What Evidence??? This Evidence!!!


As translated from this hand writen letter in hindi scriptsscanhindi.jpg

“Did Mr Chaudhry mislead the nation, the Government of India, the people of Haryana, and the citizens of Fiji when he categorically denied ever receiving any money from Haryana?

Why didn’t he disclose that he had received $2million from one Harbhajan Lal, who had been a part of a committee which channelled the money into his private Sydney bank account?”

Still in doubt then read the evidence above and people please print and PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY  and distribute to anyone and everyone until all the villager and the squatters and the cane farmers have a copy as evidence of the working of this crook. So the 850,000 Fiji Islanders can all have a copy and wherever M P Chaudary goes in Fiji we can confront him waive this letter in his face and ask him the $2 million question,

Where did the money come from and what was it’s intended purpose??? Why did he not declare the interest earned from it in his tax return????

Oh and I almost forgot, why no investigation Bai???? do you want us to scan and upload the whole content of his tax file on this blog so the world can see what you have been denying about your illegal and Butabutako Finance Minister???? THAT HE IS A TAX FRAUD!!!



42 Responses to “What Evidence??? This Evidence!!!”

  1. Kaiviti Says:

    Qori….tobo tu……this is very important info and everybody should get a copy……including your neighbourhood taxi driver, shop keeper , pundit and school headmaster…..GO FIJI GO!

  2. DICKHEAD Says:

    Fucken hell,this Chodo needs to be killed,he is fucken taking a piss now,magaitinana,,Voreqe what the fuck you doing with him?Is he sucking your dick?Or you licking his arsehole?Drau vicai.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From the Sun

    Condemnation of the Interim Government’s decision to deport Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter was criticised by regional media organisations.
    Here is the editorial comment of the Solomon Star newspaper

    From Honiara to Frank Bainimarama in Suva here’s a message: Shame on you.
    Shame on you and your so-called interim Government.
    Your mistreatment and forced deportation yesterday of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter shows once again you cannot be believed or trusted.
    We urge Prime Minister Sikua and other Melanesian leaders: Be very careful if you meet with Fiji’s self-appointed strongman in Port Vila in April.
    He will come to the planned Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting there full of promises. He always does.
    But what he promises should be treated with scepticism.
    For what happened to Mr Hunter yesterday is more than a story of just one journalist. It is yet another example of broken promises by the coup leader and his disregard for human rights. For example. In December Mr Bainimarama gave a commitment to a delegation from the regional Pacific Islands News Association (PINA). This was that he and his regime would uphold media freedom. In other words the people’s right to freedom of information and expression. PINA was concerned because of previous mistreatment of journalists and intimidation of the media by Mr Bainimarama’s men. Details of this were revealed by Fiji representatives attending the PINA convention here in Honiara last year. The mistreatment of Mr Hunter shows again how worthless any commitments from Mr Bainimarama really are. Mr Hunter – a respected editor and longtime Fiji resident – was deported without due process being followed. Without regard for his fundamental rights.
    And despite a High Court order prohibiting his deportation. What was Mr Hunter’s so-called crime? His newspaper extensively documented secret overseas bank accounts and alleged tax evasion involving one of Mr Bainimarama’s key supporters, Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry. This is the same Mr Chaudhry who has been piously preaching against corruption.
    Mr Bainimarama’s response was swift. But it was against Mr Hunter not Mr Chaudhry. Mr Hunter was taken from his family at night, detained, then forced on to a plane to Australia in the morning. He was not allowed to contact his family, who had seen him taken away at night by two vehicles full of men.
    There are echoes of Zimbabwe in some of the things now happening in Fiji and the way Mr Bainimarama is “governing”.
    Who does he think he is? The Robert Mugabe of the Pacific?

  4. Adi Kaila Says:


    Chaudhry’s bank accounts
    (Saturday, February 23, 2008)
    Between September 2000 and December 2003, Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry kept five personal accounts.

    Here are the accounts:

    – Account 39920061 at the Commonwealth Balanced Fund;

    – Account 981000000116509 at ANZ, Lambton Quay, Wellington;

    – Account 32468913 at Perpetual Investment Management Ltd;

    – Account 0900 0670 5669 at Colonial First State Managed Investment Fund, and

    – Account 0700 0673 5908 at First Choice Investments.

    We say Our revelation is based simply on the fact that he is the manager for the State’s finances. This is about the principle of good governance for the people and the responsibility of those in power to ensure that they follow the rule of the law to the letter

    Vakauta sara yani vei McKenna…….

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    To the green goons who are puppets to chaudhry the snake

    please not the use of the word “DICTATOR” in the following press release.

    “” Kevin Rudd and his New Zealand counterpart, Helen Clark, yesterday savaged the regime of Fijian dictator Frank Bainimarama for expelling Mr Hunter, who said on Tuesday night he believed he was being punished because the Fiji Sun had exposed alleged financial corruption involving Fijian Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry. “”

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    For a great pictorial review of the drastic situation in Fiji, go to


  7. natewaprince Says:

    Now all we need is for someone to supply us with the pigs banking details at the Bank of Baroda.

  8. natewaprince Says:

    To Rusell Hunter,now that you are in Australia,please dig up all the dirt you can on the tax-evading dog,especially the details concerning the purchase of the two properties.

  9. Concerned Citizen X Says:

    What happens now, no marches? or is everyone here just full of talks and no action. We can kip on complaining on this forum till kingdom comes; how can we effect a change? Thats the million dollar question, otherwise we are just spectators or bystanders cursing from the sideline.

  10. Lau Lass Says:

    Maybe someone should checkout PIG’s bank account & Eveli Ganilua ‘s account & also the Regimental fund account RFMF – these 3 smell of BIG TIME CHORO, that ‘s why they’re supporting each other!!!

  11. Bui Says:


    Organize the march pls……………………..start it

  12. bodyguard Says:

    patience my good ppl….lets think this thru b4 we actually come out into the open.

    if this march has to happen … it will. only when the time is right. I feel it will be spontaneuos….the military will be surprised.

    be cool and expose these crooks masqurading as saviours…..na butako vakasiga levu sa yaco tiko….let report & document every detail of whats happening. when the public enquiry starts…..lets all come forward & give evidence. but b4 that … let expose the evidence right here….SV let us hav that file on the web….kua tale ni qai lomana ira boci qo.

    when we finished with them … sa mavoa vinaka saraga. nanumi ira taucoko na sotia mera expose taki talega.

  13. Praveen Says:

    Is that what you call evidence? It’s clearly fabricated!

  14. Tarotale Says:

    I don’t think so. Then why did the IG react the way they did.

  15. Pusiloa Says:

    Keep tuning in guys….bits and pieces of info coming through about Maichodos Australian properties. Needs verification before I’ll email it through to SV with some photos…..

    Keep on keeping on people….these goons are coming down……
    SV, email eddie please….

  16. anon Says:

    Somebody send copies to the local daillies, they are surely coming down.

    What is the latest on the Howell Rd. property.

    Tobo tu o Boci.

  17. anon Says:

    Praveen: what sort of evidence is it that would convinve you? or has your ideology overtaken your powers to deduce the bleeding obvious?
    It’s taken a while even for the best of them (such as RNZI) to realise their contacts have an agenda (The unreliable Chow Noodle), but given various shades of grey exist, those that try to convince us black is white and white is black only ensure their own creibility is as much use as a C**nt full of cold water (to use an expression coined by those attempting to “lead” and “move us forward”)


    Blogsite thanks for this significant and cruicial piece of the jigsaw puzzle. This could be Mahen’s main reason of solicisting Frank to excute a coup. The Indian Government had facilitated the transaction and this borders on criminal violation of international treaty and internal affairs of a sovereign country. This speaks volume and could explain about the commonality between Mahen-Frank. Both had felt the heat and had tthe samething in common that they will be in some bad trouble if not on the drivers seat.

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    SV Editors – Funny(as in odd) observations from late last night and this morning. Some ex-Colonels tuffed out at the beginning of this whole sorry saga have been getting the SOS calls from the guy who threw them out in the first place.

    It seems he has really lost the plot and is asking for help. I read elsewhere on this site that he is really incompetent, and sadly for the rest of us, he may be in way over his head.

    To all bloggers – if you are taken in for questioning, you should be aware that this is NOT necessarily a bad thing, so play your cards close to your chest. It all depends on what faction is taking you in? Some will actually encourage you to keep up the good work depending on who your post or actions was directed against.

    Supposedly there are at least 4 different factions headed by 4 contenders for the next in line. It looks like things are really disitegrating in first and busness class. A big yeah for all of us in economy class.

    Knew I should have paid more attention when our English teacher was telling us about the African writer Chinua Achebe and his award winning novel – Things Fall Apart.

    By the way I was telling BB under another post that he should go to Takayawas for lunch. This was not supposed to be an advertisement, though they do have good seafood for cheap (realtively).

    It seems MPC has also canceled the government lease on their new building complex in Toorak and another Fijian initiative bites the dust. Oh Father when will this end, save us from this tyrant Lord we beg you!!!

  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is obvious that the new spy thing is a ploy to protect the coup d’etat mastermind, chaudhry the cheat, from being exposed for his role in manipulating bananasinpyjamas.

    One has to feel pity for silly little bananasinpyjamas; his ego must be really deflated after being conned bigtime by peter foster and chaudhry the cheat.

  21. Tim Says:

    Mystery? THERE IS NO MYSTERY unless this junta is now trying to reinvent the laws of physics:

    Mystery over court order
    Last updated 2/29/2008 7:38:46 AM

    Immigration department officers at the Nadi International Airport have denied receiving a court order to stop the deportation of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter on Tuesday.
    This is despite the fact that a senior court officer at the registry in Suva had faxed the order to the immigration office in Nadi before the aircraft Mr Hunter was on left for Sydney. The order was issued by High Court judge Justice Jiten Singh early on Tuesday morning before the Air Pacific flight left the airport. Immigration officer Ravi Nair said their office received no such court order on Tuesday.
    Other immigration officers declined to comment saying all enquiries were to be directed to the Immigration Department director Viliame Naupoto.
    Justice Singh had ordered, after a submission by Fiji Sun lawyer Suruj Sharma at about 8.15am on Tuesday, that Mr Naupoto, “his servants, officers or agents or whosoever and howsoever from removing and/or deporting (Mr Hunter) out of Fiji until further order of the court”.
    A sequence of events on Tuesday morning was:
    l (about 8.15 am) Mr Sharma appears before Justice Singh who issues the order.
    l (about 8.45am) Senior court clerk (Mrs E Ratuva) calls the immigration office at the Nadi airport and speaks to one Vilashni, then a Shivani, informing them about the order she is going to fax through.
    l A Mr Roko, the officer in charge from Air Pacific, was also informed about the court order.
    l About 8.50am: Court order faxed through. A copy was also faxed to Mr Naupoto’s office in Suva.
    The flight which was to leave at 9am was delayed for about 15 minutes.
    Fiji Sun lawyer Mr Sharma maintains that the order was sent and would have been received by immigration officers well before 9am. He said legal options for the company were still being considered.
    The covering official memorandum sent with the court order by Mrs Ratuva and addressed to the senior immigration officer at Nadi airport dated February 26 read: “The attached order of Singh J of today’s date refers. Mr Russell Douglas Hunter is not to be deported from Fiji until further order.”A penal notice on the court order, signed by Acting Chief Registrar Emosi Koroi, said: “If you the within defendants, Director of Immigration, Immigration officers and Attorney General of Fiji by yourself and/or through your servants and/or agents or howsoever disobey this order you will be liable to the process of execution for purposes of compelling you to obey the same”. Interim Immigration Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau who signed the deportation order said he was not aware that a court order was issued against the deportation.
    Mr Naupoto said even if the court order was given to immigration officials at Nadi, they would not have been able to stop the deportation because the order was addressed to him.
    Mr Hunter was declared a prohibited immigrant on Tuesday under the Immigration Act which stated that a non-citizen became a prohibited immigrant if the minister deemed the person had been conducting himself in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defense, public safety, public order, public morality, public health, security or good government of Fiji. A legal source said if the court order by Justice Singh was ignored, there was a very strong case of contempt of court.
    Yesterday, it was revealed that Mrs Ratuva, was moved out of her position as senior court officer on Wednesday.

    ….The FAX was sent, and received, no matter how slow the bit rate or bandwidth of the line used.
    To suggest that an addressee was sufficiently non-specific as to render the fax to have gone unnoticed given the equally prominant names appearing in the FAx’s content would suggest that anybody in receipt is so incompetent that they are incapable of carrying out their job.

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Let’s hope that the judge involved takes the immigration director and his servants to task for disobeying his order.

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From “The Australian”

    Democracy essential for banana republic

    February 29, 2008

    Publisher’s deportation is typical of a corrupt regime

    FIJI’S deplorable abduction and deportation of newspaper publisher Russell Hunter underlines that nation’s standing as a banana republic ruled by a sinister dictatorship. Clearly, Mr Hunter was punished for the Fiji Sun’s work in raising serious allegations of financial corruption. His paper did not name Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry in connection with the allegations, but News Limited’s Fiji Times did so at the weekend. That paper’s editor, Netani Ricka, says Fijian journalists are working under increasing indirect pressure from the government and police not to criticise the regime.

    The manner of Mr Hunter’s abduction and deportation underlined the treachery of the regime of dictator Frank Bainimarama, who seized power in a “bloodless” coup in December 2006. As The Australian reported, Mr Chaudhry’s son, Rajendra, openly boasted beforehand that Mr Hunter would be “out of the country by Wednesday”. Bundled from his home in front of his partner and child who have since been given three weeks to pack up and get out, he was intimidated by thuggish squaddies, refused access to his mobile phone and put on the plane penniless, in the shorts and shirt he was wearing at home.

    As New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday, the move augurs badly for Commodore Bainimarama’s promise to hold free and fair elections by the end of March next year. A genuinely democratic poll is impossible in an atmosphere of media intimidation. The scheduling of the election was a result of sanctions imposed by Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the US after the coup. These included travel bans on any Fijian connected with the coup. The sanctions sent the once-vibrant Fijian economy reeling, with economic growth falling from 2 per cent a year to -3.1 per cent. The prospect of missing out on millions of dollars in aid and the EU’s $US171 million support for Fiji’s sugar industry between 2007 and 2013 was a major factor in the decision.

    Last October, the rest of the world promised to ease the sanctions if and when Commodore Bainimarama made progress on benchmarks towards democracy agreed to by the Pacific Islands Forum. This week’s turn of events means that sanctions should be stepped up, though, unfortunately, it is always ordinary Fijians rather than the elite who will suffer.

    The treatment meted out to Mr Hunter is a sharp reminder of the tinpot dictatorship’s disregard for the rule of law and, at times, its brutality. Other Fijian journalists who have written stories unfavourable to the government have had carloads of soldiers parked outside their homes. Just a week ago, Queensland Supreme Court judge Roslyn Atkinson and other members of an International Bar Association delegation were barred from entering Fiji. They had planned to examine the rule of law. Former Fijian police commissioner Andy Hughes was hounded out of Suva post-coup because his no-nonsense approach to upholding law and order did not sit well with the Bainimarama regime. And while the coup that brought the regime to power was “bloodless” in the sense that no civil war took place, opponents of the regime have since been detained, beaten and several killed.

    The move against Mr Hunter suggests Fiji is retreating from, rather than embracing, the road to democracy. The international community should bring as much short-term economic pressure to bear as possible, in the hope that it will bring the regime to heel sufficiently to allow next year’s elections to proceed in an atmosphere of relatively open debate. Australia should be in the forefront of such a push.



  25. Budhau Says:

    Come on you idiots. The IG is arguing a legal technicality – and they will prevail in a court of law.

    When you have a ex-parte order such as the one in question, it has to be served properly on the personn who was the named defendant in that legal action.

    Here, that was not done – baat kalas.

    Now we can argue all we want that what the IG was wrong – however, their action was not in violation of some court order.

    The guy who screwed up was the attorney – whose job it was to have the papers properly served.

  26. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    If Mrs Ratuva was really transferred as a result of the deportation incident then she could be “convinced” to explain what actually took place on the quiet.

    Would Mrs Ratuva do this through this blog? The people need to know the facts of the case.

  27. Tim Says:

    MS Ratuva clearly did her job and it is unfair to place any burden on her. By admission (the “even if…………..”) above shows the extent to which the junta is attempting to cover their fat arses.
    It was faxed. It was received at Nadi or there needs to be some global re-evaluation of the characteristics of electromagnetism, and Sony, Konica and a host of other manufactureres should be worried.
    There is and was an agenda, and it was at odds with the wishes of Singh J.

    Its a shame that the laws of physics that the junta would wish could, not be applied to Frank’s rehabilitation. If they were, the worst we could expect would be some “mad bitch” crying foul and firing off a couple of rounds into an equally mad closet homo masquerading as an iIG. By the way – it’s not the hoe I object to – its the dishonesty

  28. Tarotale Says:

    Ohhhhh! The guy who screwed up is the AG? And the IG is not in violation of some court order?

  29. far and wide Says:

    In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of disloyalty to one’s sovereign or nation.
    A person who commits treason is known as a traitor.


    I smell treason, mh,fb.

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I just a headline on Fijilive and joy rang out in my heart.

    There was a picture of chaudhry’s puppet, bananasinpyjamas, next to a headline that read:-

    “Interim govt is committed”

    I had vision of people in white coats gently leading him to his new home at St Giles.

    The vision was broken when I realized that bananasinpyjamas was still sprouting lies about elections next year.

  31. far and wide Says:


    I smell treason, mc,fb.

  32. caginitokalau Says:

    The source of this doc. obviously wanted cover up for chodo’s treason…no way we will investigate thoroughly after this. agree f&w. the son too and all the associates in this saga.

  33. Peace Pipe Says:

    The co author of the charter farter with john samy, francis narayan has been appointed to FIRCA board by the mai chodo slithering snake. They all just pamper each other and place themselves into positions of authority. So it is clear the collusion going on amongst these clique and the ass saving measures being undertaken. nayaran will be leading the charge to hide all tax anomalies in connection with the snake. By the way how was francis appointed in the first place? Isnt he a resident of NZ? He now heads the FTIB and is a board member of FIRCA. Whats so special about this piece of crap who abandoned Fiji and took off to NZ and when it suits him and his gang to come back and take up some top and lucrative posts. To me its reward for supporting the ig and involvement in drafting the charter farter. Cant wait to see the rats scamper for their safety when the ship sinks. We’ll have the last laugh then.

  34. Lau Lass Says:

    Narayan & his lot must have gone to NZ & realised that they were just a blerry nothing there, they couldnot get into the govt coffers, so they opted to come back to Viti cause the chief Choroman is now the finance minister!!! Why don’t you go back to motherland india!!!

  35. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey if you get those scam emails about winning lottery etc & want your bank a/c details – give them this information – mera qai soto vaka dou butabutako – hahahahahahaha

    Chaudhry’s bank accounts
    (Saturday, February 23, 2008)
    Between September 2000 and December 2003, Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry kept five personal accounts.

    Here are the accounts:

    – Account 39920061 at the Commonwealth Balanced Fund;

    – Account 981000000116509 at ANZ, Lambton Quay, Wellington;

    – Account 32468913 at Perpetual Investment Management Ltd;

    – Account 0900 0670 5669 at Colonial First State Managed Investment Fund, and

    – Account 0700 0673 5908 at First Choice Investments.

  36. Tebara Says:

    Good one Adi Kaila … The Nigerians are good at it coincidentally, some of our gun loving brothers are heading to Nigeria to guard “OIL” I guess in training for how they will eventually guard our Ethanol plants somewhere up the hills … LOL ..!! So Nadi guys if you see some heavyweight big fatty security dudes checking into the airport enroute for Nigeria ..slip them the above numbers …!! LOL…!

  37. Nai Says:

    Francis Bipin Narayan – FIRCA board member, Chairman FTIB is employed full time by FNPF as Financial Advisor.

    Jobs for the boys eh. How quickly Voreqe/Chaudhry forget their rule that only 1 board per citizen. Then again, Narayan is not a citizen. Someone check that he’s also not doing something for his friend Samy at the Charter Secretariat TASS!

    Kenneth pointed out an important conflict of interest in having Vocea as FIRCA Chairman on radio fiji news. Vocea is Chaudhry’s Finance Permanent secretary. he is also Chairman of FNPF which has built the FIRCA complex – which is part of FNPF board discussions.

    Bottom line is Chaudhry wants to have a more direct control over FIRCA.

  38. tagimaucia Says:

    Good and valid points, Nai. That was the initial hope that no person serve in two boards at one time… but clearly they are running out of people to appoint. And then again; need we be surprised? Inconsistency is a part of vore, so you really cannot blame them. They’re recycling their own ppl.

  39. waisiliva Says:

    No surprise Remember if he can renovate his own house with government funds it means he can do anything corrupt.

  40. PAPARAZZI Says:


    are you sure this letter is authentic? anyone who knows how to write Hindi could have written this.

    I have been reading the other pieces and i felt the same way about that piece on Imroz (Ali??…damn i forgot his name already)

    we all know Chaudry is corrupt, Bainimarama is an Idiot and all that support the regime are fags…..but lets keep this blog site at least a bit factual.

    RIGHT….now that i have got that off my chest, i’ll just go practice my shooting now. Practise makes perfect….Bullseye BAINI mama!!!!

  41. C Huni Says:

    All u guys think b4 swearing.

    Here is a man (fb) says, will protect everyone in Fiji. Not just the Fijans but all other races. Many places around the world, an INDIGENOUS, would have shot the indians. (I supoose u like that bit) he did not, so u must be thankful to god for that. i agree, gujis and choinese came after the inglish slavery was abolished, hence they have not suffered like the majority Indians who were poor and illiterate. They worked from sun rise to sun set.

    I know u think that fb did for the indians, i don’t think so. he did it because he saw people like q, hunter, hanna etc influence people with rubbish. FB is a military man not a politrickster.

    Where were you all in 87 and 2000?

    Coups were carried for the benefit of THE FIJIAN RACE. But still today, under native fijian rule (Ratu Mara, R Penaia, Rambo, Pio Wong, Grasse’, etc) since 1970, majority of fijians are still having a hard time surviving?

    Why? Becuase the same Fijian politicains/Ratus were having a good time and majority of the Fijian race (commoners) were told to fend for themselves. The leaders looked after themselves and their cronies, that is westminister style democracy and goverance. no care for, no care for me.

    If this letter is legit, then MC should have gone long ago. fiji was on verge of bankruptcy as SDL was borrowing huge amounts of money from FNPF.

    Yes, grasse borrowed money and so did Bush to go to Iraq/afghan. It costs US $400mill everyday to be in Iraq, all borrowed money and the capitalist tools went fishing in nukulau creek with all financial orgs getting socialist bailout.

    fiji has to go fwd. She cannot go backwards, and you guys are just crapping on about the same veka u read in the papers. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. That is not freedom of speech because you cannot reply to a paper. This is all western crap.

    So do you really think that SDL q, kini, etc were looking after the interests of ALL Fijians? They were all having a good time: make merry.

    live in peace, bradas n sistas. Stop being negative, you will get sick in the uluna!

  42. Dauvavana Says:

    C Huni to answer you in one shot sentence, the SDL is the first party that came around and started putting flush toilets in every house in Tailevu South. The Pig of a Prick Voreqe never gave Qarase the chnace to finish what he did and what you have just claim above Fijian leaders never did for their people and he was never given a chance to let the coalition government work as per constitutional requirements.

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