Royal Blood) 🙂 me biu koto mada vakatikitiki oti mada nai valu oqo.

  15. Woilei Says:

    Io vinaka well said Dauvavana ,,, we need to get together ALL of us FROM ALL OVER Viti for our common good. Lets do it and not let the petty differences and the old tribal idiosyncrasies interfere with this our MOST FEARSOME BATTLE ever in our little history.

    Whoever is with us is with us.

  16. Tebara Says:

    Majority of those that hold paramount/chiefly status have dabbled in politics at one time in their life. It could be that Filipe Tuisawau was initially involved in the job offer status earlier on in the regime… that is beside the facts and he was applying on merit too. However that is not relevant at present. What is important is that he is one of the few (mainly Chiefs from Burebas) whos got the guts to speak up with valid points and harshly against the dealings of the Bullys regime. For that we give him credit.

  17. Beranaliva Says:

    Tagimaucia………may I just correct you?
    The facts are:
    * Ro Filipe was approached by the IG thru words only
    * “I” in IG means illegal you dumb fuck, so Ro Filipe was never going to accept any offer from this illegal govt.
    * He was waiting for the letter of offer and not confirmation of appointment.
    * The IG found out (thru their “INTELLIGENCE”) and didnot want to risk the embarassment of being turned down, so the rest you know you stupid idiot
    * Ro Filipe had genuine reasons and intentions, and the people respect him for that, not as a high chief but as a person
    * Ro Temumu is strongly against the IG, and maybe you’ll call the Gone Marama Bale a “pathetic individual……….like a deprived kid” as well?
    * Or maybe you have some kind of sad personal vendetta against Ro Filipe?
    We are all speaking the same language here with similar objective.
    Please Tagimaucia….GET A LIFE or go and suck up to Voreqe and Chodo.
    Power to the People!

  18. tagimaucia Says:

    @Dauvavana – thank you for yr humble plea!

    Indeed, this forum is united on one thing. We dont need someone like him to deviate us from our focus. His fight against the regime is personal, period. He would have taken that appointment had the letter been issued. But he misfired because the regime had a change of heart!

    Ika tani – he should not use this forum for his personal use. It is not for his PR. Yes, we are united, and will remain so, to the end of our fight. And, I just detest the way he is continually referred to (in the media) as the young chief, prince, etc. My oath!

    Dear bloggers, we are on a level playing field here. Everyone is the same; because we are ONE in this fight!

    Bless you all!

  19. Rewa au cibi tu Says:

    Tagi: enough of the personal vendettas please. Lets just focus on the IG

    Ro Filipe has consistently been criticising the IG since day one. His courageous letters in the dailies have been pointing out the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the IG – he has named himself and stood by his opinion. So I don’t know why you are digging this up. Yes, I was one of the many shocked by the news that he might be the new ATS CEO in that first week of Voreqe/Chaudhry’s coup. But the announcement was made without consultation with him – RFMF had thougt wrongly that he would fall in with their plans, thinking that he’d happily stab his aunt and the SDL. Qai cala nodratou nanuma. He roundly rejected any suggestion that he would accept an illegal position offered by the usurpers. So to my mind, this question was asked and answered that same day, when he denied the offer from self-proclaimed President Frank. Hello! So I have to ask Tagi – were you not paying attention that day. So much time has passed now since then and Ro Filipe has presented and proven his credentials as a future leader of the i Taukei! Tops ga o Roko Tui Dreketi! Tops ga o Rewa! Vinaka Ro Filipe!

    E sega ni vakaturaga me ciqomi na itutu e cala vakalawa, ka kovei vakaukauwa. Dou nanuma cala ni dou tautauvata kei Ro Filipe, me kania ka kakana e butakoci!

    Dou na ora mai Voreqe! Dou na luaraka mai na ilavo, na vale, na matanitu dou qumia ka butakoca!

  20. Go the Fijians! Says:

    tagimaucia! U sound like a disgruntled dumped ex! Talk about 10 years later then you decide to make your claim. Get off yr freaking ass and prove your claims right here in this forum, start by explaining to us bloggers how is it you are able to read the junta’s mind as well as Ro Filipe’s? Ulu pepa!!

  21. Burebasaga4eva Says:

    My take is different. He was offered the position but turned it down.

  22. tagimaucia Says:

    sorry, Im fijian… he’s ex is indian. I have no personal grudges.

    as peacemaker says:


  23. Go the Fijians! Says:

    Spoken like an evasive little rat.

    No proof = a personal grudge. Get a life!

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tagimaucia. Perhaps you know something the rest of us don’t and I realise you mention this because of the credibility of the source. Well so be it. Even if I did not agree with what you say, this is after all a blog site where transparency and open discussions are encouraged, so I also defend your right to say what you want. I don’t think anyone should resort to personal insult in response to your opinion. Kerekere me kua ni kedatou mai vi rukaki tu ena matana levu.

    Having said that, au via kerei kemuni mo ni yalo vaka marama ka biu toka mada vakatikitiki na veitalanoa baleta na gone qo. Au sa madua sa la ni sa kerea kedatou mai o Naita Dauvavana.

    @ Dauvavana – Naita mata kaka, nomuni lewa ga me vakabau. Dua tale naka o ni malekate? Ni kanaka ga mai!!!!

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    E dua beka na leqa i tiko mai na delta?

    Tagimaucia.. yalovinaka mo yali mada.

  26. Go the Fijians! Says:

    Isa, we hve anr mindreader in islandboy! Please stop fueling speculation that is proving to be baseless, u’re both playing right into the junta’s hands who are doing their best to discredit the outspoken young chief.

  27. tagimaucia Says:


  28. tagimaucia Says:

    vinaka LUVfiji… au su qai !

  29. Go the Fijians! Says:

    tagimaucia, au kerea mo kua ni yali sara vakayawa .. & I’m sorry for calling you names.

    Just get over yr dislike for Ro Filipe coz i simply can’t understand or empathize with you just based on what’s being written here versus Ro Filipe’s consistent public comments against the regime. Its the cynic in me i guess.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita Island Boy,

    keitou sa raica la na Marama, ya sa rauti keitou sara la.

    Dou qai moce koto na Naita Royal Blood. Me rau kalougata ka qaqa tiko na veivugoni mai Burenivudi ni rau sa butuka tu ka keitou kila ni sa vovoleka sara tiko me sa matanicagi nei Rewa na liutaki ni noda Vanua.

    Butuka Tu!!!

    Loloma mai na Dela ni Waisiliva

  31. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Ratu Filipe is a loser; he is not even respected in his village, viavia mai Ratu tiko bloody nobody,his wife is more a Ratu then this guy!!!..sorry Gay!!! Sa sega ni rawa e dua na ka qai na Koro mo kilai!!!

  32. Tebara Says:

    Imroz … o sa vosa tale tiko mai vaka na kaiviti …Iko karua ga kei nomu tutua o Vore na masi volo tiko vei ira na tericoki ….!!

  33. IslandBoy Says:

    @ LUVfiji – Segai ni dua na leqa kemuni, mai na baravi kei Mataisuva ki na yanuyanu o Beqa, mai na toba ko Suva, ki Laucala na Tebara taucoko e totoka vakaoti, bau kina o ira na wekai kitou vaka turaga mai Tokatoka kei Nakelo. Ni gadi mada mai e na nodra gauna ni veiliutaki vou qo na GMB, moni mai vakadinadina taka.

    @ Dauvavana – Ena liu tikoga o Kubuna ena vei gauna qima, oya sa bulia na Kalou, sai tuvatuva tudei ni noda vanua. Kemuni sa rogoca qima na qaqa ni sere, NI VOSA LA MAI NAITA!

    @ Tagimaucia – Gonei kua ni qai – daru laga mada vi Naita Dauvavana va qo ne:

    Ciri malua koto ko Viwa
    Kiuva, Kaba, Nairai
    Laki Toberua sara
    Mai cake o Moturiki, Verata
    E loma yanuyanu Turaga
    I die there!!!!

    Kusa Buna, raici koya sa lai kanaka sara na GMB, daru laga me yalo vinaka de qai vanai kedatou e nona dakai bitu. Ena dela dela ni wai siliva.

    Now here is a solution – sa kua na vi ba – kua na vi vala. Sa da make love ga yani vi ira na naita. Io me na dua ga na marama naita qaqa ni Filisitia me bolei naita MPC taumada, mei vakamalumu ni nona nave ni lawaki ca.

  34. LUVfiji Says: e sa matata la na gusumudou na Turaga Naita. Me da qaiva la yani na nomudou baravi veinukunuku qori me qai vadugu no mai kena ua — e totoka, e totoka!

    Io sa dina; me qaqa tikoga na nomudou Vale Levu. Me kalougata tiko na Gone Marama Bale.

    Ni vosota ni mai cavubaleti tiko e dua na nomudou gone. E votivoti no beka vi Tagimaucia nai rogorogo ni vola ‘oya. E kanaka o koya ni se via sugu i tutu tiko ga na gone qori. Daumaka beka me se tei vakamanoa taki tale mada? Oilei vilive!

    Yes, let us stay united in this fight, good bloggers. Peace to u all!

    Victory to Hillary!!

  35. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – na cava tale ni waraka Naita Mata Mosimosi, daru mai vakasisisi ena dela ni kisi. Kilu ga vakadua mo ni kila na wai makare dina. Vosoti au Naita, Sigatabu beka edai? Ni sa mai vakavuna noqu veilecayaki.

    Naita – O Ilari qori na yaka vauta, wati Viliame na qase molau dau solia yarayara na nona i yaya tabu? Obama is my boy, he is off the chain!!!!

  36. Dauvavana Says:

    au laveliga sara la kau surrender.

    Nomudou na vosa na wekaqu mai Burebasaga

  37. Tui Says:

    Tubu tiko ga na loloma ena kedatou maliwa, vakamalumalumu taki tiko na keda meca ka suka tale mai na bula vinaka kei na sautu vei ira na noda kawa mana eiii dina!
    Obama for president!

  38. vugoi voreqe Says:

    wailei o momo voreqe sa cakava tiko mai duanaka meu kabalaki luvena(yalewa) kina va lialia kei luvena tagane me lauvutu vei ira na dau Bilibara…..hahhaha
    Rape mahn!!!!tarai ga na mota vanataki tiko ya lauvana tale yani i nona cici…neiVore

  39. John Veikoso Says:

    vugoi vorege!!! are you from this planet?????? certainly not fijian!!! your attitude and language shows a person with no intellect, certainly no brain, you from Africa???? you must be have had a torrid upbringing with those comments, have a life…

  40. kai beqa Says:

    raica sa bau dua na kai kubuna sa viliutaki jiko sa rauta ya

  41. Nasilai Beach Says:

    Sa vakaloloma na vola nei vugoi voreqe, vakaraitaki ga ni leqa tiko na nona koro vaka-turaga, ka vakaraitaki talega ni sa rui levu nona salesi kei na nona sega ni bau marautaka ni cici vinaka toka ga oqo na vanua ka dina, ka sega ni vaka na bula era sotakaya tiko mai Africa…vugoi voreqe, qarauna nomuni vosa baleta dua na gauna e na yaco lesu tale yani vei kemuni na vosa o tauca vei ira na turaga o sega ni kila na vanua e ra lako mai….kemuni e dua na mai Viti, ka vakaraitaka na bula vaka noda oya na bula ni veirokorokovi…Moce mada

  42. FIji Forward Says:

    Filipe Tuisawa, boci, tamata ulu drika vakai tamamu!! viavia turaga, kaisi vakai tinamu!!! lako mada lai sili. me sava na drika.

  43. Beranaliva Says:

    Fiji Forward!!!!
    No doubt you are obviously reflecting how you, your parents and your children being brought up. That is one of the wannabees who thinks they are somebody in society but hasn’t really achieved or proved their worth.
    Earn your respect. Ro Filipe has earned his respect and has done nobody any harm. His ‘uludrika’ has earned him the distinguished post at the FRU and other achievements in politics, work and the vanua. So leave him alone.
    Power to the people!

  44. Malina Says:

    to Tagimaucia

    you do sound like a dumped ex!! or you must be a dosi with a serutaku and ugly enough not being teve nomu boci

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