Another f*#%k Up Brewing

Manu Korovulavula’s lasting legacy is the current breaking news as the Taxi’s Union, LTA and Illegal Government open up a new war front with the Tax Fare Rise dispute.

Can’t this murderous lot do such a simple thing as implementing a taxi fare increase without creating chaos and heartaches to the Citizen.

Now they wanting to investigate Air Pacific.

I give up!


15 Responses to “Another f*#%k Up Brewing”

  1. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Well Manu Korovulavula could have made the blunder of granting the 33% increase in a last ditch attempt to please the transport industry before he stands in the next general election under his Party the New Alliance under the leadership of Epeli Ganilau.

    Bhaini Marama should now terminate all Cabinet Ministers to avoid campaigning on Govt funds. The biggest culprit here is Mahend Chodo. people should also watch Chodo’s puppet Vayeshnoi the Farmer. He has assumed a much bigger Ministry and would be going all out to do his campaigning using Govt funds.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    MaL, what about the pigs statement late last year saying that all those intending to stand in the elections to leave the illegal govt.?

    This was so that no one could use govt resourses to help their campaign.Lets just see if those two kulina bastards and pennyless Eveli stand by those words.

    The two kulinas could probably afford to return to civvy street but the $50 man will definitly vesu mona the pig into letting him contest.How else will he be able to afford his expensive wife.

  3. natewaprince Says:

    As for poor Manu,oh how I can still remember how he used to talk on TV,all prim and proper.

    Mai aso.Now you can fuck off to where you came from,tamata tabetabe.
    Mai rawa taki wale na minister,sona vuce.

  4. Tui Says:

    An organization that is based on lies and deceit is doomed . From day one of the coup, this administration has been based on lies, lies more lies.Day in day out, the IG spin doctors feed the people of Fiji with garbage and lies. This illegal government is on a collision course with mayhem and bloodshed. It is inevitable that there will be a mass uprising as this murderous regime contemplates more pay cuts and rise in fuel costs, hence more people joining the growing squatter population around Fiji. Couple that with dwindling reserves, FIRCA now stopping exports, roads breaking up with lovo holes on a daily basis, like a volcano, the rumblings are beginning to be felt!

  5. anon Says:

    NP, kila vacava ni vuce tu nona sona. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  6. tagimaucia Says:

    agree.. agree.. agree totally… $50 man will do all he can to stay and keep this regime going for as long as it takes. He simply cannot afford life anymore without the regime. Sa oti na nona gauna. He’s lost it all; even that polished look he had in the days he donned that uniform. Just goes to show how much he was hiding behind the green jacket and the sambrown.

    We now see the real eveli. Dou kevu sobu mai sakaraia!

  7. hiroshima Says:

    they feel the heat in the kitchen now
    people of fiji keep opposing the charter,consitution is ok.

    thanks blogger keep on blogging

  8. Tui Says:

    Given the shortfalls of the SDL, they tried their best to get Fiji well and truly on the road to economic recovery. Now one year later after these idiots tried to fix something that was working in the first place even the elderly and destitute have had whatever little help the SDL government was assisting them with taken away. Not only have these murderous IG increased the burden of the poor, they have taken away the Destitute Allowance struggling people collected at $60 a month! They made the elderly pay the full fare! They will raise the price of fuel in Feb. They will fire more people from the civil service. They just terminated my cousin who is not only paying maintenance but has his family of six to look after! They point out the dirt from the SDL government but nothing is said about the military abuse of government funds. They have just about got rid of all qualified young Fijians who are where they are through sheer hard work!
    They put military personnel in all departments of government and clearly it is the military that is running this land. Under the guidance of Choddo of course.
    By changing their ministers they openly admitted this whole episode is an exercise in futility. The new ministers will do no better. This country is heading southwards to bankrupcy. Give it up you bunch of ulukaus. What did you think, running government is like managing your useless waste of airspace RFMF? Bloody f@#%$*#up wankers!

  9. natewaprince Says:

    anon,raica ga na gusuna o na kila.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    Neitou koli e tautauvata na gusuna kei na gusui Manu.Ia na maimuri ni neitou koli yalewa e vaka tu na bulibuli ni bala ni vonu.That’s how I know.

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Manu probably got back his election expense courtesy of you and I the taxpayers from the 2006 elections so they let him go. Only those left behind and the new additions are scum bags still parasiting on the government coffers. What has J Lu got as plans she said she has for her ministry. Maybe plans to fill her bank account. Then we have that idiot of a bulshit lawyer arse-is rejecting claims from Air PAcific and other businesses that the downturn in revenue was the direct effect of the coup. How much more idiotic can this most lame statement be. We must retake our country from these bunch of idiots or we will all be taken down the drain with them. Again we had i-arse talking about the IG being able to meet the election deadline while the Vore said no charter no elections. I am always of the opinion that the cahrter is the Vore’s escape route. Thats why he is heading it as co chairman to ensure provisions are made to facilitate his devious plans. Then there is chodo the snake stopping shipment of Fiji Water. How contradictory is this shit bag as he earlier said we need to raise exports and reduce imports but is now stopping this much needed revenue earning shipment. Unless there is a large pot of gold stashed away somewhere Fiji is really and truly financially doomed. Maybe he will take out a large loan from China or India and later default due to inability to repay and these two countries will take over the country not that he really cares about Fiji.

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    Well this week has been a real confusing one for the ig – It’s been made obvious that they really are ig – ignorant. The web of lies & blame – oi lei!!!
    Even a touch of ‘drau ni kau’ – CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER. Better than a tv show.

    What coup collaborators & ig ministers past & present have to remember is they canot hide from the fact that they are as guilty as vore – YES – everyone who is in collusion is equally as guilty as vore, chodo, arso & co. Levu la na dokadoka kei na vei dabui, the day of reckoning will eventuate.

    That humungous saparaki brg BIG ROTUND GASBAG just can’t get enough of the limelight & has to have her picture with Peter Garrett of the Australian Labour Party in the Fiji Times & to let us all know that she has been invited to Australia & Dubai – is this to justify the fact that she failed miserably in her so called job as ig minister for ??? Gosh what was it again? Hell lavi, apart from the pic ops & free trips overseas, all you achieved was the wrath of the populace AGAIN! tamata kana levu. Your useless taxpayer funded trips did not entice any tourists to Fiji. So apart from your pathetic ability to big note yourself & there’s a lot of bigness to note, please don’t lie to the People of Fiji about your ‘achievements’ – the figures speak for themselves – Literally – the biggest industry in Fiji has failed miserably in the last 12 months – which stretches all the way down to the workers we don’t see in Tourism who are out of work. School is about the start for 2008 & where will they find the money to pay for the required fees to educate their children, let alone feed them. Think about that if you can for one little minute. Remember just because you’re no longer an ig minister (PUHLEEEEEZE) it does not exonerate you – YOU ARE GUILTY FOR LIFE. You may as well accept the invitation to Dubai – so piss off as fast as you can. Maybe they can give some of their billions of dollars so you can pay back the tax payers of FIJI, or are you as thick skinned & thick as a brick as we’ve been told. We thought your fiasco with the South Pacific Games would’ve taught you a lesson. Anyone who employs this idiot bernadette ganilau in NGOs or otherwise need to have their heads read – don’t waste your money – she gets all her ideas out of the magazines Australian Womens Weekly, New Idea & Womans Day – yes lifted verbatim out of those very pages & she makes out they are her very own ideas – huh! This is what makes her sound intelligent – then if you ask her to clarify a subject she can’t because she doesn’t understand the concept. This is how she got the job in what was FBC. She’s fooled a lot of people – but this sojourn into politics with this ig has exposed her. Can’t cut it love.

    Well I really can’t express any commiserations to the ousted ig ministers because I have the view that if anyone agrees & accepts to be in vores farcical cabinet they are equally responsible for the state of the nation & collusion in the unlawful treatment of people taken into custody & to the fmf barracks, murders & illegal use of taxpayers funds. Sorry I am not vengeful or wish ill will on anyone but I have no sympathy for blatant thieves, murderers & liars.

    One thing surprises me though – I can’t believe vore has not blamed Laisenia Qarase for Benazir Bhuttos assassination. Or did I miss that press release due to the one too many drinkies over the holidays.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    In the igs rush to vindicate their coup they thought they were so smart, intelligent & experienced they could run a country – how wrong they were – right from the beginning it was the biggest lie that even little Jone (6 years old) figured out with his little friends as they swam & played with bilibilis in the Navua River.

    First lesson – You never fix what’s not broken.

    Why is the Tourism Industry a huge flop – ask the Huge Flop herself bernadette ganilau.

    Why is the Sugar Industry a huge flop – ask that floppy boci mahendra chaudary or his very apt nickname chodo as he’s surely chodo’d up the sugar industry & his indian supporters good & proper that the first imported sugar has reached our shores – kua ni volia de dua ena qai tauvi dysentry – kila ga ko ira na kaidia era dau vekavekaca – ni sega na nodra wai na carawai esa warai gonei.

    Why is Air Pacific now known as Air Pathetic – ask manasa baravilala – biggest pathetic dickhead ever – after his schoolmate vore that is. He didn’t have much grey matter before he got a good hiding from a peeved husband – after the hiding well……..

    And the flop continues & will continue – old ig cabinet or new ig cabinet – it ain’t gonna happen as was clearly shown today & in our most famous Church –

    At the Church Service held for Ratu Savenaca Draunidalo – God be with him & his Family – at the Centenary Church today vore showed his low breed & lack of class by ignoring The Prime Minister Of Fiji Mr Laisenia Qarase – the ignorant shit vore should have gone over to Mr & Mrs Qarase & shook hands with them. This goes to show & he showed this to everyone that was there & TV viewers & newpaper readers that he knows that Mr Laisenia Qarase is still the Prime Minister of Fiji & he vore cannot face him. If that’s not an indication of guilt I don’t know what is.

    vore is like a neutered dog – AIN’T GOT NO BALLS MAN.

  14. el Paso Says: lesu tale tu na vodo basi wavoki..oti na gauna ni pajero.

  15. anon Says:

    NP, Malo tovata……….

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