Good Governance

From Tui Savu in Honiara

Ever since Voreqe Bainimarama executed his 5/12 coup, his messianic message has been to clean up, get rid of endemic corruption and get rid of nepotism.
Truly admirable moral standards which reflect the principle of good governance. After returning executive authority to President Iloilo in January, the interim regime was formed to carry out the mandate of His Excellency with the objective of holding general election.
Bainimarama and his regime since the coup have always accusingly pointed the finger at Qarase and his SDL party for being the root cause of all of Fiji’s social, moral, economic and racial problems, as if these problems only eventuated when Qarase first came to power in 2001.
Bainimarama since his coup has become more stubborn and self righteous thus making himself immune to constructive criticism, which are the traits of a dictator. He no longer has the ability to rationalise or remain objective and has fallen prey to his own folly.
Since his coup, he has gone back time and again on what he reassured the nation would not occur. For instance, right after the coup, he announced all interim government positions would be advertised and no one would be offered any position because that would tantamount to nepotism. The military proudly announced the high level of interest, implying support for the coup, as they claimed receiving over 300 applicants. What happened? It is now common knowledge that all current interim ministers were selected by the military and none applied.
Then CEO’s were unilaterally made redundant without warning or due process and the purging of qualified Fijian middle class began en masse, causing many from the Fijian heartland to perceive the coup as an Indian coup, as rightfully observed by the Roko Tui Bau Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.
Appointments made since the coup including the latest appointment of the CEO of FBCL reek high of nepotism. But what is so astonishing is the fact it is done so openly without any concern whatsoever. There is no longer any guilt or shame in these nepotistic appointments, which has become the norm of this eegime.
What has happened to the high messianic moral platform upon which Bainimarama justified his coup?
Where is the endemic corruption Qarase and his SDL Party were supposedly involved in? What was so, illegal, evil or immoral about the Qoliqoli Bill?
What I find illegal, evil, immoral and reeks of nepotism is the unilateral decision of the interim regime to extend native leases without any consultations whatsoever with the traditional owners. Who gave Minister Ganilau the power or authority to make this decision because it certainly never came from the traditional owners, whose native lands are going to be affected? As we draw near to the first anniversary of the coup, the interim regime and its coup supporters would do well to reminisce their transgression and learn the three-finger rule.
It is this: whenever you accusingly point a finger at someone; remember you have three pointing back at you.

16 Responses to “Good Governance”

  1. Always for Fiji Says:

    The justification by Daniel Whippy on the appointment of new CEO of FBCL is laughable and baseless. Daniel Whippy is a weak and ineffective Chairman. He was appointed Chairman of FBCL by the Coalition Government in 2000 under Mahendra Chaudhry. Daniel has never ceased to be a puppet of Mahendra Chaudhry. Daniel wife’s elder sister is Finau Mara’s partner.

    Sayed is a journalist and not a manager. He does not have any demonstrable management experience of any organisation let alone a media organisation. He has been going around media organisations such as Maori TV in Auckland looking for journalism jobs as late as two months ago.

    So where is the basis Daniel?

  2. Beranaliva Says:

    The list is endless………
    To add more insults they caused:
    * they disbanded the GCC and created the so-called Charter that don’t even serve our interest or purpose.
    * VB adopting blackmail and bullying tactics to Qarase demanding ” Accept the Charter or we don’t meet”. Stupid idiot!!!
    * His girly son goes crying to him after being slapped. Criminal proceedings against Ratu Epenisa treated with priority. That son needs to join the Girl Guides.
    * My best one is what you said above, VB answers questions with questions. I suppose it’s better than Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Sa dri yani!
    Power to the People!

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Yeah,I couldn’t believe Daniel Whippy would be such a whimp to bow down to pressure in the appointment of Riaz as boss of FBC.

    BTW,whatever govt is in control by March 2009,what happens to those walking around with bodyguards today?

    Once their bociguards are taken away,its open season on these wannabe ministers,especially Arsehole,Shamimi,Chodo,Eveli’s and the pig?

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    Very Factual & Well explained Tui Savu.

    Vinaka Vakalevu.

  5. aarghe piichee Says:

    Who is this Daniel Whippy? He’s as weak as his little tweak, no wonder his lovely wife left him, LOL!

  6. kuku Says:

    We have identified John Sammy as one of the main policy maker in the IG helping to planning all the IG moves with Maichodo. John Sammy used to head the Government planning Dept. Anyone knows this bastard?

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    Daniel Whippys father is ex Fiji Times photographer/journalist Stan Ritova. His sister is Ellen Whippy.

  8. tamil tiger Says:

    John Samy was a PS during Mara’s era.
    His wife left him for another lady.
    Fucken gandu.

  9. Endurance Says:

    SV, this was the reply to Domo kei Viti by Ellen Whippy, the sister of David Whippy the whimp of FBCl. This was the bitch who came and organise the 70s memory lane for the Dragon night Club Annivesary……

    Here goes…

    I just had to do this can you please forward this to your many contacts and to that dickhead who sent out that heinous letter “Domo I Viti”

    Now the real stories are coming out, people realise that the corruption in the Fiji government needs to be addressed and that’s what Frank is talking

    about. Its been going on for too long.

    Look at how dirty the city of Suva is, all the illegal chinese immigrants, raiwaqa housing estate is a disgraceful squalor, the water problems in

    Fiji, the pipes havent been replaced since the British left, the roads – the potholes are bigger than the craters on Mars, the agricultural scam – $14m

    for the farmers to vote for SDL, the country experiences electricity blackouts at least once a week, all the rubbish piled up outside the

    restaurants and along the streets, not to mention the rats and cockroaches in restaurants whilst eating and in some cases in food. The Fiji Police

    HQ was only repainted in 2004 after 14 years. The paint just kept peeling, there was green mould on parts of the building, I saw it, I suggested to a

    couple of aussies working there that we fundraise to pay for the painting!

    The corruption in the country is just mega and you dont have to look far to see it, just talk to the person standing next to you when you are there.

    Fijians just dont say anything because they are too scared to speak up! I lived there for 16 months 2004 – 2005, it is true.

    What is this nonsense Fiji for the Fijians, we wanted our independence, we got it then we stuffed it up because we are greedy, lazy and do not

    believe in hard work, want everything for nothing especially whilst we sit on our arses drinking kava all day and all night, but yet we become envious of those who succeed. As for the Council of Chiefs tell them its time to go to school and get with the times. That includes my gang from Macuata, my paternal great grandfather was Ratu Viliame Ritova one of the 10 chiefs who signed the deed of cession.

    All the monies they have got from the hotel leases, the sugar cane plantation leases, where is it, did they fix up their villages, have the villagers benefitted – NO, if you travel to Fiji as many times a year as I do, you will see very little has changed since 1970 when we became independent. And the qoli qoli – we should be proud to be the first country in the world of tourism to come up with such an illegal scam. Charging tourists (who already pay to come to visit Fiji) a fee for swimming or fishing in their waters – since when!! The tourists will just say fine, keep your water we will go holiday elsewhere, then what, well then the Chiefs can just swim in their own waters and pay themselves!

    When the British ruled and the first few years under Ratu Mara the country was PARADISE, clean, friendly, happy, you could walk anywhere night or day

    at anytime and not get harrassed, we used to leave our doors and windows opened all day all night, everyone who wanted to work had a job, the country

    flourished and became the envy of all other developing nations. Then we started getting greedy, thats when the power struggle amongst the Fijians

    started. WE knew how we could use our positions to line our pockets to our hearts content and the detriment of the honest ones. And you have the

    audacity to blame the INDIANS!! They were the ones who were working their arses off to make money for the future of their children.

    Approximately 70% of indian students at USP are private students, their parents pay thousands for their education. Us gang, no we wait for our

    uncle the minister of ?? to get us a scholarship! They were the traders, the sugar cane farmers if it wasnt for them Fiji may not have come as far

    as they did economically. The sugar cane 99 year leases ended, the landowners kicked them out and now sit on their land drinking kava waiting for

    someone to come and offer them huge bucks for dry and arid soil. Meanwhile Fiji has lost millions in earnings from the decrease of sugar cane production. Why

    dont the landowners farm it themselves, too bloody hard work and too doped!

    How is it that you can have criminals working in a government that purports to lead the people, yes what you exposing to the people of Fiji is that it

    is ok to commit a crime and carry on in life as if nothing happened. Our Attorney General Q Bale, was convicted of a serious crime Misappropriation

    of Funds and barred from the legal fraternity and yet under Qarase he held one of the most senior positions in government and he helped to design the

    Unity Bill – hows that? No where else in the world except for corrupt states as seen in the Solomons, PNG and various African and South American

    nations and of course dear Fiji!

    So to you that idiot “Domo I Viti”, stick your one sided, unbalanced propaganda up as far as it can go. I am not Indian, and I dont condone

    violence or force of any nature, I just believe that the poor and needy Fiji citizens need a fair go!!

    And lastly, this comes from a very reliable source: The government has NO MONEY. Now where is it, well for a start there are few people’s pockets you can

    start checking!

    And Domo i Viti if you were intelligent you would understand the real reason behind the coup or the political history of Fiji. And if you have

    got any guts then declare who you are, attach your name to your article and be proud of your stupidity!! Get off your fat arse and do something

    worthwhile with your time, like raise some funds for the needy at home instead of inciting panic and hatred and spreading crap amongst those who

    already know the truth.

    And the rest of you when you read crap like that please dont send it to me or anyone else its an invasion of privacy and an insult to our intelligence.

    Ellen Whippy – Knight

    ex Fiji Times Journalist

    ex Secretary of the Young Alliance Party 1974-77

    executive member of the Fiji National Youth Council – 1979-81

    PS: At 18 years old as I prepared to go to USP, my father told me that Adi Losalini Dovi, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi’s mother, who was then a senior Alliance Party member had a job for me. I was honoured to meet with her in the Alliance HQ at Albert Park at the time. She said “Your mother is from Bau, your father’s mother Adi Salineta is a High Chief from the Macuata clan and the current Tui Labasa and being a Whippy you come from the biggest part-european clan in Fiji – the Whippy’s. She said you have the connections, go out there and revive the Young Alliance. I then approached my co students and mates, Isake Komailevuka, Jesoni Vitukawalu, Elizabeth Reid, Jasmin Tam,Shelley Fong -who made up the rest of the Committee, Vitu was elected President. Now that’s a formidable group and the sort of people amongst others in Fiji who should be leading the country.

  10. Endurance Says:

    Vinaka Tui Savu, well put, I echo all that you have just said, it’s almost a year now, yet, no outcome from the bullshit of a clean up. IF anything, the IG themselves needs an OCEAN of FABULOSO to clean themselves with. The dirt ranges from MURDER to BRIBERY, you name it, they stink of it……!!!

  11. Gemini Says:

    Ellen Whippy??? What a bloody joke!! If you’re reading this let me tell you that you are even more stupid than you look! So typical of some kailomas to be so racist and in the same breath give some bullshit links to chiefly bloodline! Yet you would rather identify yourself with your ‘kailoma’ side because you’re too good to be fijian! And if I may correct you and many other kailomas who call themselves ‘part european’ you say you’re part of one of the biggest part european families in Fiji… So when exactly did your ancestor David Whippy become European??? He was nothing but a white trash American that came here and used Fijian women in the most disgusting way!and here you are being so proud to be of his bloodline!!

  12. bodyguard Says:

    vore’s wife is a whippy too??

    bleary shit…

  13. F Bhaini-Marama Says:

    the Whippy’s…..the biggest in-bred family in Fiji.

    a long line of cultureless mongrels with no true identity.

    vore’s bitch is a Whippy too and i bet she’s the one who wants to be called a ‘fijian’

  14. Ohpree Weenston Says:

    People! Let’s not generalize on the basis of ethnicity just because the majority of kailomas support this illegal regime, same as Chodo who gives all Indo’s a bad name in this country!! Let’s just keep exposing the rotten apples and show them for who they are.

  15. Neutral Says:

    okay. It seems to me that all you people are just basically jealous at the whippy family. To go on and on about their personal lives on the internet?? What is this???!!!! so what if he was married to that lady that happens to be the sister of ratu mara’s sons girlfriend. SO WHAT?! WHO GIVES A TWO FUCK ABOUT THAT! What’s done is basically done! if a bad choice was made to lead the media or to lead whatever, those who chose these people will reap what they had sown. Karma is a Bitch! believe that! It’s real sad to read what you all have to say about certain families. Do you think yours is so perfect that you have to go on about other peoples lives?? It would be really funny to know that other people would be gossiping about your family right now or even better about you.


  16. newsfiji Says:

    wailei…can all the non fijians just blerry piss off…da mai leqa vei kemuni…fricken part european, part this part that…ni lako laivi ga yani..freek..

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