Why did FIRCA loose the Court Case this morning?

Because they hired that little worm Arvind Datt to be their consultant on trasnfer pricing, the guy who was initially forced to resign for stealing from FIRCA and thein reinstated by Chaudary post 5/12 as a board member.

He is a failed wannabe accountant and has no expertise on transfer pricing. Probably does not even know what it is. Chaudary has placed him in there as a FIRCA Board member and now a consultant because after being fired from Fiji TV he is now unemployable.

And guess what they’re paying him???

$750 a day. That is $3,750 per week of your tax dollars straight into Arvinds pocket and I bet he is not paying tax on it because it is probably paid into his shell company that would be operating at a loss (through some blatant creative accounting given his records). After all his previous set backs SCC, FIRCA, Fiji TV….this guy has finally hit the jackpot.

This is money he has never ever dreamed of seeing before and nor will he in the future given his reputation and employment record from SCC, Fiji TV and FIRCA.

To add salt to our wounds, he is now being pushed by Chaudary to be the next FIRCA Chairman.

He is being assisted in the transfer pricing case by that Scott guy who was highlighted as also a transfer pricing consultant living at the Tanoa Plaza at our expenses and not paying any income tax nor any witholding tax deducted by FIRCA before paying his invoice. The other assistant to Arvind is that Kub guy who was an initial shareholder of Fiji Waters. And both KUBS AND SCOTT HAS NO WORK VISA TO WORK IN FIJI!!!

Wait there is more…………………..

Arvin Datt’s company Datt Holdings Ltd has recently formed a carpetcompany called 3SA Carpets. He will be given the fit-out tender forthe new FIRCA building – architect is Yellow (Adish Naidu).Interestingly, the tender evaluation panel rejected Yellow but thiswas later overturned by Archary, I suspect on the instructions of theMPC – Check it out!

Okay FICAC, we have done the hard work, now go and raid FIRCA and arrest all or was it just SDL who you are mandated to investigate. The present mob are Untouchable????


16 Responses to “Why did FIRCA loose the Court Case this morning?”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    a tu na da!!!

  2. Adi Kaila Says:

    So much for vores CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN!!!

    In the last 13 months there has been more corruption than in the whole written history of Fiji.

    As the economy slowly declines & the world views Fiji as a pariah – who would want to invest here now – the complete shambles with Fiji Water is just another nail in the coffin as Fiji goes backwards.

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    Now the ig is effing around with Savusavu

    Well the Savusavu people have been quiet about the ig – I wonder what this issue with the Yacht policy will do – I hope Cousteau will wield his great influence & pull the right strings to condemn the ig once & for all.


  4. kaiwai Says:

    MAGA I TINADRATOU a cava ‘raotu nanuma..me ratou veivutusona sara vakaukauwa. Does the pig know all this? was this the 5/12 manifesto?c’mmon FICAC what are you waiting for?
    Sa tu ‘qori na da..demudou.

  5. Lau Lass Says:

    I bet the PIG does not even know what’s going on , chodo must be just showering PIG with big CASH, & the puppet tows the line with the diaper pressie.

  6. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    This is Mahend Chodo’s style-to have his people sucking up to him. He has these suckers all around him and he rewards them by appointing them to Govt entities.

    Frank Bhaini Marama must deal with these instances of corruption.

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    Here we go again – Any excuse by the ig to rip off the hardworking taxpayers of Fiji – yet at the same time depriving people of their jobs.that awful little shit john samy is right in the thick of it all.

    $2.4m for a better Fiji
    Monday, January 21, 2008

    TAXPAYERS will foot the $2.4million cost associated with work carried out by the Technical and Support Secretariat the secretariat for the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

    TASS director John Samy confirmed this yesterday saying non Government members of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji would receive daily rate allowances of $100 per person for every sitting of the Council. “The Cabinet last week approved the request that Government allocate $2.4m for this purpose,” he said.

    “This figure is inclusive of the $402,000 announced in the 2008 Budget and also the cost of salaries and related expenses of the deployed public servants.”

    Mr Samy, a former permanent secretary with the Ministry of Economic Development and Planning, who migrated to New Zealand after the second coup in 1987, said only some members of the NCBBF would receive allowances as interim Cabinet ministers who were part of the Council and the co-chair Archbishop Petero Mataca were not paid allowances.

    “A daily rate of $100 is paid to non-Government members of the Council and for those travelling from outside of Suva, the standard rules for travel and hotel expense reimbursements apply,” he said. “Please note these allowances will be paid only to the non-Government members of the Council.”

    Mr Samy said Archbishop Mataca declined the allowance.

    He said guidelines that applied to Parliamentary Select Committees had been adapted in relation to the daily allowances.

    Financial assistance had to be sought from the interim Government after a request in November last year to external development partners remained unanswered.

    “In November last year, at the time when the 2008 Budget was being finalised, it was anticipated the bulk of the funding requirements for finance and technical expertise would be forthcoming from Fiji’s external development partners,” said Mr Samy.

    “In this proposal, support was requested not only for international expertise (to bring to bear best practices and experiences) but also to support the fullest possible involvement of Fiji’s civil society stakeholders in the Charter preparation process.”

    “In the 2008 Budget, a provision of $402,000 was included in addition to the salaries of the core team of administrative and technical staff deployed by the Government to work full time in the (TASS).”

    Mr Samy said the lack of response from external partners prompted TASS to submit a revised budgetary request where it scaled back on the resourcing of the Secretariat. But he remained optimistic the external partners would consider lending their support especially in the mobilisation of international expertise and help the Secretariat’s efforts to engage as many non governmental organisations and civil societies within Fiji for work on the Charter. When contacted yesterday, ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said he would like to know more details about the issue before making comments.

    National Federation Party general secretary Pramod Rae said it was unethical for members of the Council to collect funds from taxpayers’ money.

    “We knew that people who had gone in were opportunists,” said Mr Rae about the allowances members would receive.

  8. Endurance Says:

    What does fuckface Arvind Datt know about transfer pricing, bloody sona levu. He is a low down THIEF and nothing else.

    Come on Langman, there’s your man…go CATCH HIM !! se iko rere de qai catchtaki iko i liu okoya…..drau veivutu sona !!!

  9. defender NZ Says:

    We former Fiji citizens living in NZ are not suprised that FIRCA will always lose its case cause of this wanna be hopeless Scottie also from NZ. Remember that this was the same lawyer who used to be in IRD 20 years ago and had to be made redundant due to poor performance. When he was in NZ, he was involved in a case called the “WINE BOX CASE” where he lost and NZ IRD had to call for his retirement..then suddenly out of nowhere, he has again emerged as a tax consultant to FIRCA for the last 4 years…As a businessman, I just fail to understand why FIRCA keeps on employing this bullshit lawyers who bullshit his way around the planet and yet the IG thinks he is brilliant. You see, this was the same Scottie that tried his luck on the LAND SALES PROJECT with FIRCA and know what happended? I am told that the project has been disbanded due to its failure which also had a hand in the failure of the Momi project..

    When the project failed, Mr Scottie then masterminded the Fiji Water case and teamed up with a Mr Kubb’s whom he claimed that he was a transfer pricing expert from NZ. A closer look revealed that this was the same Kubb’s who used to be a s/holder in Fiji Water. I do not know how much FIRCA pays him but why? Why do taxpayers of this country has to pay for con artists like Kubbs who is well known in Fiji for leaving behind debts in Rotuma, Suva and scooting to NZ with his Rotuman wife.

    If Mr Kubb’s is teaming up with the DAYALS then we are not surprised. How can be a con artist such as this be accessing records using FIRCA powers, he is just a consultant, not an employee. You see, this is a clear breach of the official secrecy provisions of the Income Tax Act and the VAT decree. Remember that Fiji Water is not going to lie down easy on this opportunist and I do hope that it happens….

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    Chodo is reinforcing his network inside the government infrastructure to reward his people and to ensure his devious schemes are implemeted as it is happening now. He point fingers and blame others for nepotism corruption and all sorts of accusations but practises exactly the same without conscious of guilt. How can he feel guilty when he has no feeling whatsoever. He is the most vindictive power hungry person I have ever seen.

  11. Morning Star Says:

    Fijians, how long are you going to tolerate this?? the army is now a terrorist organisation, they have infested the police, jusdiciary and the civil service, and all the staturoy bodies and boards..they are stealing right in front of your eyes and they are going to sideline you as indeginous and put all others as Fijians (now that will open up their entitlements as Fijians in land matters etc… without changing the laws…).. you will loose everything…can you get rid of them you still hope someone will come along and save you??

  12. Soul of Fiji Says:

    While the Fijians are stuffing Fiji up with the Military Charter, Chodo and his boys are emptying the coffers of Fiji’s Tax payers money from FIRCA.

    When the shit hits the fan, Chodo and his boys will disappear slowly overseas to enjoy their $millions in $takings and Fijians will be left holding the baby and cents they received for being good chodo followers and probably end up in Naboro for the abuse and killings.

    And all the tax payers will pay for this mess.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t it great to see that the prosecution was in complete disarray today in court to fight the trumped up charges against the 10 innocent civilians accused of doing what every Fijian (and Australians) would like to do with bananasinpyjamas.

    It must be embarrassing for the DPP people to stand up in court when they know that there is no evidence against these unfortunate victims of the illegal, jaundiced junta.

  14. vashanoy Says:

    evrything this ig did has come to void lets watch this very soon they will run away from fiji coz the truth will always prevail in the end

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Fiji’s coffers are leaking like a sieve.On one hand,the pigs are running around looking for money,and on the other hand they are shoveling out cash to anyone who can bullshit their way into their confidence.

    They are hiring lawyers,consultants,conmen and anyone else they think is needed to prop up this inexperienced illegal regime.



    TAMATA LIALIA,FAKANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Allen Says:

    How many court cases has FIRCA won?

    It would be interesting to get the stats on this. Becasue from what I heard they have never won any. Becasue FIRCA dosent have lawyers who are well versed with taxation capabilities.

    Maybe you want to do some research on how many cases are pending in the courts, how many have been fought ..how many won and how many lost.

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