Pssssst Vore, over here, have a read of this!

An inspiring read from the Fiji Time “Letters to the Editor” section

Man of Integrity

Last weekend, I was watching a moving interview on CNN Talk Asia with Richard Quest.

He was talking with Dr Jose Ramos-Horta, the president of East Timor, the former Portuguese colony shattered by conflict in 1999.

Dr Ramos-Horta, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, spoke about his lifelong work fighting for his people, achieving independence and democracy, and the 2006 violence that plagued the country.

He also talked about the role the United Nations plays in his country, how he has reconciled with the Indonesian army, and his reservations about Al Gore as a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

A couple of things struck me about this humble team leader are:

– His down-to-earth and respectful manner – He stated that during his first diplomatic discussions in New York about East Timor with the then Soviet ambassador, when he was only 25, the ambassador started dozing off, so, in order to not wake him up, he started talking in a lower voice.

– His forgiving heart – He lost a sister and two brothers in the fight for East Timor’s independence. He has forgiven those responsible for it but said that his mother still hasn’t.

– His real passion for the advancement of his country in lifting it out of despair to something that he terms “the Dubai of South-East Asia” by properly managing and investing his country’s natural resource – oil.

And lastly but certainly not the least – his open door policy.

By open door, I mean, his residence and office is right at his people’s doorstep.

They can go in and have chats with him, when he is there and time permits. He comes outside of his residence and has conversations with East Timorese on the streets.

Recently a group of villagers travelled from afar to gain an audience with him. They talked about issues of land.

He sat with them and listened to their grievances.

An old lady went to his office to talk with her President. He was there to receive her.

Then he ended the interview by saying that the people of East Timor chose him to be their President.

If at any time, a group wrote to him or there are protests, telling him that he is not doing what they put him there for in the first place, he will gladly accept it and leave the presidential office.

Now, that’s a president who has integrity, vision, ethics and guts, who believes in the power of democracy!

Vani Veikoso

7 Responses to “Pssssst Vore, over here, have a read of this!”

  1. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Do you think that this over-aged President who seems to be enjoying his term on the Hill would take the easy way out if people are unhappy with his performance? We cannot compare our incapacitated Pressie to a Statesman like Dr Ramos-Horta. They are leagues apart.

    Pressie Iloilo must first of all gain favour with the people by addressing them face to face so that they know that there is a President who is alive. All we hear day in and day out are his messages being read out by Bhaini’s puppet, Nacewa.

    What a load of incompetent people!

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Quite the opposite from our hermit living in the big white house at Berkley Crescent.

  3. Lau Lass Says:

    Maybe it’s cos the first lady does not want to leave the big white house, once they leave the white house, sa biu talega ko pressie!!!!!

  4. tagimaucia Says:

    LauLass.. please, spare the dignified title of First Lady for the worthy. That woman does not deserve it. Dau lave kateni mai na pontoon mai Savusavu gauna se housekeeper tiko kina mai na otela ya. Busi levu!

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Great article! Hits tha nail on the head.

    Baini…. If you really want to move Fiji forward demonstrate it by stepping down with humility and grace. Maybe and just maybe then we will agree with what you are trying to do…

  6. Tui Says:

    Pressie is just another disgrace to the vanua o Vuda and Fijians. What are his people thinking? Please Vuda people, do the honorable thing, take the old man home and at least have some dignity and courage to tell him the truth. He is being used by Vore and the Choddo, yet you still allow it to happen! In the process your land has been dragged in the mud and vakamaduataki! Vore is rapping you and you still say “io vinaka saka, rape me some more”! Ni yadra mai sa kua mada na moce tiko! Wake up Fiji the time to act is now!

  7. lauan boy Says:

    the ppl of west will suffer a miserable curse from the rest of fiji becoz of their arsehole chief is a weak president. tamata macawa na bastard.

    dua vakamatea na boci.

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