More butako news on Chaudary

He did not disclose money in an Australian bank by VICTOR LAL

An Interim Cabinet Minister accused of attempted tax evasion between 1994 and 2004, and of amassing more than $1 million has again been brought to book by the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority for not disclosing funds that he held in an Australian bank.

In late September and early October, the same Cabinet Minister was also locked in intense negotiations with FIRCA after he was asked to pay $87,000. Tax experts say it could have been tax assessed for a provisional payment or settlement of the previous year in full.

When contacted FIRCA chief executive officer Jitoko Tikolevu told, the Fiji Sun, that it was a confidential matter and he would not discuss it.

According to experienced tax specialists, at the current rate of 32 per cent, if the tax payable was $87,000, it means that the Minister’s taxable income would be at least $280,000.

Now, the Minister’s tax is not on his salary in Fiji. Thus any income outside Fiji, claim tax experts, would mean that this is investment income. And, if this is income from interest, it means that the deposits in the Australian bank would be more than $1.5million.

We may recall from my earlier investigation that the same Minister was assessed $95,000 on undeclared income. It seems that the income pool of this particular Minister has continued but that the figure is lower suggests that either the Minister has shifted money out of out the tax category (like buying properties or giving out gifts) or has shifted money out of the country.

In fact, it has been established that a close relative of the Minister bought a property in Australia for nearly $300,000 and paid in cash on the same day of the purchase.

The Minister is not the only one who has to settle his taxes. Thousands of tax defaulters were in tax arrears to the tune of $168 million. And in a bid to recover these arrears, the interim Government has granted an amnesty to them from 15 October to 16 November, extended to December, to pay their tax dues.

The amnesty is in relation to all penalties if the taxpayer settled his tax arrears in full during the period of amnesty. Penalties to be waived include Income Tax (late lodgement penalty, omitted income penalty, insufficient advance payment penalty and late payment penalties) and Value Added Tax (late lodgement penalty, incorrect return penalty and the late payment penalty). >

The interim minister’s own $87,000 could have fitted into insufficient advance payment or even late payment amnesty.

What the case highlights, according to the tax experts, is the fact that there is a need for the State to investigate how the Minister amassed so much wealth. Any Cabinet Minister who acquires so much wealth within a short period of time, according to tax experts, shows prima facie evidence of corruption.

Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry warned in his 2008 Budget address that: “The government would like to warn that the axe will come down heavily on those tax payers found guilty of flaunting our tax system and laws“.

We all know that the Minister being mentioned here is none other then Chodo but Victor Lal has not mentioned it publicly in his Fiji Sun Reports. I think he is baiting Mahen and when the time is right then he will go in for the coup de grace.

It is so obvious that Victor is telling the truth because Mahend Chod silence has been defeaning to date. He has uncharacteristicly not said a single word against Victor.

And notice also how they have gone realy paranoid on Qarase. Well well well, a copy of the file that Victor has is also now with LQ. Notice how they are uping the pressure on the $20 million grant to FHL, the investigation on shares and the Official Prime Ministerial residence thet LQ planned to build. Hey Pig, that house was not meant for LQ but for future PMs as a state monument. Besides, go look at the SDL 2007 Budget, it only allocated $1 million for that. Same amount that you have allocated for all the court litigation you will face in 2008 because of your incompetencies!!

They are all frightened because LQ now has all the latest details on Mahend’s tax rot and are now trying to throw mud first!!!

And as someone mentioned earliar, Chodo has now commissioned all FIRCA auditors that belong to the Under $5 million business investigation team to audit all SDL politicians tax files. These officer are paid salary to investigate and collect taxes from business so the State have revenues you idiots. Not there for your personal witch hunt and vendetta. No wonder no money for such basic things as boarding expenses for ACS students. Never in the history of Fiji has this happened.



17 Responses to “More butako news on Chaudary”

  1. Roger Says:

    Can this be on the Fiji Times or Daily Post for everyone to see?.

  2. Endurance Says:

    Yes please……..this shoud go into the papers. How about we ask Victor Lal (the author) to let us contribute $$$$ to finance it’s public advertisement in the dailies……….SV, tarogi koya mada…

  3. solivakasama Says:

    It was in the Fiji Sun yesterday!

  4. Endurance Says:

    SV…….drau vosota ..bera tale keitou na tiko yani qo e Boteanaulu…..ia wananavu!

  5. solivakasama Says:

    Ia totolo keitou na tiko e Nausori baleta ni kui ga mai na Rewa keitou sa tagava yani e Wainibokasi!!

  6. boyninakoro Says:

    should give the evidence after all so that we can prostitute(prosecute) the Chodi

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Chodo-you,you look so obvious on TV that you are ashamed of talking because the whole of Fiji knows your secret.

    After months of investigations without success,the pigs managed to dig up some trumped up charges against the Chief Justice by going to FIRCA.And yet Chodo-him’s tax shit is still not solved.

    The original charges against the CJ have disappeared because they were frivolous to begin with.


  8. Na Dina Says:

    Ok People just got back. Sorry have to dash again.
    Will debate with you tomorrow.

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    Someone posted the address of the property chodo bought in his sons name in Brisbane Australia either on this blogsite or on

    Apparently vore bought a property for his daughter in NZ – probably with misappropriated cash as we all know he hasn’t a bean to his name.

    Any property or goods bought with misappropriated cash in any country can be confiscated by that government & returned to the country the funds were misappropriated from.


  10. Adi Kaila Says:


    State urged to probe tax case
    Last updated 11/28/2007 8:05:24 AM

    An immediate investigation needs to be conducted by the State into tax evasion allegations against an interim Cabinet minister, says Laisenia Qarase.
    Supporting Mr Qarase’s call, former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes says for the sake of good governance, interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry should initiate investigation into the allegations immediately.
    Documents supporting the allegations had earlier been forwarded to the police by unionist Taniela Tabu and former Fiji journalist Victor Lal who is now based in London.
    Mr Qarase yesterday said instead of hurling false allegations against his deposed government, Mr Chaudhry should order an investigation on the interim minister.
    “The minister who has been avoiding tax is said to have deliberately withheld information on properties and bank balances currently held in Australia, valued at around $2 to $3 million,’’ said Mr Qarase. “I want to remind Mr Chaudhry that he should investigate the minister.”
    Mr Beddoes questioned how the interim administration could proceed with tax charges against Justice Daniel Fatiaki while ignoring a similar case involving a sitting minister.
    “Is this justice? What kind of good governance is this?” he said.
    Mr Tabu, the Viti National Union of Taukei Workers general secretary had met with Deputy Police Commissioner Eroni Antonio in August and filed an official complaint relating to the tax evasion claims.
    Mr Qarase who is also compiling evidence of the case said the tax evasion lasted over four years.
    “We (SDL) have evidence to support our claims and we will disclose when we are ready,” he said.
    Mr Qarase said the minister concerned was said to have deliberately withheld information on properties and bank balances currently held in Australia valued between $2million to $3million.
    When questioned about the matter yesterday, Mr Chaudhry asked that all questions be faxed to his office. Late yesterday, his secretary confirmed that she had received the questions. Mr Chaudhry had not replied by last night.
    Further attempts to obtain comments from him at his home last night were unsuccessful.
    FIRCA Chief Executive Officer Jitoko Tikolevu said the matter was a confidential one.
    When contacted last night Mr Antonio said he could not comment on the issue because he did not know “how far investigations had gone”.
    Meanwhile FICAC would not investigate the matter. Spokesman Semi Koroi said: “FICAC will not deal with the matter because it is with FIRCA.
    “As far as I know FICAC does not have any report containing evidence regarding this tax evasion,” he said.
    FICAC however had sought the tax files of suspended Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki for similar charges.
    Mr Qarase also branded as a lie a claim by Mr Chaudhry that the former’s biggest contribution was to bankrupt the country and leave behind an entrenched culture of corruption. Mr Qarase said the December 5 2006 coup came at a time when the country was enjoying an economic boom.
    “This was proven in Chaudhry’s budget address, that economic growth for the last five years averaged 2.8 per cent of GDP- the highest average for any five-year period during the last 20 years,” Mr Qarase said.
    “Government’s cash position on 5/12 was sound and bills were paid promptly.
    “Now, Mr Chaudhry is struggling to pay the mounting bills caused by mismanagement in many areas during this year.”
    He pointed out that Mr Chaudhry and the Interim Government has failed to substantiate the allegations of corruption, even after one year in office.

  11. Koi Colo Says:

    Maiya Chodo is keeping quiet about the tax evasion but yelling his head off on allegations against Qarase. His every second breath is an attack on the poor state of economy that Qarase took the country to.

    But the arsehole maiya Chodo has been evading payment of tax all this time. The cheek of this shit to stand up during the 2008 Budget presentation and talk arrogantly about doing this and doing that.

    The guy is stealing money from the Govt coffers through tax evasion. Maiya Chodo should be castrated in public the arsehole!

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its a good thing Qarase is responding to the claims by Vore and co which are coming in fast and furious. It give substance to SV’s analysis that the IG wants to pre-empt what was going to come from LQ on Chodo’s tax scam. So the iIG is firing all the first shots to subside the tax issue. Vore has drawn the line so we all know where we stand. The truth will come out and it will prevail.

  13. tim Says:

    How can someone that is supposedly insignificant cause the Vore’s knickers’ elastic to snap and twang him so hard in the balls that he screeches like the Vienna Boy’s Choir singing the descant?
    Frank: double your dose – they aren’t working!
    And while we’re at it has some more salient analysis.
    And as someone else has pointed out, there are laws that include seizure of property from the proceeds of crime that operate outside Fiji. Someone might test them one day – they might even have a win.
    And another thought – why is it that those in the iIG that are so quick to accuse others of corruption have attempted to hedge their bets by shifting their financial and other interests OUTSIDE Fiji, whilst expecting everyone else to be “loyal” and “Fijian”. Frank, Chodo, Shameen, Kaiyum,………….others…….give us some answers or don’t expect anybody to BELIEVE a hyped up bullshit embellished temper tantrum word any of you say – cos actually very few do.

  14. Flyspy Says:

    On 8 June 2005 Rajendra Chaudhry, the son of Interim Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, purchased a property in Brisbane, Australia, for $297,240. Rajendra Chaudhry bought the property when he was a mere student in Sydney, and made full settlement the same day.

    Where did he get the money to pay the huge sum of money? Did his father divert some of the cash from the monies he collected overseas, and also did Chaudhry senior divert the cash after not disclosing his tax returns to FIRCA?

    The Brisbane property is located at 11 Copper Cr, Griffin 4503, Brisbane. It is a four bedroom house on 600 sq m of land with 2 car spaces. It was listed for rent on 3/7/06 for rental at $305 per week by Cavalier Realty.

  15. Endurance Says:


    From a simple book keeping perspecitve, with a little knowledge of tax treatments, I say…. if the property was aquired at a period when Rajend was still a student and unemployed, the property aquisition will be seen as the fathers sourced income.

    All FIRCA has to do is to include this asset under CHODOS belt and he should be asked on where the source of money to buy the Brisbane property is from. As no one else will be paying for uni-studies but his father, Chodo, so all investments under Rajends’ will be seen as Daddy Chodos’.

    And when Daddy Chodo files his tax return, he should be showing ALL his income, here and abroad.

  16. Semi Says:

    I remembered when Vore handpicked his ministers,he said he liked Chodo because he kinda like Robin hood.He stole from the rich and gave it to the poor.We can see now its true picture,stole from the poor to make himself very rich .People beware of the wolf in sheep skin.

  17. Anonymous Says:

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

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