We Are Back Meaner and Chickier!!!


Vakanuinui Vinaka ni Yabakivou Bloggers!!!

Who said we’re dead??? Soooorrrryyyy, we are here to stay but hey need to take time off to refresh and rekindle the spirit of freedom and fighting for what is justly and what is right.

Stopped over at Savusavu and quickly logged on at nearest cafe to re-assure you all that we are here to stay. So SR and Na Dina, eat your heart out!!!

Chat on Monday when back in town. Boat too slow and gotta wash the salt off first. Wonder whether kaicolo fellow admin back yet from the mountains or still too enchanted by crisp and chilly mountain breeze.

NP thanks for maintaining the fort and boy your New Years resolution is to learn more about the internet. As a co-creator of Soli Vakasama you need to edit more se vakaevei 🙂

Anyway, 2008 yoo hoo, must be the year when we will send them all packing to Naboro!

Moce Jo!!

24 Responses to “We Are Back Meaner and Chickier!!!”

  1. anon Says:



  2. Indian Says:

    Has Bainimahendra lost his voice?
    Chand seems to be speaking for him.
    And Mahen is contemplating declaring himself a liar by running in the military controlled election.
    Not all citizens are allowed to vote. Only those supporting the Samy charter.

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Welcome back SV.

    What you say is very true.When it comes to this blerry gadget,I’m like a one legged man in an ass kicking competition.

    But I hope to think that I’m doing the best I can with the one leg I’ve got,and that is to hop up and down on the pigs soresore and hear him squealing until he f@#ks off from Fiji.

  4. Frida Says:

    Well on the news this morning on Viti FM that he is one leave and will be at his desk on Monday. Can someone please confirm for us if he is really in the country? All comments made by the Illegal PM’s office is attributed to his left cherry and all are in writing. No real person telling us the plans. very suspicious – maybe chodo is actually running the show while the others are trying to find their way out before the bang.

  5. anon Says:

    Whether Frank is back or not – his Malignant Narcissism is beginning to show like a drunken whore’s petticoat slipping down under the hemline of the people’s voice.
    Once again, like Hitler, Pol Pot, Musharif, Mugabe and any number of other pathetic little despots who think they know better than everyone else, he sees himself as having YOUR best interests at his hear (cos he knows better than you – yea you – cos he thinks you’re so stupid you can’t think for yourself, and even if you can, you might be just as racist and opportunistic as he is).
    Besides which he’s got a lot to hide and he’s struggling in the way only a thich shit knows best.
    Frank wants to create a Fiji as an example of the “way the world should be” and a “People’s Charter” going to reflect that – even at the expense of missing the March 2009 deadline he PROMISED the international community he would meet. (NZ Dominion Post 4/7/2008).
    Well that’s good – another nail in the coffin of his credulity.
    If anyone in the international community ever had doubts about how genuine he is, let them now see for themselves. His idol Mushy ain’t doing too well either.
    Maybe time for Shaista nd Bubba’s creativity and spin to dream up a story.

    What are the expedient options?
    I reckon an unfortunate accident might be one of the best

  6. Adi Kaila Says:

    PM announces new-look 12 member Cabinet
    04 JAN 2008

    Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has announced the new interim Cabinet line-up.

    New-look interim Cabinet ministers:

    1.Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service, Peoples’ Charter for Change, Information, Provincial Development, Indigenous and Multi-Ethnic Affair
    – Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    2. Attorney-General and Minister for Jusitice, Electoral Reform, Public Enterprises and Anti-Corruption
    – Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

    3. Minister for Finance, National Planning, Sugar Industry and Public Utilities (Water and Energy)
    – Mahendra Chaudhry

    4. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Internatinal Co-operation and Civil Aviation
    – Ratu Epeli Nailatikau

    5. Minister for Health, Women and Social Welfare
    – Dr Jiko Luveni

    6. Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, Youth and Sports
    – Filipe Bole

    7. Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment, Local Government, Urban Development and Housing
    – Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi

    8. Minister for Works and Transport
    – Timoci Lesi Natuva

    9. Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communication
    – Tom Ricketts

    10. Minister for Lands, Mineral Resources and Environment
    – Netani Sukanaivalu

    11. Minister for Primary Industries
    – Joketani Cokanasiga

    12. Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration
    – Ratu Epeli Ganilau

    Out are:

    1. Poseci Bune – Minister of Public Service, Public Enterprises and Public Sector Reform

    2. Dr Jona Senilagakali – Minister of Health

    3. Jone Navakamocea – Minister of Local Government, Urban Development and Public Utilities

    4. Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau – Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Tourism and Environment

    5. Manu Korovulavula – Minister of Transport, Works and Energy

    6. Taito Waradi – Minister of Commerce, Industry, Investment and Communications

    7. Adi Laufitu Malani – Minister of Women, Social Welfare and Housing

    8. Tevita Vuibau – Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources

    9 Jainend Kumar – Minister of Agriculture


    ****I am really surprised that soloi Jiko Luveni is in this lineup – Jiko get out of it now before your deep dark secrets are scattered around the cyberworld – Please don’t become a sellout****

  7. Adi Kaila Says:


    PM, Chaudhry, military to blame: Dass
    04 JAN 2008

    Fiji Cane Growers Association general secretary, Bala Dass has blamed the collapse of the country’s sugar industry on the interim PM, Finance minister, military, Fiji Labour Party and the National Farmers Union.

    In a press statement released today, Dass said the military council and the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama “failed miserably in its claims to restore transparency and accountability to the country as far as the livelihood of farmers and the sugar industry is concerned”.

    Dass said Finance minister and NFU leader Mahendra Chaudhry was to blame for the closure of the Labasa mill.

    He adds that Chaudhry had insisted that the Labasa mill start crushing from June 5, 2007 despite the mill not being ready.

    “Figures obtained by FCGA on the performance of the mills and the state of the sugar industry confirm the lack of care, concern and interest that this regime, Chaudhry, the Labour Party and NFU have in the farmers and the industry,” Dass said.


  8. Linus Says:

    I have just finished reading Discombobulated latest Post.. well worth reading as always.. I left this comment which I paste here also.

    “I remember, back in 2000 / 2001 M.P. Chodo attending the world wide conference of “Socialist International” in Wellington, NZ. I believe I heard this on RNZ International. As U may know, Socialist International is the main International Conference of the Communist Party and alsdo linked to the activities of the Anti-Christian NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Thanks for this article, it adds a new perspective of what is going on here.

    While Vore the PIG is dangerous; I am even more convinced now that Chodo is the real driving force behind the whole mess, STOP him and the rest will just unravel!!

  9. Josh Says:

    Happy New Year to All and a very special thank you to SV for your commitments to keep going on amidst all the threats and closing off of our friendly sites. Keep it up buddy. We want to assure you that this is our only most reliable piece of News we look forward to all the times.
    We wish you well for the New Year bloggers….
    Sa basika tikoga mai na ka dina. Ena matata kece mada mai na ka vunitaki tu na qai yaco na siga ni vesisausaumi……Sa vaevei o Po?
    Dou muri koya tiko. Ratou na varau tauri koya qori ke sega ni na voli me soli vua dua na i tutu me sogoti koya tu kina na tamata rerevaki qori…

  10. Josh Says:

    Thank you for your comments on Chaudhry. You must realise that Chodo is the most dangerous person in Fiji now. As you can see, the IG’s new line up is clearly Chaudhry’s scheming coming to the fore. Chaudhry is fully exploiting the temporary cover currently provided by the military via Voreqe. Voreqe must be fully informed that he will be Chaudhry’s next victim. Chaudhry is busy charting an exit from the current scenario fully realising his chances to sustain whatever he has accumulated now does not stand a chance in the long term with Frank and his boys around. He has been one of the military’s strongest critics and that he will continue to do once he rids himself from these complications. All will be exposed and Voreqe must now realise that it is Chaudhry who will ultimately sell him off when the time is right. Chaudhry is merely in t current mode, sleeping with the Devil. That is exactly his modus operandi. Watch these folks!!!!

  11. natewaprince Says:


    Now lets see what the sacked lackeys will do.They are now tainted by the pig and will find it quite difficult to find employment.

    Lets see where that uneducated,unemployable leeche Bune will go.Probably being offered a diplomatic post.

    I hope they reveal all the skeletons in the pigs closet.

  12. kaiviti makawa Says:

    Bula vinaka NP, just got back from nakoro and as SR saying goes…”E sa qai matata tiko mai na matanimeke” Surely indeed, they are just reflecting their weakenesses in all case scenarios we have seen. It would be interesting to know what were the grounds of dismissal for the 8 that had been sent packing. Some of them deserve to be sacked whilst others might be a bit questionable…

    It would be interesting to see what happens next to PO?… I am of the view that he should be sent back to his village as his name has been tainted with shit everywhere….Giving him another Diplomatic post would be another disaster for Fiji. Maybe….maybe?….Ministry of women and culture would have been a much more appropriate ministry for him to manage..Oh..no..no…his track record with women is poor…Why not open up a Grants Waterhouse betting shop in Savusavu..since thats the only trade I can think of where he can succeed in….

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thank goodness SV is indeed alive for us the freedom fighters and champions who are fighting for release from this lunatic of a cowardo who is leading us nowhere but to the edge of the suicide cliff. Let us blog on and carry the mantle of our struggle for liberation. It was pathetic to hear comments from the sacked minister saying they were glad to have served under this regime. they have not done anything good but waste taxpayers money receiving pay for illegally taking part in the regime. Boy I saw the times today and and there was the Vore and his henchmen beside him – two culprit indian muslims i-arse and arse-his backing up the Vore. It looked like they were there to ensure the Vore did what they wanted him to do or say. The vOres name should be changed to Mushy Bainivore Ali which would make the picture complete ie muslim terrorists al-qaida Fiji cell. Let us remain unite in our cause and bring these culprits down in our own intelligent way.


    The big re-shuffle – e dua na ka boi duatani eke
    5o many waste time people! Who can believe it? Out of the 15 member cabinet he originally appointed, he had to fire nine for failing to perform? If he chose such a bunch of duds isn’t he to blame for that? Oh, that’s right, all the talented people were put off by the threat of sanctions. But if that’s right, how come he thinks the IG has done a marvelous job?

    this just doesn’t add up. He said the reshuffle was all about performance but he didn’t intend to be firing this many of his team. It is more likely that the minor re-shuffle Chodo scripted for him turned into a major re-shuffle when a few of the gang got together and opposed the puppet dictator’s plans, or more correctly, the plans Chodo sold him to get rid of Chodo’s enemies like Po Se Ci.

    For those who follow the Loyal Fijian blogsite this is nothing new. He said there was a split in the IG Cabinet ranks. (And coming from an IG apologist, this is based on inside info.) It seems the split is between the people going and those willing to go along with Chodo’s control of the Puppet Dictator.

    The Puppet Dicator no doubt thinks that firing all these people shows he is in charge. Bull***! It shows once more that Chodo is pulling the strings in this Punch n Judy show.

    Naturally, the lazy Mara clan who’ve never had to work for anything in their lives are still there. They will all cling like the dio to any well paid job that their name can get them. They are too selfish and corrupt to take a stand with the others.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    I dont think members of the Mara clan are lazy … they are simply incapable! I suppose Qarase can attest to that. Lau lost a favourite son in Ratu Savenaca Uluibau Draunidalo. Ratu Savenaca achieved the unachievable in Lau — he ran for parliamentary elections as an independent candidate and came out winner with resounding victory — never before achieved in Lau. He warmed the hearts of the Lau people. Who do they look to now? Unfortunately, none of the Maras can equal what Ratu Savenaca achieved at the polls. Not then, and definitely not now, with a reputation now tainted… 5/12/2006.

    The big question is will Bainimarama fulfill the commitment made to Pacific Forum Leaders in Tonga that Fiji will go to the polls by March 2009. Or would he rather keep his commitment to members of the iG. I guess only time will tell.

    Vinaka SV… good to know you will be back!

  16. Orangered Says:

    Yep..From Chodo’s (and Voreqe and Military council and Co’) point of view, the use-by dates of these idiots have gone..stupid fools … they had no followers or supporters behind them so they did not realise they were always not essential to “the course” as have been said before. So they should not have rocked the boat… Now what is left of iIG are really the principals of the coup..well chodo of course is manuevering and weaving his yarn as the others now have nothing in terms of anything else to offer.

    Interesting also, the remaining principals are all NUTS and they are all sitting**ducks**know**nothing**not**a**clue**yes**man to chodo’s in his scheming…now all of chodo’s policies and communist intentions will be implemented because he has to do it …because he is answerable to those who funded him and this regime ( the secret people overseas and perhaps in Fiji…etc). Fiji is in for the taking by Chodo and his communists. perhaps he is engineering the crisis (sugar going down, economy etc) for his final coup…Indians are like elephants..they have long meories for bitterness etc…unforgiving lot…chodo (and his people) will not easily forget 87,& 2000 and the military…no matter what…he will exact his revenge on the military and its personnel and those associated with those events…when the time is right….agree with Josh above on what he is likely to do next with those around him…without them realising it …he will dumped them all when their useby dates have arrived..no matter how well secured and smart they think they are..because the man has alot of connections in high and dark places overseasand everywhere to draw from…will just have to know him better to outmanouvre him….but not these current idiots….he has circumvented them all. But now may be the ones with potential loud mouths like Po for eg may have been paid off handsomely than others..just to keep their no-tooth-brush mouths tightly shut. These guys have got money you know…they can do this

  17. Anon Says:

    Hey Adi Kaila!! Na ka vuni cava baleti Jiko Luveni o kaya tiko mai qori? Bau wasea mai me kilai!! Kerekere bibi

  18. Na Dina Says:

    Chickier? This word reminds me of a chicken. Thats what you lot are.

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    Na dina na sona ga qai boi dada

  20. natewaprince Says:

    Chicken ga tiko i nomu maimuri.

  21. Na Dina Says:

    what is the meaning of chickier? The problem is your brain is muddled because you have just returned from your village in Vivili.

  22. natewaprince Says:

    If you don’t know,don’t ask cos it’ll just boggle your tiny brain.

  23. Na Dina Says:

    princess, you need to go back to school. The tide isn’t so high yet.

  24. natewaprince Says:

    ‘High’ ga na nomu cici.

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